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Green Thumb AVC

      Green Thumb AVC Links

              The introduction page to AVSA

              The site listing for AVSA


              AVconnection Leaf Exchange

              In development by OUR Bill Daniels {and son}; currently it only works in Netscape --not IE.

              AVconnection Plant Stand Page

              AV Forum

              Links from AVSA

              AGGS Strep gallery

              Dixie AVS - the southern group of violets

              AVInternational South Africa

              Keith's "African Violets on the Cheap"

              Amy's page for AOL members and their on-line club- GREAT

              Gesneriad Reference Web


              Aggie Horticulture

              Optimara has a field site for descriptions

              To search for those Hard to Find Books about violets

              Rachel's Reflections - pictures and diagrams

              Resources for the Maritime Northwest Gardener

              Indoor Gardening Supplies - lights, stands, etc.

              Worms Way - The Trellis

              Cape Code Violets

              African Violets by Florals of Fredericks

              Rob's Min-o-Lets (also has some new illustrated "how to" pages)

              Rob's Min-o-Lets - Episcia Gallery

              Pat's Pets

              Lyndon Lyon's Greenhouse

              UPDATED 10-2-01