Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Omeron

First Appearance: Mystery in Space #53 (August, 1959)

Powers: Omerons possessed telepathy and had interplanetary spaceships armed with laser cannons.

History: (Mystery In Space #53) - Omerons lived on the planet Omeron of the star-sun Antares. An Omeron crash landed on Earth and was gravely injured. Farmer Howard Melville discovered him, and piloted his ship back to Omeron so he could receive medical treatment. Melville was hailed as a hero, but a celebration in his honor was interrupted by a declaration of war by an unknown nearby planet. The Omerons seemingly faced an invasion by monstrous creatures, but Melville, who was breathing in an oxygen spacesuit didn't see them. The Omerons realized the invasion was a mass hallucination caused by flowers that emitted hallucinogenic gas planted by the invaders. Melville helped the Omerons deduce who their enemies were from the nearby planets. In a space announcement the enemy described Melville, so the Omerons knew their enemies were the Zeerangans, whose planet was close enough to observe them by super-telescope. The Omeron spacefleet defeated the Zeerangans and accepted their surrender. On June, 1960, in honor of Melville's contribution to their victory they brought the Zeerangans to Earth to surrender to Melville's home planet. The Omerans offered to share their science with Earth as a bond of friendship.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Manny Stallman

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