Real Name: Oliver Queen

Class: Parallel Earth (Earth-2) human technology-user

Occupation: Mysteryman, independently wealthy, expert on American Indian culture

Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron, Seven Soldiers of Victory

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, NY, Earth-2, 1940s' era

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941)

Powers: Arrow was one of the world's greatest archers and used a number of trick arrows, including ones that exploded, released smoke, nets or knockout gas, and arrows attached to with strong, thin lines. Arrow was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and his primary means of transport was the Arrowcar.

History: <1940s> Oliver Queen spent years amassing a collection of American Indian artifacts, and during his study of Indian culture became quite adept at archery. He was devastated when a fire destroyed the collection of artifacts, but Morgan, the museum curator, told him he could assemble a new collection from the Indian settlement Lost Mesa. Morgan referred to the Mesa as a gold mine of artifacts, and a nearby criminal waiter overheard just the words "gold mine" which was enough prompting for him to gather a gang of criminals and follow Queen to the Mesa. At the Mesa Queen fought of the criminals using his archery skills and aided by a young boy named Roy Harper. Queen discovered untold treasures in the Mesa, making him rich beyond his wildest dreams. He took in Roy as his ward, and together they fought crime as the mysterymen Green Arrow and Speedy. 

(Leading Comics #1) -When criminal mastermind the Hand learned he was dying he broke out a number of criminals, and planned a once in a lifetime crime for each of them, but warned them they'd be opposed by their arch0-enemies, who he'd taunted to top them in the morning's paper. Green Arrow and Speedy, Crimson Avenger, Shining Knight, Vigilante, Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy all responded, taking the Hand's threat seriously. The heroes met in the Gotham City auditorium, where the Han broadcast a video informed them where their arch-enemies would be committing crimes. The mysterymen decided to take care of their own, and report to each other in a week on their progress. Arrow's enemy Professor Merlin was given the address of Cactus Mike, a Death Valley prospector with so much gold that Merlin could wreck the economy if he stole it. Merlin was pursued by Green Arrow and Speedy, but his gang of thugs subdued them, and he played on Mike's fear of freezing by exposing him to a cold-device, forcing him to reveal the location of the gold. Merlin brought Mike to the old mine where his loot was hidden, while Arrow and Speedy escaped and followed them. Merlin set off dynamite to open the door hiding the cachge, and the resulting cave-in seemingly killed him. The rest of the villains failed, and the Hand decided to destroy thge heroes himself to preserve his legacy. He contacted them via video, and gave them the address of his hideout, daring them to defeat him. Just then he got a call from his doctor that a new surgery could cure him. He realized he'd acted rashly, but his pride demanded he destroy his foes. The mysterymen made their way through all his booby-traps until they penetrated his sanctum. He aimed an electric beam at them, but Vigilante shot it down, electrifying him. The heroes realized the good they did teaming up, and decided to form the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

(Leading Comics #2) - Sylvester's father brought him to a bank to leartn about finance, even though he protested that it was interrupting his anthropology studies. Criminals Captain Bigg, Brain, Falseface, Hopper and Rattler posed as city workers, and broke a water main. The hydraulic pressure wrecked the bank's wall, and they robbed it, affording their escape by changing clothes and impersonating police officers. Sylvester told Pat that there had to be some mastermind behind such a crime, and team-up of notorious criminals, so they resolved to call a meeting of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The Soldiers followed a trail of gunpowder the criminals' truck left behind, and it led to a train station. They discovered film reels from the crooks mastermind, the Black Star, who directed them to split up for his planned crime wave. The Soldiers split up to the locations the villains were headed. Star sent Hopper to Pleasure City to rob the art collection of eccentric millionaire Mr. Coburn, who dressed as a hobo. He kept a fortune in art on his person, but the location of his greatest treasures was unknown. Hopper lured him in with a rigged carnival game, but Green Arrow and Speedy were on the scene and rescued Coburn, taking him on a roller coaster to get away from Hopper. Unfortunately the eccentric was also a paranoid, and pushed the heroes from the coaster before being caught again by Hopper. Hopper made him reveal the location of his treasure as the carnival attraction Castle of Fear, and once inside Hopper had his men stand guard while he tortured Coburn for the exact location. Arrow and Speedy followed, with Arrow taking lead and his sidekick as backup. Arrow trapped Hopper's gang, but Hopper got the drop on him with a gun and made no bones about it that he'd loose no sleep over killing the hero. At that moment Speedy started exploring the castle, and fell through a trap door, landing right on top of Hopper. The other criminals failed, but Black Star had that planned all along. One Mr. Wilkins knew his secret, and told the assembled Soldiers that he once worked at a chemical firm that discovered a ray that could enlarge any organic life. Theyt decided it was too dangerous to exist, so they hid each of the radium-elements needed to make the beam, and hid them in a useless object. Their clerk Mowse had observed them, and took the identiy of the Black Star to reassemble the elements, using his henchmen's crimes as a distraction. Black Star used the ray on himself, and challenged the Soldiers to meet him at his castle. The heroes fought their way past giant birds, rabbits and insects before confronting the villain. Stripesy knocked hgim cold, and he fell in front of the black light ray, being enlarged until his body crashed through the earth and he was crushed by his own weight. The Seven Soldiers were thrilled by another victory for justice.

GA Earth 2 (Leading Comics #3) - Oliver Queen and Roy Harper were testing out a two-way radio when Roy saw men dressed as Alexander the Great, Nero, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Napoleon robbing a national bank. The villains of history disabled Roy, and Khan made off with hius two-way radio. Oliver came to Roy's aid after they disappeared, and from the two-way transmissions they realized the men weren';t dressed as historical characters, they actually were them. They called a meeting of the Seven Soldiers, and the radio revealed that the men had been plucked from the past by mad scientist Dr. Doome, who was building a time machine to penetrate the future and rule the world. To complete it he needed several rare metals, and dispatched his partners to find them. The Soldiers split up to tackle each of the historical figures. Alexander went to the Florida everglades, where scientist Leo Starr was using radium to create robot soldiers for U.S. use. Alexander used a catapult to kill Leo, and mastered the controls that made the robots function. Soldiers Green Arrow and Speedy found him, but he had the robots apprehend them. One robot, Oscar, had a puckish human personality, and freed the heroes because it amused him. Alexander fled into the swamp, but was terrified by the wildlife. The heroes soon had him in captivity, but he used the scepter to return to a time when he was feared like a god. The heroes took Oscar back home with them, and Speedy was enthralled with the idea of a big t tin soldier, and asked if he could be their chauffer. After all the villains were foiled the Soldiers tracked Doome to his headquarters, and he used his time machine to flee into the past. The heroes followed, finding themselves in 1200 BC during the Greek sack of Troy. Doome had convinced the legendary Ulysses that the Soldiers were enemies, and he sent his troops against them. When Ulysses saw how valiantly the Soldiers fought he knew they could not be villains, and ordered his troops back. Doome fled to the present, and Speedy had the presence of mind to take a time scepter with him, so the Soldiers returned to their own time. In desperation Doome tried to send himself into the future, but without the rare metals he still needed the machine exploded. The Soldiers were unsure if he made it, but knew that if he did there would be heroes like them in the future to take care of business.

Arrow joined the All-Star Squadron and later the Seven Soldiers of Victory. During a battle with the Nebula-Man the Soldiers were flung across space and time. Arrow ended up in the time of Robin Hood, but was eventually brought to the modern era by the JSA and the JLA of Earth-1.

(Who's Who Update '87 #5) - Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Green Arrow's existence was erased from DC continuity.

Comments: Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.

Green Arrow received a profile in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #9. Green Arrow received a profile in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #20 under the Seven Soldiers of Victory entry.. 

In post-Crisis continuity the Spider took Green Arrow's place on the roster of the Seven Soldiers.

Green Arrow's appearance in Leading Comics #2 was reprinted in Justice League of America #111 and #112.

Green Arrow had a cameo in DC Comics Presents #38.

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