Real Name: Timothy Drake

Class: Human 

Occupation: Student, hero

Group Affiliation: Teen Titans, formerly Young Justice

Known Relatives: Jack Drake (father, deceased), Janet Drake (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Robin

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: (as Timothy Drake) Batman #436 (August, 1989), (as Robin III) Batman #457 (December, 1990)

Powers: Robin was well versed in martial arts, acrobatics, detective work, computer science and medicine. Robin's costume was fireproof and bulletproof, and his primary weapons were a sling and collapsible staff.

History: (Batman #436, 457)-As a child Timothy Drake attended a circus performance and witnessed Dick Grayson spirited away by Batman II after the murder of the Flying Graysons. Half a year later Tim first saw Robin, and he easily recognized the young crimefighter as Dick Grayson. It was only a matter of time before Tim deduced that Dick Grayson's guardian Bruce Wayne was the Batman. When Robin moved to New York and became Nightwing, Tim followed his new career. Tim eventually tracked down Nightwing, and after earning his trust by helping solve a murder, told him what he knew of Batman's identity. Nightwing persuaded Batman to train Tim to be the new Robin. Soon after Tim's parents were abducted by the Obeah Man, who killed his mother and paralyzed his father.

Tim finally proved himself by rescuing Batman from the Scarecrow, at which point he was presented with a new, modified Robin costume. He was then sent to Europe to hone his fighting skills and education. Robin ran afoul of the crimelord King Snake, and managed to bring down the villain's evil empire.

(Demon III #23, 24) - Batman had Robin tail gangster Pretty Boy Froyd, who Batman learned was in the middle of a smuggling deal with some low-level criminals. Froyd ran into the Howler, who gutted him. Robin responded, and was aided by the demon Etrigan in driving off the Howler. Batman had warned Robin about Etrigan being dangerous and untrustworthy, but Etrigan told Robin he was turning over a new leaf. The Howler fled back to his keeper, Professor Puckett’s brother Chris was the last person possessed by the Howler, and he’d spent years trying to figure out how to cure him. Over the years the Howler had killed a number of people, who were later possessed, becoming new Howlers. Batman put a tracker on the car of the criminals set to meet Froyd. They arrived at Puckett’s seemingly abandoned warehouse, and were attacked by a Howler. They gunned him down, but the Howler’s primal spirit left the body of his host and turned the criminals into his new hosts. Puckett got control over the Howlers when Demon, who sensed the Howlers’ presence in the warehouse, appeared. The Howlers started to overwhelm him, when Batman and Robin, following up on the Froyd case, also arrived. They stunned the Howlers with flash bangs. Puckett told Batman and Robin about how he was trying to cure the Howlers, and pleaded for them not to turn the beasts over to the authorities, fearing the GCPD would kill them. He introduced Batman to Chris / Howler, saying there was still the spark of humanity in him, but the Howler turned on Puckett, eviscerating him. Glenda Mark, who’d learned of Etrigan’s location from Jason Blood’s psychic friend Randu Singh, came to the warehouse. The chaos Etrigan brought into her life made her reach her boiling point, so she unloaded the rocket launchers the criminals were going to sell to Froyd, and blasted the Howlers, killing them all. Etrigan turned into his human form, and she told Jason she loved him, even though his soul was bound to a demon, and they embraced.

(Superman: The Man of Steel #14) - Robin recognized a blood plague that suggested vampires in Metropolis as very similar to one that came and went in Gotham. The vampire Ruthven was responsible, and Robin teamed with Jimmy Olsen, who was hunting the vampire because he attacked Jimmy's girlfriend Lucy Lane. Ruthven nearly killed them before Jimmy activated his signal watch to summon Superman. Superman flew Ruthven above the horizon line, and he disintegrated. Ruthven's disembodied voice told Superman he was still alive.

(Showcase '93 #2-6) - Robin patrolled "Sorrow Street," Brideshead, a Gotham neighborhood where the druglord Ramon Bracuda had set up shop. Catwoman informed him that she was battling Bracuda, but he'd bought the police, so there was no way for her to bring him to justice. Robin informed Commissioner Gordon, who promised to root out the dirty cops. Bracuda had forced out a number of local shop owners to make way for his criminal front, and the former shop-owners started a violent confrontation with them. Robin, Gordan and the GCPD busted up the riot, and Gordon promised the stores would be returned to their original owners. Robin found Bracuda's apartment, and found the villain in a fight with Catwoman. Catwoman convinced him to cut his losses, and leave her neighborhood. She told Robin her work was done, and he told her that was the difference between them. He didn't want Bracuda to be someone else's problem, he wanted him brought to justice. Robin trailed him to the Coit Pyramid building, where he was attempting a heist for easy money. Robin confronted and battled Bracuda, and was surprised by his strength and savagry. Robin doubted his ability to keep Gotham safe when Batman was out of town, but got a confidence boost when he finally managed to defeat the villain, who was taken away by Commissioner Gordon. Gordon couldn't make charges stick, and Bracuda soon had to be released. Robin as furious, and told Gordon Batman could have properly nailed Bracuda. Gordon told him to take it easy on himself, because he was still learning the crime-fighting trade. Robin learned that Bracuda had put out a hit on him, and told Gordon he'd arranged to meet Bracuda, confident that the GCPD could catch him in the act of attempted murder. Gordon as nervous about Robin's daring, but agreed to send oficers to the scene. Robin called Bruce for advice, and Bruce told him he had faith in him. In truth Bruce was worried, and had Jean-Paul Valley pose as Batman to watch over Robin and aid him in taking down Bracuda. Robin's risk paid off, and when Bracuda tried and failed in killing him the GCPD arrested him again.

(Showcase '93 #7 (fb), 8 (fb)) -Batman prepared to go after Two-Face, the last of the Arkham escapees, even though Robin and Alfred were concerned that he was completely burned out. Robin begged to go along with him, but Batman told him it was too dangerous. Batman was captured by Two-Face, who set up a mock trial for him at the old Gotham Municipal Courthouse. Robin and Alfred drove around Gotham checking all the places Two-Face could be before they hit on the courthouse, and Robin's intervention saved Batman's life. Their fight led to the girders of a new building and Two-Face almost fell to his death before Batman pulled him up. Two-Face took the opportunity to try and toss Batman off the girders. Robin tossed a bolo at Two-Face's head, and he fell again, but Batman saved him with a grapnel. Batman chided Robin for making such a risky move that could have killed Two-Face.

(Showcase '93 #7, 8) - Alfred, Robin and Jean-Paul treated Batman's severe spinal trauma after Bane broke his back,and Robin felt responsible for not stopping Batman for completely burning himself out before facing Bane. Batman gained consciousness briefly to tell Robin not to blame himself.

(Showcase '93 #10) - Batman Jean Paul investigated the death of David Stone at the hands of his father Walker, and learned that he'd fled to Colorado. He asked Robin how Bruce would get there fast, and he told Jean to use Bruce's private jet.

(Showcase '93 #11, 12) - Robin sought Nightwing's aid in stopping Bracuda from setting up shop in NYC. Robin told him he was having trouble with the ne Batman, and Nightwing in no way accepted Jean Paul as Batman. Nightwing as convinced that Batman would not have chosen Jean Paul as his successor if he hadn't been injured and medicated. They found Bracuda and Big Chulo, a criminal Nightwing was investigating, doing a drug deal on a ship.They fought intensely until the buyer Estes lobbed a grenade at the heros. The explosion knocked them off the boat and rendered them unconscious, and the villains fled. The NYPD responded and a Lieutenant who was no fan of vigilantes told them they'd blown it. The NYPD followed a lead to Bracuda's warehouse, and the heroes followed. The Lieutenant ran afoul of Bracuda and Chulo, who tied him up and set the warehouse on fire to cover their tracks. Robin and Nightwing joined the fray and battled the villains until the Lieutenant freed himself and handed Bracuda and Chulo over to the NYPD. Robin told Nightwing he'd reminded him what teamwork was supposed to be about.

(Green Lantern III #71) - Robin and Batman foiled a diamond heist by the Checquered Gang despite the inexperienced Green Lantern Kyle Rayner getting in his way. Kyle wanted Batman's advice on being a hero, but Batman blew him off. Robin felt bad, told Kyle not to take it personally and told him he'd find his own way to being a hero.

(Final Night #1-4) - Superman organized a summit of superheroes, including Robin, to listen to an alien named Dusk. She'd seen the Sun-Eater snuff out the sun of countless planets, and she was there to warn the heroes that the Sun-Eater was headed towards Earth. Robin and a team of heroes formed a ground crew to deal with the panic that the Sun-Eater's approach would cause. The Sun-Eater attacked the sun, causing an unseasonable chilling of Earth. Robin responded to riots in Metropolis, where a mob was trying to kill Dusk, blaming her for the Sun-Eater's attack. Lisa. Afterwards Robin and Batman defeated Mr. Freeze, who was using the worldwide freezing as an opportunity to commit crimes. Earth was saved when Parallax sacrificed his life to dispel the Sun-Eater and reignite the sun.

(Green Lantern III #81) - Coast City; Robin was among the heroes who attended a memorial service for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

(JLA #5) - Robin tinkered with the batmobile while Batman discussed his refusal to be part of the JLA membership drive with Superman.

(JLA #11) - Robin and Nightwing defeated the Surgeon and his Crime Consultants. Robin returned to the Batcave, where Batman was unraveling the plans of Lex Luthor and his Injustice Gang to destroy the JLA using a corporate takeover model.

(Batman Versus Predator 3 #1-4) - Batman and Robin investigated the deaths of gangbangers whose skulls and spines were removed, and correctly surmised that the Predators had returned to Gotham. Mr. Freeze and his gang robbed Gotham Trust and Securities and evaded Batman and Robin by using the Ab-Zero gun on the Batmobile, but the Freeze gang was later found slaughtered by Predators. Batman took Robin off the case, fearing they'd view him as a worthy target. Robin was frustrated and did computer research to find out more about Predator visitations on Earth. Robin joined Batman to bust Freeze, who confirmed Batman's suspicion about Predators. Batman told Robin to continue taking time off, and as Tim Drake he took Ari to a drive-in, but a Predator who'd seen Robin in action followed them. Robin fled to the Batcave, but the Predator followed him. Batman lured the other Predator, the father of the first, to a WayneCorp plant and defeated it. Robin and Alfred fended off its son until Batman arrived and showed a trophy from its father. The Predator knew it was defeated and returned to space with its father.

(Robin / Argent Double-Shot #1) - While Robin was trailing drug smuggler Louie "The Loop" Correno he was approached by Argent, who asked Robin to train her in the art of crimefighting. Her arrival alerted Correno to the fact that he was being watched, and he fled. Robin told Argent he himself was still in training, and didn't see himself as a teacher. Nonetheless Argent and Robin teamed up to track down Correno to the Gotham docks where he awaited his next drug shipment. Spoiler showed up, and together the heroes busted Correno and his thugs. Argent went after Correno's supplier, but after discovering that it was her father, she returned to Robin and Spoiler to tell them she failed to catch him. Argent asked Robin an Spoiler if they'd be interested in joining the Teen Titans if she ever reformed the group, and Robin said he'd definitely be in.

(JLA #22) - The Star Conqueror put most of the world to sleep, including Robin, and they dreamed of a world in which its rule was absolute. The JLA foiled the Star Conqueror’s bid at world conquest.

(DCU Holiday Bash #3) - Robin went on patrol on Christmas Eve because his family was away and he didn't have the nerve to ask Stephanie Brown to send time with her. Oracle threw a Christmas party for him and invited Nighwing, Alfred and Harold.

(Batman: Gotham Knights #1) - Robin, Nightwing and Batman investigated the murder of Senator Jack Myles and wife Eileen. Robin and Nightwing quickly deduced that the killer was their young son Barrett Myles, but Batman refused to believe it. Robin had to be patient and wait until Batman was willing to see the truth; Gotham had changed immensely since he was a boy.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1) - Robin and Young Justice took refuge in an abandoned motel because they were still wanted by the authorities after freeing Secret from the D.E.O. and accidentally defacing Mt. Rushmore. They were ambushed by Old Justice who forced the kids to fight them. Thorndyke of Old Justice was almost accidentally killed during the fight before Wonder Girl saved him, and Old Justice decided the youths weren’t so bad after all. Inspired by Wonder Girl, Robin and Young Justice held a Justice for All rally in Washington, where the team would plead their case to the public. At the rally a number of superteams attended, and it was interrupted by Klarion, who magically de-aged the JLA and JSA into infancy. Doiby Dickles pulled out an extraterrestrial aging gun to return the heroes to their proper age, but another of Klarion’s spells intercepted his shot. The result was that Robin and Young Justice were aged to adulthood, but the other heroes remained children and young teens.

(Sins of Youth: JLA, Jr. #1) - The adult Robin met up with all the heroes affected by Klarion's spell at the Justice Cave, where they decided to split up to find a way to reverse Klarion's magic.

(Sins of Youth: Batboy and Robin #1) - The de-aged Batman gave the adult Robin the Batman costume to wear and put himself in the Robin identity. The duo sought out Zatanna to return them to their natural ages, and when they found she had been kidnapped by Niko and Vani Asalachi who wanted her to remove a curse that a witch placed on them. Batman and Robin defeated the cursed twins and saved Zatanna, but she was unable to undo Klarion's spell. The only effect her magic had was to switch their costumes.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2) - Doiby tried using his new raygun on the JLA, JSA and Young Justice but it had no effect. Robin and Batboy deduced that since the heroes’ ages were skewed by a combination of magic and science, they would need Klarion’s cooperation to undo the transformation. Robin joined the other heroes in attacking the Agenda’s headquarters in Alaska, where Superboy, Superman, Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman were being held hostage. The hq was defended by the Junior Injustice Society, but the heroes prevailed, forced the Agenda to flee, and freed the prisoners. They then forced Klarion to team with Doiby and return everyone to their proper age.

(Batman: Gotham Knights #5) - Robin guarded the Key, who was imprisoned in Arkham, to make sure he didn't escape and to make sure Batman, whose mind had been addled by Key's psycho-chemicals, didn't kill the villain. The Key slipped his bonds and paralyzed Robin with psycho-chemicals. Batman, having already overcome the Key's drugs, defeated the villain and gave Robin an antidote.

(Adventures of Superman #595) - Darkseid declared war on Earth, and Robin and Young Justice fought Parademons on Apokolips.

(JLA / JSA: Virtue and Vice) - Times Square, Robin and Young Justice battled citizens under the control of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Sins were defeated by the JLA and JSA, and their influence over the people of Manhattan ended.

(Outsiders III #0, Teen Titans III #0) - Robin asked Nightwing how to cope with the death of their friends Troia and Omen and the breakup of both Young Justice and the Titans. Nightwing didn’t have an answer for him, but told Robin they should go their separate ways while they sorted things out.

(JLA #88) - The Burning needed fire and chaos to reproduce,and the JLA stood in his way,so in order todistract them he sent out mental waves that wouldmake people attack the JLA’sloved ones on sight. Robin and Batgirl saved Alfred from an incensed mob.

(Superman / Batman #5) - President Luthor blamed Superman for the kryptonite asteroid heading towards Earth, and put out a warrant for his arrest. He prematurely announced the capture of Superman, and Batman, who was aiding him, leading members of the Superman and Batman Families, including Robin, to raid the White House to rescue their friends. The Batman Family made it to the oval office, but Luthor knocked them out with nerve gas, but Batman and Superman broke into the White House and freed their friends.

(Superman / Batman #7) - Superman and Batman asked Robin and Superboy to meet with the new Toyman, who they thought had a great potential for doing good in the world. The duo got Toyman to begin working for Batman, and along the way they helped apprehend Metallo.

(Flash II #209) - Robin and the rest of the world forgot Flash’s secret identity thanks to the Spectre. Flash wanted the heros he knew and trusted to know his identity, so he unmasked for Robin and the Teen Titans.

(Flash II #210) - Flash and Robin and the Teen Titans got together for a little catch-up.

(Identity Crisis #1) - Robin was among the number of heroes who attended Sue Dibny’s funeral.

(Identity Crisis #3) - After a fruitless search for Plasmus and Warp, who were suspects in Sue Dibny’s murder, Robin returned home. Jack Drake was worried something would happen to him after Sue’s death.

(Identity Crisis #4) - Robin took a night off from patrol to spend time with his father.

(Identity Crisis #5, 6) - Batman and Robin were on patrol when they received a distress call from Jack Drake. Jean Loring had killed Sue Dibny, so she wanted to throw the superhero community off her trail by making them think it was Boomerang who was the threat to their loved ones. Jean also sent Jack Drake a gun and a note saying “Protect Yourself” in hopes that he would kill Boomerang. Jack Drake shot Boomerang after he entered his house, but with his dying breath Boomerang killed Drake with one of his razor boomerangs. Afterwards Batman and Robin discovered their bodies. Robin ha a breakdown, but Batman was there to comfort him.

(Identity Crisis #7) - Nightwing called Robin with his condolences, but Robin didn’t take the call because he was in bed sobbing.

(Superman / Batman #13) - Robin and the Teen Titans were among the heroes invited to Paradise Island to welcome Superman's cousin Supergirl into the superhero community.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #4) - Ganthet summoned Robin and the Teen Titans and a number of other heroes to battle Parallax, who’d completely taken over Hal Jordan. They weakened him enough for the Spectre to separate Hal from Parallax, allowing Hal’s soul to return to his body, resurrecting him.

(Green Arrow III #46) - Green Arrow sponsored Speedy’s membership in the Teen Titans, and during her initiation he bet Cyborg that his protégé could take Batman’s protégé Robin. Robin defeated her, but it was close, and Arrow was proud.

(Teen Titans III #32) - Superboy Prime confronted Superboy because he wanted to take his place, and was willing to kill him to do it. Superboy took a beating from Prime, but called Robin and the Titans and their reservists on an emergency signal. There were casualties, but Flash Jay Garrick, Flash and Kid Flash took Prime out of action by running him into the Speed Force. Superboy's heart stopped, but he was revived by Raven.

(Robin II #175) - <Week 30> Dick and Tim accompanied Bruce to Nanda Parbat, where he entered a cave to perform the Thogal Ritual, which would simulate death and rebirth. After days of watching the cave Dick told Tim they were leaving to prepare for Bruce’s return. UI n Cannes they got invited to Giuseppe Gallante’s party, and although he was a drug dealer to the rich and famous Dick said they were going to use him to catch a bigger fish. They captured Maurice Mendenhall, aka Fleshling, a slave trader who’d taken a girl from the party. On the 24th day of Bruce in a cave they visited Momnte Carlo, and used a show of money and power to get time with Shiek Basser ben Bedraya, whose family funded labs with Intergang connections. They convinced him to stop funding the labs by giving him a permanent Gotham endowment.-Bruce emerged from the cave at Nanda Parbat after forty-nine days, and declared that he’d purged his demons and that Batman was gone.

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1) - An army of Earth's heroes, including Robin and the Teen Titans, appeared to take Superboy-Prime down during the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth. The heroes focused on wrecking his armor, because after a year on Oa, and away from a yellow sun his Kryptonian body still wasn't at full strength, and his armor collected sunlight. Superboy bragged that once the sun rose on Earth he'd be at full power. Superboy was battered by Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, who blamed him for Superboy's death, as well as Supergirl and Power Girl, who blamed him for the death of the Superman of Earth-2. As the fight went against him, Superboy broke down in tears. He tried to wipe them away, saying that it was impossible for boys to cry, and then whining that no one ever thanked him for sacrificing his Earth to save the multiverse. The battle lasted until dawn, and he flew into the sunrise. As he achieved full power he declared himself the one, true Superman. The Guardians arrived with Sodam Yat, the new Ion, and pitted him against Superboy-Prime.

(Green Lantern IV #25) - The Sinestro Corps War raged on Earth, and while Robin and an army of superheroes battled the Corps the Anti-Monitor prepared to unleash an anti-matter wave to destroy Earth. With Earth’s destruction, the entire 52 would fall, and he would once again rule all that was. The GLC ruptured the heart of Anti-Monitor’s Warworld, the Sinestro Corps central power battery, and created a shield around Warworld and the Monitor. The ensuing blast nearly destroyed the Anti-Monitor, and he was finished off by Superman-Prime, who betrayed him for having destroyed his home, Earth-Prime. GL Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro in personal combat, and the Sinestro Corps, lacking any leadership, fled Earth. The heroes rejoiced and began rebuilding the damage the Sinestro Corps did.

(Nightwing II #140) - Batman had a meeting with Alfred, Nightwing and Robin at the Batcave, telling them to keep Ra’s and Talia on the front-burner. Batman realized their threat level, and Robin had noted internet chatter from the League of Assassins.

(Nightwing II #142, 143) - Robin bemoaned being too busy with school and the Teen Titans to go on patrol with Batman, so Nightwing invited him to accompany him on a mission. They took the Batplane to an African island, the last stronghold of Talia. There was no sign of Talia, but the base was occupied by Dr. Creighton Kendall, his ops, and an army of winged Loyalists. Robin and Nightwing turned the Loyalists against the rest of Creighton’s forces by showing them the fate of their brethren, fed to flames when the clones were imperfect. Creighton blew up his production base and flew off in a rocket.

(Titans II #1) - The Teen Titans were attacked by Trigon’s demons. Trigon was determined to destroy every last Titan, past and present.

(Nightwing II #145) - Gordon called Batman and Robin to let them know Ra’s had escaped from Arkham Asylum, and they leapt into action.

(Robin II #170, 171) - Batman and Robin apprehended Marcel Pincus, who’s illegal monetary transaction had just been busted up by vigilante Violet, who took off with his money. The description of Violet’s costume reminded Robin of Spoiler, but when he tried to talk to Batman about her, he just said that she knew the risks going into the jb. Batman said they’d talk later, but Robin knew they wouldn’t. Violet didn’t seriously injure anyone, so Batman declared her low-priority. Tim was overjoyed at school the next day at the return of his friend Martin Ives, who claimed he was tired of home-schooling. Robin visited prison and confronted him with the knowledge that his sports books transactions had been hit before, and got the name of his hand-off place, Pinheads bowling alley. Robin found that Violet had the alley wired, and she attacking him, telling him to find his own suckers, escaping after macing Robin in the face.  The next night  Batman and Robin took out the Condiment King, who’d again been released from prison because parole boards couldn’t take him seriously. The next day Robin fell asleep during a date with Zo, seriously irritating her. Robin surmised that Violet was using her ill-gotten gains for charity, and found that her jobs were near St. Camilus’ Cathedral, which was getting an overhaul despite an obvious lack of funds. Robin swore he saw Spoiler, patrolling the area, and when he pursued her she disappeared, leaving behind a purple cape. Robin found that Camilus’ offered a number of support groups, and he posed as Alvin Draper to enter the gamblers anonymous group, where the name Maxie’s casino kept popping up. He ran into Ives, and wondered what group he was attending. Robin went to meet Officer Harper, only to find that because of politics his new handlers were Detective Cavallo and Detective Wise.

(Robin II #173, 174) - Tim visited Ives to cheer him up, and Ives confided that he was scared of dying, but he had follicular lymphoma, and the prognosis was good. He’d had a hard time telling Tim about it because the longer he kept his secrets the harder it was to come clean, and Tim told him amen to that. Robin met with Cavallo and Wise, who’d been promoted to major crimes, and requested he look into a counterfeiting ring, promising they’d make Harper’s life hell if he refused. Penguin was upset that Violet was taking his money, and laid a trap for Robin and her by using Pincus to give them false information about his counterfeiting, telling them to go to the Sea-Fine Seafoods. Spoiler finally revealed her presence, knocking out Violet, and trying to warn Robin. Robin assumed she was someone who’d taken up the Spoiler mantle, and told her she had no right to impersonate a woman who’d earned his respect and love. He lashed out at her, but their fight was interrupted by Penguin’s agent Sin Fang of the North Korean mafia. They were evenly matched but Robin managed to pull a getaway, although Spoiler refused to accompany him. He told Violet he’d drop her off at an E.R., and preached that justice shouldn’t come with a paycheck. Violet hit him, telling him he had no idea why she needed money or what she did with it, and demanded to be let out. Batman helped Robin track down Spoiler, and he was overjoyed to learn that she was Stephanie, and that Leslie had helped her fake her death. Batman strongly suspected she was alive, and told Robin that was why he never made a memorial for her. He twirled her around and kissed her, but she told him to slow down. He encouraged her to visit her mother, and explain what happened.

(Robin II #175) - Robin took Batman’s black casebook, and scanned pages from it. Spoiler was following him, and asked what was wrong. He feared that Batman, who’d gone missing, had gone mad . The casebook revealed a time years ago when Batman entered an isolation tank tpo understand the ‘mind of madness.’ A recent fight with Black Glove triggered a post-hypnotic mind-control set up by the mind of madness. Spoiler didn’t approve of any of Robin’s choices, from giving pages of the casebook to Officer Harper, to giving Penguin money to find Batman, knowing Penguin had eyes in the underworld he didn’t. Robin was still to angry at Spoiler for letting him think she was dead to care much about her opinions. He vowed to find Batman, and to take him down if he’d gone insane.

(Batman I #703) - Batman and Robin failed to catch the Getaway Genius, who robbed the Wayne Foundation art show, and Robin berated his mentor for letting an amateur give them the slip. At the Batcave Red Robin showed the heroes a piece by Vicki Vale in the Gotham Gazette that taunted them for being unable to catch the new Getaway Genius. Robin suspected that she still suspected their secret identities, and he was suspicious of Vale’s immediate presence at the crime. Batman talked to her as Dick, but got nowhere with her, and she demanded to speak to Bruce. She callously told him she didn’t really believe she’d caused Tim Drake to be injured and said she was still sure that they were the Batman Family. Dick told her to prove it, and placed a bug on her The bug revealed that the Getaway Genius was tipping off Vale for the pure thrill of it. The heroes learned that the Genius was targeting a Gotham Historical Society gala, and caught her, but Vale later discovered the bug, almost confirming her suspicions about the Batman Family.

Comments: Timothy Drake created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick. Robin III created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle.

Robin received profiles in Sins of Youth Secret Files #1, Teen Titans / Outsiders Secret Files 2003 and Batman Allies Secret Files and Origins 2005.

There were pin-ups of Robin in Batman: No-Man’s Land Gallery #1 and Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1.

A picture of Robin and the Teen Titans was shown in the New Flash Museum in Flash II #208.

Impulse #44 showed children trick-or-treating as various superheroes, including Robin.

In Impulse #48 Riddler gave a suspect account of his career, including having Robin as a servant.

Robin had cameos in Blackest Night: Titans #3, Catwoman II #50, Impulse #50, JLA #121, Showcase '93 #1, Spectre III #22 and Titans II #9.

Robin (as Batman) was featured in a virtual reality simulation the Key created for the JLA in JLA #8, 9.

When Resurrection Man attuned his mind to the cosmos in Resurrection Man #18 he caught a glimpse of Robin.

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