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hahaha..i look dif here but this pic was taken in November of '99

NaMe: melissa ann more-jello..= )

AkAs: sa hornee..mesa longaneesa..jiggalo..melissa more-jello

LoCaTiOn: from the sicc ass grounds of East Side San Jose, Ca in that 4O8..

AgE: i am 16 years young = )

SeX: gerl powaahahahahaha!!

NaTiOnaLiTeE: filipina

SiBLiNgS: two older brothers..alvin (23)..n..edward (18)..

MaRiTaL ShiEt: taken as of june 15, mah babe Christopher = )

HoBBiEs: umm..going to marylous house..blow drying my hair..talking on the phone til six in the morns..riding with mah homie B..whining about chris..finding friends..buying gifts at the mall..playing football..reppin L T Dub..eating numero 8 at marylous mc donalds..going on long ass walking journey..making aol profiles..singing while marylou beat boxes..finding new hair products w/ chriselle..n oh yea kissing neiman hahahaha JUST PLAYING!! hahahaha..that was gay..i dunno..whatever i guess hahaha

OcCuPaTiOn: sophmore at creek..professional bowler and golfer..player for SJMR..hahaha

Favorite CoLor: all shades of GrAy n bLue!!

DiSLiKeS: DRAMA!! when guys that act all hard..fake people..girls who think they all that..instigaters..liars..peeps that start shit for no reason..racism..two faced people..those hairy catepillars that crawl up peoples legs..hahahaahhaha!! yuck!!

QuOtE: it takes a minute to have a crush on hour to like someone..and a day to LoVe someone..but it takes a lifetime to prove it

CoNtAcT Me?: u could e-mail me down on that envelope..or log-on asian avenue.. n getta hold of me by tha name of DwnRitePnaySJ.. gettin tired of i guess ill stop juss e-mail meeh wit anything..comments or wuteva..aite then bye!! =)

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