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Real Name: None

Class: Extraterrestrial

Occupation: Conqueror

Group Affiliation: formerly Sinestro Corps

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Star Conqueror

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #28 (February-March, 1960)

Powers: Starro has extensive mental powers with which he can control the minds of others. Starro can enslave hundreds of minds at one time, so long as the victims are within close proximity to one another. When Starro targets larger populations, such as cities, he can spray forth thousands of miniature starfish that cling to people's faces and enslave them completely. Starro possesses superhuman strength, can fly and project deadly force bolts from his tentacles. Starro can regenerate himself from even a small fragment of his body. His only known vulnerability is to lime and intense cold. Starro neds constant nourishment (such as polluted water or electricity) to maintain his powers.

History: (JLA #23 (fb, BTS)) - Starro came into existence millennia ago, a mutation from the slurry of the old universe. 

Starro discovered Earth after traveling across billions of miles of interstellar space in search of an inhabited planet. He created three duplicates of himself and assigned each one to conquer a section of the United States. The newly-formed Justice League of America thwarted the duplicates but could only fight Starro to a stalemate. The JLA mascot Snapper Carr was covered in the lime he had been spreading on his family's lawn, and was immune to Starro's mind control. Once the JLA realized Starro's weakness to lime, they used it to destroy him.

Starro has returned time and again by regenerating himself from the remains of his body, and has even planted Starro-seedlings in oceans across the globe as insurance against total eradication. His primary enemies have been the JLA, but he has also fought against Justice League Europe, each time coming closer to his goal of world domination.

(JLA #22, 23) - The Star Conqueror put most of the world to sleep, dreaming of a world in which its rule was absolute. The few JLA members still awake were met by Dream, who’d received the plea of Michael Haney, a young boy who still believed in heroes, even in the Conqueror’s world. Dream warned the JLA that the dreamers would wake to serve and nourish the Conqueror, and sent Hippolyta, Green Lantern and Superman into the Dreaming to confront the Star Conqueror. Continent-sized Star Conquerors orbited Earth, preparing to put the world to sleep when their spores sent a signal saying it was safe. Haney’s faith in the JLA allowed them to destroy the Conqueror’s dream and repulse the spores. The Star Conqueror was vulnerable, and Dream shrunk the Conquerors orbiting Earth, made them into a necklace, and locked them in a chest in which he placed dangerous beings and objects.

(Green Arrow III #33) - Aboard the JLA Watchtower Plas was feeding a Starro spore when he decided it was cute and would make a good pet. It latched onto him, and he pried it off but it possessed Superman. It took enough time to boast of its abilities for Green Arrow to kill it with an arrow.

(Justice League of America II #3, 4, 7) - Solomon Grundy and Professor Ivo repurposed a number of Starros with technology so they could use them to control others. They shanghaied a number of supervillains and attached Starros to their necks so they'd act as unthinking henchmen to assemble a new Amazo that would serve as Solomon Grundy's new body. The Justice League of America became aware of Grundy's plot when he stole Red Tornado's android body to serve as a shell for Amazo, and confronted Ivo and Grundy in their Rocky Mountain hq. They removed Starros from Grundy's henchmen Dr. Impossible and the Bomb Squad, and defeated Grundy. Starro later pursued Ivo, promising to hurt him for injuring Starro hatchlings, and hinting that he had also angered the host Starro was a herald for.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

Starro received profiles in Green Lantern / Sinestro Corps: Secret Files #1, Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #22 and Who’s Who In The DC Universe #13. Star Conqueror received a profile in JLA-Z #3.

A Starro spore was seen in the JLA Watchtower trophy room in Flash II #214, Green Arrow III #4 and JLA #17.

A statue of Starro was seen in the New Flash Museum in Flash II #230.

Martian Manhunter II #2 showed an anime version of Starro as the star villain in the film Bio Armor Jade Warrior.

Lex Luthor had a nightmare about having a presidential debate against Two-Face in Secret Files President Luthor #1.Starro was among the number of villains that were an audience to the debate.

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