Real Name: Dr. Dennis Samuel Ellis

Class: Human technology-user

Occupation: Emergency services tech, mob enforcer

Group Affiliation: The Society

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Jersey City, New Jersey

First Appearance: Steel #37 (April, 1997)

Powers: Skorpio was very agile and armed with blades coated with various toxins.

History: Dr. Villain created the Skorpio identity for a future employee, and recruited Dr. Ellis to play the role and act as his enforcer. Ellis accepted the position to pay off his student loans, and didn't feel too bad about his new job because the people he had to kill were other criminals. Skorpio and Steel clashed on a few occasions.

(Villains United #1) - Skorpio joined “Lex Luthor’s” Society.

(Firestorm II #21) - The Society orchestrated a countrywide prison breakout of metahumans. Skorpio unleashed terror in Metropolis after being freed.

Comments: Created by Christopher Priest & Denys Cowan.

Skorpio received a profile in Team Superman Secret Files #1.

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