Real Name: Ace Arn

Class: Altered human

Occupation: Adventurer, former spaceship pilot

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dalesville, USA

First Appearance: Mystery in Space #103 (November, 1965)

Powers: Ultra's body is a composite version of four alien races, each with a superhuman power. Hi upper left side has control over magnetic fields, allowing him to repel or attract objects. His upper right side possesses superhuman strength. His lower left side is composed of solid energy, and can fire energy or heat blasts. His lower right side gives him the power of flight. If Ultra is injured he can comntain the injury to one quarter of his body. He can transform into his human identity by using a hyper-converter belt.

History: (Mystery in Space #103)-In the next hundred years Earth will develop a boombing buisness shuttling tourists to planets across the solar system. Ace Arn was a pilot taking tourists to Jupiter when he was forced off-course by a comet. His passengers escaped, but Ace crashed into an asteroid.The asteroid was home to a criminal gang, one member each from the worlds of Ulla, Laroo, Trago and Raagin, as well as a scientific mastermind named Zobra. Zorba designed duplication weapons and orchestrated a blackmail scheme against the four planets. Zorba accidentally accidentally killed himself before he could reveal the plans, and one criminal of each race went to his lab to recover the blackmail scheme. They discovered Ace, who had landed inside the lab, and shot him with their duplicator weapons. As a result of four duplicator rays hitting him at one time Ace was transformed into a multi-being, possessing the powers of all four aliens. Ace defeated the gang, and returned to Earth to start a career as a crimefighter. He named himself Ultra, an anagram formed from the worlds his alien powers came from.

(Mystery in Space #104-110)-Ultra defeaten many terran and alien threats to Earth, and was the star of a video documentry. He still wished to be human, his ex-fiancee Bonnie believed him dead, and he didn't want to reunite with her in his new alien form. He developed a hyper-convertor belt that allowed him to change back to human form at will. He returned to Bonnie, and continued his side-career as Ultra, becoming a minor legend in his time.

List of appearances: Animal Man #25
Mystery in Space #103-110 Planet Krypton #1
Starman vol. 2 #55
(Earth-96 Ultra the Multi-Alien)
Kingdom Come #2

Comments: Created by Dave Wood & Lee Elias

Ultra received a profiles Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #24 and Who's Who in the DC Universe #4.

The post-reboot Legion of Super-Heroes learned about superheroes of the past from reading ancient comic books. Legion of Super-Heroes V #6 showed that the Legion had a Mystery in Space comic starring Ultra the Multi-Alien in their collection.

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