Real NameDr. Julius Hastur

Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist, former supervillain

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsLowrance University

First Appearance(Dr. Julius Hastur) Firestorm II #14 (August, 2005), (Pionic Man) Firestorm II #15 (September, 2005)

PowersPionic Man was a brilliant physicist whose body was composed entirely of pions, short-lived, subatomic particles, and he needed a containment suit to stay alive. The Pionic Man could fly and project pionic blasts.

History(Firestorm II #14-16) - Dr. Hastur was a researcher at the large proton collider at Lowrance University. The collider was supposed to approximate the conditions of the Big Bang, but something went wrong, and the collider went haywire. Firestorm saved the day, but Hastur found that his body had been converted into pions, short-lived subatomic particles. His body disintegrated when he was approached by the villain Tokamak, who offered to save his life if he accepted that his old life was over. Hastur agreed in desperation, and Tokamak gave him a containment suit. Tokamak told the newly christened Pionic Man that Firestorm, who was present during the accident, was responsible for his condition, and told him exactly how he could take out his old foe. Pionic Man, not really feeling comfortable as a “super villain” broke into S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit, and demanded Firestorm face him. The hero, who was an intern at S.T.A.R., complied, and after a tough fought battle Firestorm was severely injured, but Pionic Man’s containment suit was ruptured, so he was forced to flee. After repairing the suit he confronted Firestorm again, but this time the hero formed the Firestorm-Matrix with S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Kennedy, so he could draw on her knowledge of physics in dealing with the Pionic Man. They had a destructive fight, and it was clear the Pionic Man was taking out every failure in his life, perceived or real, on Firestorm. He ranted about not getting tenure, and being dumped by the woman he’d loved most in life. Firestorm had no time for his self-pity, and took no responsibility for his condition. He dissolved Pionic Man’s containment suit, and stored him in a containment jar. S.T.A.R. Labs sent the Pionic Man off to the San Francisco branch so he could be studied.

(Firestorm II #18) - Dr. Phaedon brought his containment unit holding the Pionic Man to S.T.A.R. Labs San Francisco to run tests on him. He hooked the Pionic Man up to a text-link for communication purposes, but all the Pionic Man had to say was that he was only available during office hours, and had no interest in talking.

(Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #29, 30) - Firestorm realized that the Pionic Man was merely a pawn created by Tokamak, who wanted to create a near nuclear Armageddon to scare mankind away from arms races. Firestorm and his allies Pozhar and Firehawk recorporated Pionic Man to question him about Tokamak. He told them that after eighteen months in the containment chamber he’d done a lot of reflecting. He realized that he had to let go of his old hates and vendettas and love himself for what he was. The self-actualized Pionic Man gave Firestorm a big hug to thank him. Pionic Man revealed he never even knew his benefactor’s name, but he’d trained in a Hewitt Enterprises building on the Brooklyn waterfront. This clue would let the heroes get one step closer to their quarry, and they thanked Pionic Man for his help. He went back into his containment unit without any fuss, saying he preferred the peace and quiet he found within,.

(Firestorm: The Nuclear Man II #31, 32) - Firestorm and friends invited Pionic Man to help them defeat his true creator, Tokamak, and he eagerly agreed. The heroes prevailed, but during the chaos Pionic Man met one of Tokamak’s cybernetic clone Dollies that had no interest in fighting. They both realized even though they had powers they weren’t suited for superheroism or villainy. They skipped out of the battle and started looking for an apartment together in NYC. On New Year’s Eve Firestorm caught up to them in a diner and they told him their plans. He was convinced they were no threat to anybody, and Pionic Man told him to mind his business when he inquired if the duo were close friends or something more.

Comments: Created by Stuart Moore & Jamal Igle.

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