Real Name: Henry Hewitt

Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Chairman of the Hewitt Corporation

Group Affiliation: formerly 2000 Committee

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: NYC, New York, formerly Arlington, Virginia

First Appearance: (as Henry Hewitt) Fury of Firestorm #15(August, 1983), (as Tokamak) Fury of Firestorm #18(November, 1983)

Powers: Tokamak could project energy rings that altered the atomic structure of whatever was trapped within them. He could also use them to compress matter or demolish objects with tremendous force. Tokamak’s body was filled with radioactive energy, and had to be contained in his armored suit. His suit was also equipped with jet-boots that enabled him to fly.

History: (Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #29 (fb, BTS)) - Henry Hewitt was born on August 6th, 1945, the day America dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Henry would grow up obsessed by the threat of nuclear war, and the horror that atomic energy could destroy mankind.

Henry Hewitt was chairman and chief stockholder of the Hewitt Corporation, as well as an ally of the subversive 2000 Committee. Hewitt was ruthless, but also very sickly, in a state of almost total paralysis and unable to speak above a whisper. Hewitt kidnapped Lorraine Reilly, the daughter of N.Y. senator Walter Reilly in order to force the senator to cast the decisive vote on a bill that gave the Hewitt Corporation a monopoly on atomic power research. Hewitt then had Multiplex attempt to duplicate the nuclear accident that had given both Firestorm and Multiplex their superhuman powers. Hewitt used Lorraine as a test subject for Multiplex’s experimental nuclear reactor, and the radiation transformed her into Firehawk. Hewitt subjected her to mental conditioning, and sent her to kill Firestorm.

(Fury of Firestorm #18)-Seeing Firehawks’ failure, Hewitt decided to empower himself with the nuclear reactor. He got the power he wanted, and dubbed himself Tokamak, the Human Reactor. He decided to punish Firehawk for her failure, and make her his first victim. Firehawk and Firestorm teamed up to defeat Tokamak, and his containment suit was damaged in the battle. Tokamak’s unstable energy caused a huge explosion and it was only Firestorms’ intervention that prevented a nuclear holocaust. Tokamak was presumably destroyed.

(Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #31 (fb)) - Tokamak barely survived his encounter with Firestorm, and he was dying from radiation poisoning. He began a cloning program, and after creating a mindless clone he created a matrix similar to the one Firestorm used to bond with its healthy body. He ran Hewitt posing as his own son Victor Hewitt. Tokamak saw the world as being on the verge of nuclear destruction, and decided to do something about it. He took a paternalistic attitude, and decided humanity was acting like a bunch of spoiled children who needed a lesson, and he’d teach it by causing their near-destruction with nuclear accidents. He created an army of cybernetic clone Dollies to aid him.

(Firestorm II #14) - Tokamak approached Dr. Julius Hastur, a physicist whose body had been converted into pions, a short-lived subatomic particle, after an accident in the proton collider he worked on. Tokamak offered to save his life if he accepted that his old life was over. Hastur agreed in desperation, and Tokamak gave him a containment suit. Tokamak told the newly christened Pionic Man that the new Firestorm, who was present during the accident, was responsible for his condition, and told him exactly how he could take out his old foe.

(Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #31 (fb), 28, 29) - He grew fond of one of his clones, named her Gehenna, and tried to raise her as a father, even though he eventually planned on using her as a pawn. When she’d grown to a young woman through accelerated aging he gave her to Lex Luthor’s Society. He had no interest in the Society itself, but knew they had the new Firestorm held hostage, and correctly predicted he would break free and grow close to his “daughter”. Tokamak allied himself with the villain the Pupil and lent him his Dollies to bedevil Firestorm. After engineering a series of nuclear “accidents” worldwide Professor Martin Stein got to close to his plans, so he had the Pupil kidnap him. Firestorm saved him, and Tokamak sent a squad of Dollies to attack Stein’s NYC apartment. The Dollies were met by Firestorm, Firehawk and Pozhar, who defeated them, and started to piece together Tokamak’s schemes. Tokamak was unphased, and completed the construction of a massive nuclear-powered Dollie in outer space.

(Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #30-32) - Firestorm, Pozhar and Firehawk learned from the reformed Pionic Man that he’d been trained at Hewitt Enterprises in Brooklyn, and the pieces started to fall in place for the heroes. They were met by Tokamak as “Victor,“ and he assured them that Hewitt was no longer involved in nuclear programs, and that he had no vendetta against Firestorm like his “father.“ When they left Tokamak activated the giant Dollie, assembled all of his nuclear creations, and prepared to earn his name as the Human Reactor. Firestorm described Victor to Gehenna, and she revealed that he was her father. The heroes knew “Victor” must be Tokamak and returned to Hewitt. Tokamak was detonating explosives set in nuclear power plants around the world, and using the giant energy-collecting Dollie orbiting Earth to transfer the power to himself. Tokamak recapped his entire history and said he planned on bringing the planet to the brink of destruction with a nuclear blast from his own body to warn people against nuclear proliferation. Firehawk attacked him, still enraged by how he’d manipulated her and created her against her will. Tokamak used a trigger word all his creations responded to and she attacked Firestorm until she overcame her brainwashing by pure force of will. Firestorm added Firehawk to the matrix, and Tokamak told them the nuclear energy flooding into him was keyed to his DNA, so even if they killed him he’d still win. Jason remembered that the Firestorm matrix had its own DNA, and hoped that Tokamak and his clone’s matrix did as well. Against Stein’s warning that it was unethical to use their power on a person he separated Tokamak, who was still dying of radiation poisoning after his final confrontation with the original Firestorm. He died in Firestorm’s arms, amazed that he’d been defeated. His dying words were that he knew Firestorm was Jason Rusch, who he was, and why he became Firestorm, and with his death Jason would never know.

Comments: Created by George Tuska, Gerry Conway & Pat Broderick

Tokamak is the Russian word for a fusion plasma reactor.

Tokamak had a cameo in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #26.

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