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hmmm..okae..heres juss a few of our banners..origninally done by us..uh huh..thas y they look hella gaytoo n stuff..hehe..=..yah n under each of them is their code so if u wanna link us up to ur page n stuff..n let us know so we can link u up iight..

*NOTE* The banners shown on the page are MUCH smaller than the real banner.

Right click with your mouse over the banner to save it on your computer.

hahahaha..dont tripp bout those pics up there..they were taken when we were both 12 years u could stop makin fun of them already..sheesh..hehehehe..oh butta yea..neimans on the left n melissa is on the right..for yo information..uh huh..uh huh..

BaCk HoMe