Real Name: Zauriel

Class: Angel

Occupation: Guardian angel, superhero

Group Affiliation: formerly JLA, Justice League of Apostles

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA, formerly Heaven, 1 MYA until present

First Appearance: JLA #6 (April, 197)

Powers: Zauriel possesed angel wings, immortality, and enhanced strength and durability. He had a sonic cry capable of disintegrating almost anything. Zauriel wielded a flaming sword.

History: (JLA #6, 7) - Zauriel, a guardian angel of the Eagle Host asked to be made mortal because he’d fallen in love with a mortal woman, and his wish was granted by the death-angel of the third heaven. He fell to Earth stripped of most of his powers, but Asmodel and the Bull Host were concerned because he stumbled upon Asmodel’s plan to rebel against the Creator, so they came to Earth to kill him. The JLA found Zauriel and defended him against the Bull Host until Asmodel arrived. After a titanic battle Flash used his speed vibrations that could move matter across spacetime to send Asmodel and the Host back to Heaven. The JLA offered Zauriel a spot on their team, but he told them he had more pressing business. Zauriel knocked on the door of his love, and told her she didn’t know him but he loved her.

(JLA #16, 17) - Zauriel was invited to join the JLA as part of their new lineup. The JLA invited the press to the Watchtower to introduce the new team to the public, and had a “join the JLA for a day” contest that a man named Retro won. Retro was killed on his way to the Watchtower and replaced by Prometheus. Prometheus set fire to the hydroponic systems that provided the Watchtower with air, and defeated Martian Manhunter, Steel, Huntress and Batman as Hippolyta tried to evacuate the press. Prometheus threatened to kill the press unless Superman committed suicide, but Catwoman, who’d been disguised as reporter Cat Grant, defeated him and he was forced to flee. Prometheus had methods of defeating every hero on Earth, but didn’t keep files on villains, so the newly reformed Catwoman was capable of besting him.

(JLA #19) - Julian September unhinged the universe’s laws of probability with his engine of chance, briefly warping history so that Zauriel and several other JLA members blinked out of existence. Atom met with the JLA, and Oracle unlocked September’s research notes. He split seven photons to create the Engine of Chance, so Atom shrunk the team to subatomic height and repaired the photons, undoing all the Engine’s effects.

(JLA #21) - Zauriel and Plas couldn’t find their JLA teammates in the Watchtower. The JLA appeared, telling Plas and Zauriel they’d been on Rann, and saved the planet from the En’Taran Slavemasters.

(Green Lantern III #103)- Zauriel and the JLA were introduced to time-traveling Green Lantern Hal Jordan by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Hal was welcomed as a new inductee into the JLA.

(JLA #22, 23) - The Star Conqueror put most of the world to sleep, dreaming of a world in which its rule was absolute. The few JLA members still awake were met by Dream, who’d received the plea of Michael Haney, a young boy who still believed in heroes, even in the Conqueror’s world. Dream warned the JLA that the dreamers would wake to serve and nourish the Conqueror, and send Hippolyta, Green Lantern and Superman into the Dreaming to confront the Star Conqueror while Flash, Martian Manhunter and Zauriel watched over them. Continent-sized Star Conquerors orbited Earth, preparing to put the world to sleep when their spores sent a signal saying it was safe. Haney’s faith in the JLA allowed them to destroy the Conqueror’s dream and repulse the spores.

(DC One Million #1-4, JLA #1,000,000) - Justice Legion A invited Zauriel and the JLA to travel with them to the year 85,271 to compete in Olympic-style games and celebrate the return of Superman Prime to Earth. Zauriel volunteered to stay behind and monitor the event but when Hourman sent the JLA to their time, he was unable to retrieve them, because he’d been implanted with a virus by Vandal Savage and Solaris. The virus spread across Earth, infecting machines and humans alike, turning them hostile. Zauriel asked Steel to create a time machine to retrieve the JLA. The Hourman Virus, which Starman helped bring to the past because he’d sided with Solaris, was actually a computer program looking for a system, Solaris itself. Using Epoch’s notes Steel and the remaining members of the JLA constructed a time engine to find their timelost teammates. Justice Leagion A arrived at the Watchtower, and the JLA battled the Legion, assuming they were under control of the Hourman virus, but the Legion explained they needed the time engine to power the Solaris computer they’d constructed, and the teams joined up to complete Solaris’ construction. The virus left Earth to create Solaris’ A.I. Starman regretted his betrayal of the Justice Legion when he met Ted Knight, the original Starman. To redeem himself he stopped the newly constructed Solaris from destroying Earth by opening up a black hole in its computer brain. The Justice Legion were able to return to their own time when Superman 1,000,000 punched through the time barrier. In their time they helped the JLA put an end to Solaris before sending the JLA home.

(JLA #24-26) - Zauriel and the JLA got a report of a alien invasion in Phoenix, Arizona, but when the team showed up in Arizona the invasion turned out to be a ruse. They were confronted by the Ultramarine Corps, who were under orders from General Wade Eiling to execute the JLA. The fight went badly for the JLA until Superman convinced the Ultramarines that Eiling had gone insane, and his orders no longer carried presidential approval. The JLA and Ultramarines fought Eiling, who had transferred his consciousness into the indestructible body of the Shaggy Man. Although they couldn’t defeat him, they transported the General millions of miles into uninhabited deep space.

(JLA #27) - Professor Ivo placed an upgraded Amazo in the Florida Everglades to free him from Belle Reve prison. Amazo instantly duplicated the powers of any active JLA member and defeated Zauriel and the JLA, and when they called in the reserves, his power only increased as he duplicated the abilities of the reserves. Superman temporarily disbanded the JLA, causing Amazo to lose his powers and shut down.

(JLA #28-31) - Gorgonel summoned Zauriel to the Shining City and informed him that as the creator’s agent in the material world it was up to him to stop Lkz, who’d imprisoned the Spectre in the walls of the material universe and was paving the way for an invasion of Earth by the 5th Dimension. The JLA and JSA teamed up, and while most of the heroes went to find J.J. Thunder, who was in possession of the 5-D genie Thunderbolt, Sentinel and Zauriel traveled to the astral boundary to free Spectre. They found a primitive ecosystem and civilization had grown on Spectre, and thought long and hard on how to free Spectre without destroying this burgeoning society. They sped up time, and the new society evolved, eventually learned to tap Spectre’s energy, went to war, and wiped themselves out. The freed Spectre arrived at the JLA Watchtower and turned Triumph, the fallen hero who frewed Lkz, into ice. Zauriel stopped Spectre from shattering Triumph because he believed in justice, not vengeance. Lkz’ threat ended when Captain Marvel and Green Lantern convinced him tomerge with the benevolent Thunderbolt.

(JLA #32) - Zauriel and the JLA discovered that Locus was conducting disturbing genetic experiments in No Man's Land Gotham City. The JLA waged war against Locus to force them out of Gotham.

(Day of Judgment #1-5) - Zauriel and the JLA battled Asmodel, who'd merged with the Spectre and unleashed Hell on Earth. Asmodel turned Zauriel's wings to stone, removing him from the fight. The Sentinels of Magic separated Asmodel from most of the Spectre-Force, containing it in Madame Xanadu's orb and undoing Zauriel's enchantment. They knew it was only a temporary measure, so Zauriel and a small band of heroes went to Heaven to try to convince Jim Corrigan to reclaim the Spectre-Force. Jim Corrigan told the heroes his mission of vengeance was over and he couldn't re-bond with the Spectre, and directed the heroes to Purgatory. In Purgatory the heroes met a number of fallen heroes willing to bond with the Spectre, among them Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Hal was chosen as the Spectre's new host, but Keeper angels tried to keep the heroes from leaving with Hal's soul. The fallen heroes of Purgatory battled the Keepers, allowing Hal and the others to return to Earth. Hall became the Spectre's host, but a new threat emerged when Neron possessed Superman. Hal defeated Neron, sending him back to Hell.

(JLA #34) - Mageddon approached Earth, and sent a remote sender to Belle Reve prison, driving the prisoners berserk with rage. Most of the JLA was occupied, but Zauriel, Plas, Green Lantern and Aquaman quelled the riot while Orion dispatched the remote sender.

(JLA #35) - Anguished by his new life, the Spectre grew to gigantic proportions and started screaming, attracting the attention of the JLA. Initially the JLA did not recognize Spectre as their old friend Hal Jordan, because it was part of the plan of the Presence that no one should recall the Spectre’s old identity. Thanks to the angel Zauriel the JLA could, for the time, see Spectre as Hal. Confused by his new role as the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre showed the JLA the sins of their past as well as the dark parts of their psyche, citing these as reasons they could soon be targets for his mission of vengeance. In an effort to help Spectre, Martian Manhunter took him inside Joker’s mind and showed a very small part of the killer’s mind that showed the light of the Presence, and therefore the possibility of redemption. Spectre considered turning away from vengeance and becoming the spirit of redemption.

(JLA #36, 38, 41) - Mr. Miracle called an emergency meeting of Zauriel and the JLA and informed them of Mageddon’s arrival and explained its origins. It was a doomsday weapon of the Old Gods, and it would cause a massive outbreak of wars on Earth, the hatred it spread would keep going until everyone on the planet was dead. Zauriel got word from Heaven that the host was making plans for a new universe should Mageddon destroy the current one. As the JLA formed a battle plan, the Watchtower was attacked by Lex Luthor and his New Injustice Gang, who were in Mageddon’s thrall. After a hard fought battle the JLA emerged victorious, and they freed the Gang from Mageddon’s control. With worldwide wars raging Zauriel was incinerated by a bomb. In Heaven he pleaded with the angels to help him save Earth. A number of angels joined him in taking material form and forcing the leaders of the world’s nations to call a cease-fire. The JLA built an anti-war ray, a device that gave all of humanity the ability to resist Mageddon’s urgings for them to destroy each other, as well as temporary superpowers so that they could all help fight Mageddon, and the final blow was delivered when Superman absorbed the anti-sun that powered Mageddon.

(JLA #120) - Aquaman invited Zauriel and other JLAers to Happy Harbor, where the League began, to finalize the team's dissolution. Aquaman hoped that the disagreements and lack of trust that led to the dissolution wouldn't last forever, and reminded them what the JLA once stood for. Everyone tossed dust into the wind as an act of cleansing and left.

(Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special #1) - The Shadowpact summoned Zauriel and a number of other sorcerers to Gotham City so they could reconstruct the shattered Rock of Eternity and capture the Seven Deadly Sins that had been freed because of the Rock's destruction.

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1) - An army of Earth’s heroes, including Zauriel, appeared to take Superboy-Prime down during the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth. The heroes focused on wrecking his armor, because after a year on Oa, and away from a yellow sun his Kryptonian body still wasn’t at full strength, and his armor collected sunlight. Superboy bragged that once the sun rose on Earth he’d be at full power. Superboy was battered by Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, who blamed him for Superboy’s death, as well as Supergirl and Power Girl, who blamed him for the death of the Superman of Earth-2. As the fight went against him, Superboy broke down in tears. He tried to wipe them away, saying that it was impossible foir boys to cry, and then whining that no one ever thanked him for sacrificing his Earth to save the multiverse. The battle lasted until dawn, and he flew into the sunrise. As he achieved full power he declared himself the one, true Superman. The Guardians arrived with Sodam Yat, the new Ion, and pitted him against Superboy-Prime.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Howard Porter.

Zauriel received profile in JLA Secret Files #1, 2. Zauriel received a profile in JLA-Z #2 under the JLA (“The Magnificent 7” Era) entry.

Zauriel had a cameo in Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 and JLA #119.

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