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this pic of me was taken on june 3 1999 in tha limo on tha way to tha grad dance

NaMe:neiman rae pamintuan

AkAs:nemur..neimo..spleeeman..haha..yea those nicknames were given from certain people..

LoCaTiOn: san jose..california..4o8

AgE:i am 15

SeX: i am a young ladee

SiBLiNgS: i have two LiL brother named StEvEn GRaNt(6) and a LiL sister named KaTaRiNa MaRiE(3)

MaRiTaL ShiEt:i am single at the moment..

HoBBiEs: i like to do whatever clever comes to my mind..such as..going out..looking at magazines..searching the web..talking to people on the phone or online..watching movies(disney movies)..listening to music..thinking of friends carefully..if you catch my drift..hahahaha..j/p..yea thats about it..ooh and of course eating and sleeping!!OH!..and Drinking!!

OcCuPaTiOn: full time stduent

ScHooL: i am a sophmore at silver creek

BaCk HoMe