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heres juss some links tah some of our friends pages..juss peep them aite if u have tha time..alrye..n if u want tah be linked up tah this shiz..or if u want yo banner up here..juss notify one of us..okae?

our homie's pages

the ::p a j j e:: page
**Sunkissed Produktionz**
Lil Mylah's Tiny Bahay
*Pnai visualz*
dvotedpnay's bahay
Hulagirl183's SlamBook!
dennis'z homepage
Z00MxKiDD Domain
nasty boi's PaGe
Dj Mads Page
DeeJaY Bj'S homepage

Linx tah Other stuff

Jonny Angel Grafx
Leonie's Lyrics Page

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