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Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley

Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Supervillain

Group Affiliation: Formerly Injustice Gang of the World, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Suicide Squad

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Batman #181 (June, 1966)

Powers: Poison Ivy was one of the world's leading experts in botany, and she possessed a number of plant-related powers. Her body chemistry created touch activated potions---truth serums, love potions and the like, and her preferred method of utilizing them is by kissing opponents. Poison Ivy was a masterful manipulator, being especially good at coercing men to serve her. Her experiments have also led to the creation of a number of mutated and deadly plants, which are under her total control.

History: Pamela Isley grew up in Seattle; she was very emotionally unstable and always self-critical of her appearance. Pamela preferred solitude and became interested in botany early in life. In college she studied under Dr. Jason Woodrue (Floronic Man) who took personal interest in her and performed experiments on her that left her not quite human. Pamela and Dr. Woodrue also worked with Dr. Alec Holland in researching the creation of a sentient plant, and this research would one day cumulate in the creation of Black Orchid I. After college she traveled to Gotham City to meet Batman who she fantasized about. Under the name Poison Ivy she started a one-woman crime spree to attract his attention. Batman spurned her affection and she was sent to Arkham Asylum for treatment. Her innate ability to control men allowed her to escape several times, becoming a recurring foe of Batman.

(Crisis on Infinite Earths #5, 9) -

Her criminal acts were pardoned when she served with the Suicide Squad, and for a time she lived in the South American country of Puerto Azul, acting as a supporter of military leader general Vaca. Growing bored with this, she has returned to Gotham City to again purse Batman.

(Batman #400) -

(Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1) - Ivy discussed the disposal of one of her victims with psychiatrist Anne Carver.

(Batman: Harley Quinn #1) - Ivy discovered Harley Quinn trapped under some wreckage, later she took Harley in and gave her a chemical drink that gave Harley superhuman powers. Ivy had a truce going with Batman, she could remain free as long as she delivered food to quake victims and didn’t go after Batman. To circumvent this she sent Harley after him.

(Harley and Ivy: Love on the Lam #1) - Harley Quinn wanted to prove her worth to Joker, so she teamed with Ivy to hack into and raid Branaco’s bank account. Ivy also used files on Branaco’s database to expose the environmental damage the company was causing to the media. Ivy tried to convince Harley that with her new offshore account she should be independent, and stay away from Joker, but her advice fell on deaf ears.

(JLA: A League of One) - Ivy choked off the Amazon river with mutated hyacinths in order to flood nearby villages in an attempt to stop the deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest. She was apprehended by Flash and Batman.

(Harley Quinn #1) - Ivy suspected that Joker was going to kill her friend Harley, so she disguised herself as Harley. Her suspicion proved correct, Joker shot her on sight. Ivy wasn’t severely injured, and she’d finally gotten through to Harley that Joker wasn’t good for her.

(Harley Quinn #3) - Ivy, along with a number of other villainesses, attended a slumber party thrown by Harley Quinn. The women kidnapped a pizza boy, but the young man was rescued by Thorn, who infiltrated the slumber party using the villainous identity of Pagan. Towards the end of the night Harley announced that she was no longer second fiddle to Joker, and was about to start her own gang. Ivy smiled, realizing the positive effect she’d had on her friend.

(Harley Quinn #13-19) -

(Spectre IV #11) - Arkham; Ivy admired one of her plants while one of Spectre's (Hal Jordan) aspects struggled to find a way to redeem her soul.

(Detective Comics #775) -

(Batman #608, 609, 611, 612) - Under orders from Thomas Elliot, Ivy took control of Catwoman's mind and made her steal a ten million dollar ransom from Killer Croc. Afterward Ivy fled to Metropolis. She used a synthetic kryptonite lipstick to mind-control Superman, and set him against Batman. After Superman shook off her control, Batman, Superman and Catwoman defeated Ivy.

(Batman: Harley and Ivy #1) - Harley and Ivy attempted to steal the Zombie Root, which Ivy planned to turn into a new mind-control chemical, but because of Harley’s bungling they were caught by Batman and the root was destroyed. Two weeks later Ivy broke out of Arkham and set sail for Costa Verde to locate another Zombie Root. Harley bugged Ivy until she let her come along.

(Batman: Harley and Ivy #2) - Costa Verde; Ivy and Harley got the Zombie Root, but only after fighting Slash and Burn, mercenary loggers hired to prevent anyone from interfering with the deforestation of Costa Verde. Ivy mind-controlled President Ceballos and made him create a preserve for the endangered plant species of Costa Verde.

(Batman: Harley and Ivy #3) - <months later> Ivy and Harley learned about the filming of a Hollywood movie about their exploits. They went to the set and took over production. Batman infiltrated the set and apprehended the duo.

(Superman / Batman #19) - Lex Luthor orchestrated a scenario to test Supergirl’s (Kara Zor-El) powers. He hired Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to rob a bank, and when Supergirl arrived Poison Ivy kissed Supergirl with synthetic kryptonite lipstick. Surprisingly the synthetic-k had no effect on Supergirl, and she easily bested Ivy and Harley.

Comments: Created by Robert Kanigher & Sheldon Moldoff

Ivy received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18, Who's Who in the DC Universe #5, Batman Villains Secret Files #1 and Batman: No Man's Land Secret Files #1. Poison Ivy received a profile in Who's Who in the DC Universe #12 under the Suicide Squad entry. She received a profile in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #20 under the Secret Society of Super-Villains entry.

Ivy had a cameo appearance in Batman: Black and White #4, Green Arrow III #5, JLA #19, 115, 119 and Titans II #30.

Identity Crisis #4 showed the JLA looking through photos of a number of ex-Suicide Squad members, including Poison Ivy.

In Impulse #48 Riddler gave a suspect account of his career, including having Poison Ivy as a servant.

A Poison Ivy mask was seen in Black Mask’s war room in Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins 2005.

There were pin-ups of Poison Ivy in Batman: No-Man’s Land Gallery #1 and Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1.

Batgirl: Year One #9 showed Batgirl fighting mock-ups of several villains, including Poison Ivy, in a shooting gallery located in the Batcave.

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