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Class: Extraterrestrials

Known Representatives: Doc, Gunther

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dominion Homeworld

First Appearance: Adventure Comics I #361 (October, 1967)

Powers: The Dominators were ruthless conquerors and military strategists who utilized highly advanced technology and weaponry. The Dominators were pioneers of technorganic machinery. Dominators lived in a caste system, with one's position in society determined by the size of the discs on their foreheads.

History: The Dominators conquered many worlds, and destroyed what they could not control. The Dominators discovered Earth and kidnapped several earthlings to use in lab experiments. The Dominators were horrified to learn that humanity possessed the metagene, giving the race vast potential for developing superhuman powers. The Dominators shared their find with eight other alien races and banded together as the Alliance to destroy earth's superhumans.

(Swamp Thing II #80) - The Dominators were worried that a confrontation with the plant elemental Swamp Thing during their invasion of Earth would be disastrous, because all of their technology was plant-based. They turned the plant lifer on four planets into a matrix disruptor unit, and used it to seemingly destroy Swamp Thing. In truth his astral form had been flung into Earth’s past.

(Swamp Thing II #81) - The Dominators learned that a new elemental, the Swamp Thing’s unborn child, was growing in Abby Arcane’s belly that contracted Widowsweed to kill her. Abby was captured, but Widowsweed revealed that she was a mother as well, and wanted nothing to do with the Dominators, but only used capturing Abby as a ruse to find the remains of her mate, who’d crash-landed in Houma over ten years ago.

The Alliance waged war with Earth's superheroes and eventually lost. As the Dominators left Earth they detonated a genebomb. The bomb wrecked havoc with a number of earth's superhumans, and inadvertently unleashed the superhuman potential in normal human beings.

(Green Lantern IV #12) - A Dominator was present for a gathering of bounty hunters, intergalactic and Earthbound that took place six hundred feet under Thames.

(Green Lantern IV #16) - A group of Dominator bounty hunters arrived in Russia to capture GL Hal Jordan for a bounty set by Amon Sur, but their arrogance and overconfidence was their undoing, and he fought them off.

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter, Mort Weisinger and Curt Swan.

In the pre-Zero Hour 30th century the Dominators waged war against the United Planets, fought the Legion of Super-Heroes and conquered Earth.

The Dominators received a profile in Who's Who in the DC Universe #1. The Dominators were featured in the Invasion! entry in JLA in Crisis Secret Files #1.

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