Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: Arjowr, Ewula, Romax

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Vulx

First Appearance: New Adventures of Superboy #7 (July, 1980)

Powers: Vulxans were silicon-based lifeforms that cultivated a peaceful society and had access to teleportation technology.

History: (New Adventures of Superboy #7) - Mutra rays, similar to cosmic rays, buffeted Vulx, and the atmosphere was no longer able to buffet them. Vulxan scientists concluded that the Mutra rays were slowly poisoning them, and sent Ewula and Romax to Earth to seek aid from Superboy. They posed as the parents of Clark Kent's classmate Willy Mason, and allowed him to see through their disguise so he’d alert Superboy. The Vulxans teleported Superboy to their planet and explained their situation. They also showed him that his presence absorbed all the incoming Mutra rays, freeing their bodies of poison for the first time. They told him he had to stay on Vulx to save their race, because once they were reexposed to the rays they’d perish within hours. Superboy respected the sanctity of all life, but didn’t like being tricked by the Vulxans into being their savior, or being forced to be exiled from Earth. He returned to Earth to think the situation over, and realized anything Kryptonian had the proper super-density to absorb the Mutra rays. He collected tons of kryptonite from space and brought it back to Vulx. Romax sculpted the  kryptonite into an image of Superboy to honor his actions.

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