Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rann

First Appearance: Mystery in Space #53 (August, 1959)

Powers: Griks were skilled in robotics and possessed gigantic indestructible robots that followed their every command. They had weapons that shot fireballs.

History: (Mystery In Space #53) - Griks travelled to Rann and traded gigantic robots for the rights to mine the mineral orichalk. The robots went berserk and started destroying Ranagar, and the Griks were suspected. Adam Strange and Allana investigated, only to find that the Griks weren't responsible. It was Vor Kan, the Rannian in charge of maintaining the robots, who was plotting to overthrow the city, and Adam made short work of him.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Carmine Infantino

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