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This is a long tale so I have tryed to shorten it.
We start by going back 900 year's to england where King Edward lived he had a problem he had no heir to the trone so he disided to name his cousin Duke William of Normandy the heir to the british empire.
So he sent Harold out leading the knights to inform William of his decicion over the sea he went to be captured by Count Guy.
William heard off this and went to seek Harold's release after many prayers and threats he brought about Harold's release.
At the Duke's castle Harold told William of his adventure getting there Later William invites earl Harold to join him on a quest to rescue to of his men Harold agrees and and they go to capture Conans fortress.
When Conan got word that the normans (Duke William) where on there way he fled across the country to the castle of Dinan.
When the Normans came the first used spears and missiles when it did not work they used torches and won the day.
After this Harold and William became good friends.
After a long stay Harold finally decided to return to england when he finally reached england he discovered the king (Edward) was dieing when the time came for the king to die he summoned Harold to him and named him king.
When William heard of this he was furious he dicided to invade england and take his rightfull throne in the darkness his flett crossed the channel first thing they did when the landed was to build a castle.
Then the Duke burned houses by now both armies (Harolds and Williams) where ready for battle when they both finaly met Harold made a wall with his men to protect the town but after a long battle the wall was broken and one of the cavalry man hit King Harolds horse and he died, when the rumor of his death got to his men they retreated and William won the battle and the crown to england.

The Romans started off as a people called the Etruscans who live nearly 1000 years b.c give or take 100 they where a people deepley infulance by the west Greeks whom had come and set up city's there (italy) the Greeks became very rich and there city's grew but after a long time they (Greeks) destroyed each other and the Romans (Etruscans) got rid of them.
From then on the roman republic began to take land greece-spain-all of italy.
When the romans tryed to take spain they where repeled by hanibal a spaniard he pushed them (romans) back to italy but many years later rome finally conquered spain.
Then came Caesar's time when he just went off and conquered Gaul (France) and came back had a battle with pompi another roman and became emperor of rome.
later he was killed and Augstus toke his place he made the empire rich and prosperous after him many emperors came and went like nero a man man that whold go around killing people for fun.
After a long roman history the roman empire finally fell first the west then after a while the east fell.


Back in 1281 the large mongol empire ruled by Kublai Khan (Genghis Khan's grandson).
Wanted to add japan to the empire with a invasion fleet of 900 ships 42,000 men just in the north fleet the south fleet had 3,500 ships and 100,000 men.
He had tryed to capture japan before with 900 ships 40,000 men but the invasion was a falire.
This time Kublai was ready first the north fleet struck Hakata Bay but the japs were ready for the mongols large army they had built a wall around Hakat Bay and the japs were ready to fight the battle raged on with no winer so the the mongol's withdrew to join with the main fleet which was ready now the mongol knew when the fleet joined the japs would not stand a chance.
Sadlly though just before they could start the invasion the joined fleet was hit by a typhoon which distroyed 4,000 ships and 100,000 men the mongol withdrew japan had won.
The japanese called the typhoon Kamikaze (davine wind) which in world war 2 the japanese suicide pilots adopted the name.

Hello well the blitz was the bombing of london in WW2 1940.
It all started when in the battle of britain (thats when the germans began to bomb britain to distroy the R.A.F royal air force so they could invade the land)the germans or the luftwaffe when bombing britain had a miss targeted bombing and hit part of london.
Natuallary the R.A.F went and did a bombing run on berlin.
Hitler was furious and began non stop bombing on london day and night and so it began.
This was one of many mistakes that hitler made for it kept the bomber away from the air fields.
So the citizens of london put up with bombing months on end they had to make a life style around the bombings.

Goring and Staff looking to England from occupied France