Class: Extraterrestrial

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: Invisible Raiders

Base of Operations: Saturn, 1950s era

First Appearance: Plastic Man (Quality) #35 (July, 1952)

Powers: The Invaders could turn invisible, were armed with rayguns and used a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel.

History: (Plastic Man (Quality) #35) The Invisible Invaders were Saturnians sent to Earth to study it before an invasion. They landed in Corn Flats and used their ability to turn invisible to keep anyone from investigating their doings. They stole a number of objects from citizens before Plastic Man and Woozy Winks were called in to check out their ship. They tried to kidnap Woozy and others because they needed to study humanity, but Plas boarded their ship and forced them to flee back to Saturn.

Comments: Created by an unnamed writer and artist

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe the Invaders lived on Earth-2. The Invaders, like most characters from the golden age Plastic Man stories, may or may not be a part of post-Crisis DC continuity.

The Invaders were originally a Quality Comics character, which DC obtained the rights to in 1956.

The Invisible Invaders appearance in Plastic Man #35 was reprinted in Plastic Man #45.

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