Class: Extraterrestrial

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: En'Taran Homeworld

First Appearance: JLA #20 (July, 1998)

Powers: The En'Tarans were telepaths armed with psi-lashes, mechanical appendages that delivered a charge of energy to anyone they lashed with them. They used energy-chains that delivered energy charges to any disobedient slave shackled with them. The En'Tarans traveled in spaceships capable of hyperspace travel.

History: (JLA #20, 21) - The EníTaran were a race of telepathic conquerors. Sardath brought his daughter Alanna to their homeworld in hopes of them reviving her from near-death. They saved her life, but in return they wanted zeta-beam technology. They had Alanna send a message to her husband Adam Strange, who thought she was long dead, on Rann. When Adam used zeta-beams to return Alanna to Rann, it was a scout force of EníTarans that arrived. The demanded the zeta-beams or they threatened to kill Alanna and vaporize Rann. Adam used a menticizer to shield his thoughts from the telepaths and pretended to have been driven mad from Alannaís seeming loss, and offered them Rann and the zeta-beams if they kept Alanna safe and helped him rebuild Rann. The EníTarans accepted, and used the Rannians as slave laborers. Strange convinced them to let him use the zeta-beams to bring the JLA to Rann to act as more slaves. Adams plans were a ruse to construct a giant zeta-beam to teleport the Slavemasters away from Rann. He used his own bodyís meta-zeta radiation as a focus, sending the EníTarans to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid & Arnie Jorgensen

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