Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Saturn, formerly Jupiter, a planet located between Mars and Jupiter

First Appearance: Strange Adventures I #96 (September, 1958)

Powers: The Icoids possessed atomic weapons and knew how to harness zelta-rings, planet-sized rings of stone and metal that created alternate bands of heat and cold across any planet they ringed. Icoids needed an intensely cold environment to survive.

History: (Strange Adventures I #96 (fb)) - <thousands of years ago> The Icoids were constantly battling with the Thermoids for supremacy over their mutual homeworld, and their wars escalated to a nuclear conflict that destroyed their planet. The two races were forced to work together to flee to Jupiter and create zelta-rings around the planet that made a livable environment for them. After a few centuries the Icoids and Thermoids used up the radioactive minerals on Jupiter, so they moved themselves and their zelta-rings to Saturn.

(Strange Adventures I #96) - After using up the radioactive minerals on Saturn the Icoids and Thermoids decided to take over Earth. They moved zelta-rings to Earth that caused worldwide destruction as parts of Earth froze or heated up. Earths' air forces destroyed the rings using heat and cold weapons, and the Icoids and Thermoids surrendered, because if Earthlings could destroy their rings they could destroy Saturn. Earth accepted the aliens surrender on the condition that they never leave Saturn and learn to live without radioactive minerals.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Carmine Infantino

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