Real Name: Tomar-Re

Class: Extraterrestrial (Xudarian) technology-user

Occupation: Superhero, scientist

Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps

Known Relatives: Betah (niece), Tomar-Tu (son), unnamed father (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Green Lantern I #6 (June, 1961)

Powers: As a Green Lantern, Tomar-Re wielded a power ring capable of doing almost anything he could imagine as long as it was recharged by his emerald power battery once every 24 hours. Examples of its' powers included flight, phasing, creating giant objects formed of energy, and force fields. The power ring was totally ineffective against anything colored yellow.

History: Tomar-Re was chosen to be a Green Lantern by the Guardians of the Universe. His first mission was to save the inhabitants of Krypton from that planet's destruction. Tomar-Re failed, he was unable to save a single Kryptonian. Despite this Tomar-Re went on to a long and successful career as Green Lantern.

(Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #4) - Green Lantern Hal Jordan sought to learn more about the Green Lantern Corps, so he asked his ring to bring him to the closest Green Lantern, who turned out to be Tomar-Re. Tomar brought him to Oa, introduced Hal to other members of the Corps and assigned him training under Kilowog.

(Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #5, 6) - Tomar-Re and the Corps defended Oa against an attack by Legion. The Corps failed to prevent Legion from reaching the inner sanctum of the Guardians of the Universe, but Hal Jordan defeated Legion before he could harm the Guardians.

(Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn 2 #4, 6) - Tomar-Re and the Green Lantern Corps put down a revolt on Korugar. They learned from the mob's leader Katma-Tui that they were rebelling against Green Lantern Sinestro's tyrannical rule of the planet. The Guardians put Sinestro on trial for abusing his power, and at Tomar's suggestion the Guardians made Katma-Tui the new Lantern of Korugar.

(Green Lantern III #100) - Tomar-Re and the Corps helped Green Lantern Hal Jordan and time-traveling GL Kyle Rayner defeat Sinestro and prevented him from setting an asteroid on a collision course with Oa.

(Green Lantern IV #17 (fb)) - Years after Abin Surís death the Corps learned that he had a son, Amon Sur, and Katma-Tui, Kilowog and Tomar-Tu delivered news of his death to the boy and his mother. Amon was enraged that his fatherís successor Hal Jordan was not the one to break the news.

(Green Lantern II #127) - The Guardians contacted Tomar-Re and the Corps after the Weaponers of Qward invaded Oa and held the Guardians captive, intending to use their immortality to construct the ultimate weapon. The Weaponers erected a yellow vortex that prevented most of the Corps from reaching Oa, but one member sacrificed his life to release Hal Jordan and the Guardians. Sinestro turned against the Weaponers when they revealed his usefulness to them was at an end, so he teamed with Hal to destroy the yellow vortex. Once on Oa the Corps utterly defeated the Weaponers. A number of Lanterns were lost, and Hal said it was a time for mourning.

Tomar-Re died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

(Day of Judgment #4) - The soul of Green Lantern Hal Jordan summoned the spirits of Tomar-Re and a band of deceased Corps members to help him fight and weaken Asmodel /Spectre. The attack was successful, and Hal took the Spectre-Force away from Asmodel, becoming the new host of the spirit of vengeance.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #4) - Tomar-Re appeared to Hal Jordan as he was traveling to the afterlife.

Comments: Created by John Broome & Gil Kane

In Green Lantern III #150 Ion looked into the past saw Tomar-Re and the Green Lantern Corps.

In Green Lantern: Mosaic #3 Green Lantern John Stewart conjured an image of Tomar-Re from his memories to battle Sinestro inside of John's own mind.

Tomar-Re had cameos in Green Lantern IV #21 and Green Lantern: Rebirth #3.

Tomar-Re was featured in a virtual reality simulation the Key created for the JLA in JLA #8.

Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1 had a flashback of Tomar serving alongside Sinestro as a member of the GLC.

In Spectre IV #16 a race of energy beings took the forms of people Spectre (Hal Jordan) knew from his past so that he could better comprehend their appearance. One of the energy beings appeared to Hal as Tomar-Re.

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