Class: Extraterrestrials 

Known Representatives: Kaptain Bludgen, Krokodilo Prime, Number 2

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Byo-System

First AppearanceLobo: Fragtastic Voyage #1 (December, 1997)

PowersThe reptilian Krokodilos possessed a space army of hundreds of millions of warships

History(Lobo: Fragtastic Voyage #1) - The Krokodilos were eager to invade the Byo-System, but were held off by the diplomacy of Mahatma Scarfe, who knew the secret of the exploding numbers, using the basics of mathematics to convert numbers into explosions. The Krokodilos wanted the numbers, and when Mahatma was dying from a blood clot in the brain they had a Byos-System stooge inject a miniaturized Krokodilos ship into Mahatma’s bloodstream. Mahatma’s followers sent a miniaturized Lobo into Mahatma’s body to save him, and Lobo destroyed the Krokodilos. Lobo inadvertently killed Mahatma, but he did recover the exploding numbers. While calculating how much he could sell the secret for he accidentally created a catastrophic explosion that wiped out all of the Byo-System and the nearby Krodilos invading force.

Comments: Created by Alan Grant & Hermann Mejia

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