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Real Name: Speed Queen

Class: God (New Gods)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Affiliation: Female Furies

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Apokolips

First Appearance: Hawk & Dove III #21 (February, 1991)

PowersAs a New God Speed Queen was immortal and invulnerable. She wore body armor and skates that let her travel at superspeed.

History(Hawk & Dove III #21) - Gilotina, Malice Vunderbarr, Bloody Mary and Speed Queen, a B-Squad of Female Furies, went to Earth in hopes of earning a spot on Granny Goodness' main team. They played a game to see who could kill the most people, with superheroes being worth the most points. Hawk and Dove battled them, minimalizing the loss of life. Hawk's friend Rosger, who portrayed the hero Black Russian for a boys club, was nearby, and Malice mauled him with her demonic cat Chessure. With Malice as the winner they returned to Apokolips.

Comments: Created by Barbara Kesel, Karl Kesel & Steve Erwin

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