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As laparoscopic surgery swept through India during the last decade of the bygone millennium, there was total uncertainty and lack of consensus regarding the training aspect of this skilled superspeciality. While some surgeons insisted that training would be long and arduous, others said that having done so many open operations, they would take very little time in 'adapting' themselves.


Laparoscopy started first in the Private Institutions by three groups of surgeons:

1. Those who had returned from the west after training and hospital experience.

2. Pioneer surgeons in India who went abroad, observed laparoscopy and started in India by a trial and error method.

3. Surgeons who attended and organized workshops with the help of the above two groups.


Government institutions initially condemned the technology but soon caught up with the changes. After training themselves, surgeons in Medical Colleges are now starting to train juniors.


However, there remains a large group of surgeons who are keen to learn and practice this technology. Many private institutions in India are offering various modes of training courses. These courses are charging fees that vary from Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000 depending on the duration, content and venue offered.


There are various recommendations for the training in laparoscopic surgery ( following are few sites):

a. The US recommendations for training ( Approved by SAGES )

b. European recommendations of developing countries

c. Indian model at Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education, New Delhi and Mumbai ( Approved by IAGES )


We have been offering the following model since 1997 and have had a small group of trained and satisfied surgeons.


Part 1: Clinical attachment at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India. This involves a friendly informal atmosphere where familiarization with technology and equipment takes place in the clinical and hospital setting. Simultaneously the surgeon gets to see and assist in various basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery operations. There are no charges for this attachment. While every effort is made to offer accommodation at the hospital hostel at a nominal rate, this may not always be possible.


Part 2: A short period in a Lab setting with endotrainers with animal lab training as an optional extra. (This part is a paid course in Delhi outside the hospital). Click below for details and dates of the next course.






Part 3: Workshops at the surgeons hospital where the surgeon shifts gradually from an assistant status to surgery with assistance to surgery under supervision. Once the trainer is confident after a certain number of operations ( the number varies from surgeon to surgeon depending on their comfort levels), the surgeon is given the go ahead to start independent basic surgery.


Part 4: Attending live workshops and conferences.


Part 5: Advanced surgery workshop based on the need and demand from the surgeon.



In case, you want to spend some time with us, please email to us and we shall try our best to help you with your requirements.






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