Real Name: Etrigan / Jason Blood

Class: Demon / human magic-user gestalt

Occupation: (Jason Blood) occult investigator, demonologist (Demon) demon

Group Affiliation: formerly JLA

Known Relatives: (Jason Blood) Catherine of Saxony (wife, deceased), Claire (daughter, deceased), Marie (wife, deceased), Kathryn Mark (daughter), Ruth Simmons (descendant), unnamed brother-in-law (deceased), unnamed daughter (deceased), unnamed son, unnamed wife (deceased) (Demon) Belial (father), Golgotha (son, deceased), Merlin (half-brother), Raan Va Daath (mother), Scapegoat (half-brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: (Jason Blood) Gotham City, formerly mobile thousands of years ago to the present, (Demon) Hell, formerly Camelot

First Appearance: Demon I #1 (August-September, 1972)

Powers: Jason Blood had some magical abilities and was versed in occult lore and swordsmanship. His connection to the Demon made him extraordinarily long-lived. The Demon was virtually immortal and possessed superhuman strength, speed, endurance and durability. He shot searing hellfire from his mouth and could project mystic energy from his hands. He was an accomplished sorcerer but had little patience for spells and preferred hand-to-hand combat. Merlin's spell needed to be cast to transform Jason into the Demon or vice versa.

History: (Demon III #2 (fb)) - Demons Belial and Ran Va Daath mated and Daath gave birth to Etrigan. Baby Etrigan's first act once ripped from the womb was to spit hellfire into his father's face.

(Demon II #2 (fb, BTS) - A few days after Etrigan’s birth his father and Asteroth tied him up in snake hair and hung him in a pit for a few years to get him fired up. Such cruelty was considered a good way to make a young demon malicious.

(Demon II #3 (fb, BTS) - Etrigan’s power grew astronomically and he became a scourge of hell. Belial sired Merlin with a mortal so he’d have someone that could hold sway over Etrigan.

(Demon I #1, Demon III #0 (fb)) - <560 AD> Merlin used Etrigan as a force for good, defending Camelot in times of need. The evil Morgaine Le Fay usurped control of Etrigan and enlisted him in her army of demons. Etrigan participated in the fall of Camelot, and with Camelot in ruins Jason lay in a field with his wife Marie, watching their children play. He told her that Camelot's fate meant little to them, as rich kings and queens would always fight their wars, and always claim it was good against evil, but the outcome meant little to peasants such as themselves, and all he cared about was his family. Merlin watched them through a scrying glass, calling Jason a traitor and still furious that Camelot was gone. Etrigan admired Jason for speaking what he saw as truth, and admitted his heart wasn't in it defending King Arthur. He bragged that the battle had left Merlin too drained to contain him. Merlin used the last of his magic to bind Etrigan to Jason, so that they'd make each other's lives Hell. The bond drove them both mad, and Jason took an axe and slaughtered his family. When his brother-in-law discovered the bodies he rounded up a mob to kill Jason, who transformed into Etrigan and massacred them all. Jason and Etrigan's madness lasted for a year, and Etrigan promised to make him a wealthy and powerful man if he let him come out occassionally to have fun. Jason saw no way out and fwelt totally helpless, so he agreed even though it violated every moral fiber he had. Etrigan, still under Merlin's sway, sometimes acted as a force of good.

(Blood of the Demon #6 (fb)) - <10 years after the fall of Camelot> Demon destroyed a dragon-demon, and was then turned back into Jason by Merlin. Jason ran home in time to see the birth of his son, but his wife had died giving childbirth.

(Demon I #9 (fb)) - Jason lived in peace for years in a medieval hamlet, but he was called to action when a sorcerer summoned a legion of demons to destroy the hamlet. Jason transformed into the Demon, decimated the wizard’s army, and blasted the wizard into the night sky. He transformed back into Jason and took his leave from the hamlet forever.

(Demon III #0 (fb)) - <1199> Jason was wealthy beyond desire, and Etrigan climbed higher in the ranks of Hell by committing blasphemous atrocities, but he craved more. Jason led a cardinal and a retinue of knights to negotiate with the Turks in Jerusalem, turning into Etrigan and torturing and murdering them. Etrigan became a favorite in Lucifer's court, and Jason used the cardinal's gold to buy an earldom in Scotland and Catherine of Saxony's hand in marriage. Etrigan got progressively worse, but when Jason rebelled, threatening to never let him out again Etrigan mentally dominated him, and together they killed the pope.

(Demon III #41) - <1221> During the Fifth Crusade Jason Blood was kidnapped by bishop and general Reynald de la Montaigne. Reynald's men were in Jerusalem, attempting to storm the Saracen fortress Al Salah, which supposedly contained the True cross, but had so far failed and suffered massive casualties. Reynald had discovered Merlin's Book of Eternity, so he knew all about Jason, and wanted Etrigan to destroy the Saracens. Etrigan attacked Reynald, but with the Book of Eternity in his possession the Demon could not hurt him, although Reynald's magic learned from the book could hurt Demon. Etrigan agreed to Reynald's demands, but said demons made bargains, and were not ordered around like servants, and demanded the Book of Eternity once the fortress was sieged. He reached down Reynald's throat and pulled out his soul, a squirming black worm of a thing, as collateral. Etrigan instructed him to commit his entire remaining force of Crusaders against Al Salah, and said he'd reappear to help them when the time was right. Reynald did as ordered, but his men were again massacred. With few Crusaders remaining Etrigan reappeared and raised the fallen Crusaders as abominable zombies, and they overtook Al Salah. Reynald was stabbed by a princess that he was keeping as a prisoner, mortally wounding him, and she urged him to try to get his soul back from the Demon before he died and ended up in Hell. Etrigan was in Al Salah's treasure room, filled with gold and Christian relics. Reynald refused to hand over the book, and used the book's spell to turn Etrigan mortal so he could forcibly seize back his soul. The soul squirmed through the treasure, and as Reynald tried to capture it Jason stabbed him, ending his life and damning him.

(Demon I #12 (fb)) - During the dark ages the Demon broke into the castle of Baron Von Rakenstein, a demented surgeon and magician who created hybrid beast men to terrorize the countryside. The Demon burned Rakenstein’s castle to the ground, along with the Baron and his abominations.

(Demon III #0 (fb), 50 (fb)) - <1656> Jason, thoroughly debauched, was invited to Hell by Lucifer himself. At Lucifer's behest Jason approached Captain Scumm, scourge of the seven seas, and his crew. They threatened him with violence, but agreed to listen when he told them he needed a mad bloodthirsty crew to attain unimaginable riches. He wove a tale about a tower in the South Sea built millennia ago by magician, and claimed it contained the riche of every shipwreck that ever was. They set sail, and the crew feared something demonic about Jason, but Scumm dismissed him as a fop and said they'd kill him once they had the riches he promised since he failed to show Scumm the respect and fear he demanded. After months at ea the pirates spotted the freighter Santa Alec from Rome, and prepared to attack. Jason told them not to be distracted from their mission, but Scumm was having none of it. They fired their cannons, only to be met by superior firepower. Jason appeared on the Santa Alec in hi demonic form of Etrigan, and slaughtered every crewman aboard with relish before disappearing. Scumm and his shaken and confused men boarded the hip, to discover it filled not with treasure but with counterfeit relics. Jason chided them for not listening to him, refused to acknowledge that they'd seen a demon, and demanded they push on. In a month's time they were in the Antarctic, and Jason performed a spell, ostensibly to make the tower appear, but actually revealing a gate to Hell. Scumm's crew fought the demons of Lucifer' tower, climbing ever upward until only Scumm and Jason remained alive. Scumm found only an empty room at top, and knew he'd been betrayed. Lucifer appeared, reminding Scumm of their bargain, his soul in exchange for invincibility, and told him his contract had expired a decade before. Scumm's soul was bound to Hell, and Etrigan, Jason and Lucifer cut him open and drank hi blood from goblets in celebration of a job well done.  In exchange for claiming the overdue soul of William Scumm Jason was granted knowledge from Lucifer. As an immortal Jason craved new experiences, and asked Lucifer where he could go to reap the rewards of the future and engage in novel evils. Lucifer told him to go to the Americas, and in a few years Jason was settled in New Amsterdam.

(Blood of the Demon #4 (fb)) -<September 1, 1666> London burned, and the public blamed revolutionaries, but Demon knew Morgaine Le Fay was responsible. He found her and she told him she wanted him back in her control. She drained some of his life-force with a kiss, but he burned down her house. They fought, but were separated after falling into a canal.

(Demon III #0 (fb)) - Jason removed a Native American tribe from their land, and gave them blankets infected with smallpox to finish them off. Etrigan and Jason had bloody adventures and pleasures during the Civil War, including a massacre of prisoners after the Battle of Gettysberg. At the beginning of the twentieth century Jason sold his holdings in the west, moving to Gotham City because he liked the ambiance.

(Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 (fb), 4 (fb), 5 (fb)) - Gotham City; Demon confronted the Skarva, seven demons who were outcasts of Heaven and Hell. He entombed them beneath the Gotham madhouse, and as Blood he drilled a hole in the heads of seven madmen, and trapped the Skarva within.

(Blood of the Demon #10) - <1885> Townsfolk saw Jason transform into the Demon, and sentenced him to death. The time-traveling Randu Singh and Harry Matthews freed him, allowing the Demon to destroy a demonic entity that lived under the town’s mine. Randu split Demon into two entities because the Demon of their era’d died, causing Jason’s protective spells on his Gotham apartment to crumble, and freeing all manner of monsters. They brought one of the Demons into the future with them to undo the damage.

(Demon III #0 (fb)) - With the outbreak of WWI Jason furthered his wealth with holdings in a munitions firm. In 1917 he attended a party in London thrown by fellow arms investor Lieutenant-General Sir Anthony Ashcombe, but was irritated by the bravado of his son Major Courtney Ashcombe, saying he could end the war in a week with magic. They scoffed at him, so he summoned Etrigan, who blew up a zeppelin bombing London. The British gave him one million gold sovereign to serve as a secret weapon at the Third Battle of Ypres. He summoned Etrigan, who brought a number of demons from Hell with him, and the mowed down the German soldiers, but when Jason turned back Etrigan had the demons pin him down. Etrigan said he liked the carnage of the war, and was insulted that Jason hadn't consulted him about his plan to end it faster. The demons, taking up the German's artillery, killed 10,000 British troops, and Jason went mad. An insane host was useless to Etrigan, so he used his magic to erase Jason's memory. Jason knew he was bound to Etrigan, but not why, and was convinced he was good at heart and could achieve salvation by separating himself from the Demon.

(Green Arrow III #9) <1968> Jason Blood met occultist Stanley Dover at a party and told him about the Magdelene Grimoire, never believing that Dover would pursue and come to possess the tome.

(Demon I #1) - Jason, again having no memory of the Demon or his immortality, set up shop in Gotham as a demonologist. He believed his long past to be the adventures of his ancestors, and his apartment was filled with their treasures and portraits from over the centuries.

(Demon I #1, 2) - Jason had dreams about Etrigan, and located the sorcerer Warly in Vermont and asked him for help. Warly knew what Jason Blood was, and attacked him with a suit of armor inhabited by a poltergeist. Warley was an agent of Le Fay, and knew Jason’s resurfacing memories meant Merlin would soon contact him. After being defeated Jason woke up outside the ruins of Warley’s place and returned to Gotham. Merlin sent an Unliving to summon Jason to Moldavia. Jason found Merlin’stomb in Castle Branek, but was met by Le Fay and her minions, which prompted Jason to transform into the Demon. He fought fiercely, but Le fay turned him back into Jason and fled with Merlin’s Eternity Book, which contained a spell that would restore her youth. Jason joined with Inspector Stavic, who knew about the frequent occult occurrences in Moldavia, to pursue Le Fay into Walpurgis Woods. Jason’s friend Randu Singh in Gotham used his ESP and sensed that Jason was in trouble when Le Fay sent her coven and a Gorla after him, and used his mental powers to once again change Jason into Etrigan. Etrigan destroyed the Gorla and Walpurgis Woods before turning back into Jason, and he hoped the Demon’s actions put an end to le Fay before she restored herself to full power.

(Demon I #3) - Jason dreamed of being chained to Etrigan and struggling with him. He was woken from his nightmare by Harry, who was in the neighborhood. Harry transformed into a pirate named Pistol and tried to kill Jason, but Randu, who’d learned to use his ESP to summon Etrigan, transformed Jason. The Demon subdued Pistol, but before he could kil him Randu changed him back to Jason, and Pistol turned back to Harry. Randu told Jason that the Reincarnators cult, who could summon the past lives of others, was being investigated by the U.N., and as one of the investigators he’d been targeted for death. The Reincarnators sent medieval executioner Mord after Randu, but Etrigan stopped him and followed the Reincarnators back to their headquarters. The Demon destroyed the Master-Eye, source of the Reincarnators power, and when the Reincarnators leader tried to bring out a past life he was transformed into a bug, which Etrigan squashed.

(Demon I #4, 5) - Merlin awoke the Demon to deal with Kamara, a fear-monster that was scaring people to death. The Kamara bested Etrigan and brought him to the Iron Duke and Ugly Meg, who’d summoned the Kamara to draw out the Demon and steal Merlin’s mystical knowledge. Meg prepared to slay the Demon to leave Merlin vulnerable, at which point the wizard appeared, and forced the villains to flee. The Duke’s subjects begged Merlin to end his tyrannical reign, and Merlin and Etrigan pursued the Duke to his castle. Ugly Meg subdued them with the vapors of mortality, but then turned against her master the Duke, turning him into an iron golem. Etrigan got free, and while fighting the Duke both the Duke and Meg fell from the castle top to their deaths. Merlin found the Somnambula, a mystic create, trapped beneath the castle. It turned thought to reality and was the source of meg’s power. Fearing its power falling into the wrong hands Merlin had Demon send it back to the netherworld using hellfire.

(Demon I #6) - Going home from Transylvania Jason / Etrigan encountered the Howler, a primal force possessing a mortal. The Howler was driven to pass its’ possession to another human, and tried to possess Jason, but his demonic nature prevented it. On the flight home he met anthropologist Eric Shiller, who told him he’d followed him, and how he’d been possessed by the Howler. Back in Gotham Jason tried to exorcise the Howler, but Glenda Marks interrupted the ceremony. Jason turned into the Demon and in the fight the Howler fell from Jason’s apartment window, seemingly to his death.

(Demon I #7) - Klarion the Witch Boy sought refuge from his elders in the Beyond Country, and fled to Jason’s Gotham apartment for refuge. The Judge and his familiar, the Draaga, assaulted the apartment and the Demon fought them off, but was poisoned by the Draaga. Klarion healed him and told him he’d be staying with his “uncle” Jason until the situation blew over. Jason went to a party with Harry Matthews and Randu Singh, but Klarion was apprehended by his elders, and summoned the Demon to his aid. Demon used a hex-sign to banish the elders, but Klarion mistakenly believed that the Demon was now his servant. The Demon shattered his illusion by transporting him off the Earthly plane.

(Demon I #8-10) - Demon was interested in Jason’s life and had his friends Harry and Randu show him Jason’s collection of occult artifacts. They noticed a break-in, and the Demon felt possessive of Jason’s valuables, so he followed a hole in the apartment to Gotham’s sewer system. The Phantom of the Sewers had stolen a sword that belonged to Merlin in a vain attempt to bring his beloved statue of Galatea to life. The Demon fended him off and reclaimed the sword. Changed back to Jason he vowed to destroy his devilish alter ego, and used the philosopher’s stone to seemingly freese the Demon within to death. Jason threw a costume party, but the Phantom broke in and kidnapped Glenda Mark, who he believed was Galatea. The police searched the sewers for Glenda, but Jason demanded that Harry and Randu aid him in his own search. They split up, and Jason realized he’d only put the Demon in hiding, not killed him, so he used the philosopher’s stone to revive Etrigan. Etrigan tracked the Phantom and Glenda to an abandoned theatre, and persuaded the Phantom to see reason. Etrigan summoned the spirit of Galatea and had her possess Glenda. Galatea once destroyed the Phantom’s face for having betrayed her, and she promised to give it back. She summoned the Soul Snatcher that took the Phantom’s face, but his restoration of visage and soul also made the years catch up with him, and the rapidly aging Phantom died of heart failure.

(Demon I #11-13) - Etrigan encountered Evilstein’s monster running rampant in Gotham. The reanimated collection or corpses was in pain and sought to escape his evil master, but Evilstein’s assistant Igor reclaimed the monster and subdued the Demon, who turned back into his human alter ego Jason Blood. Evilstein looked forward to experimenting on Blood, and decided to transplant his head and his demonic nature into his monster. Just as Evilstein was prepared for surgery Jason turned back into the Demon. He freed Evilstein’s monster, who fled in fear of his master, and Igor assaulted the Demon with his electric lash. The Demon endured and burned down Evilstein’s lab, freeing all his monstrous experiments. Unable to defeat the Demon Evilstein and Igor tracked down the monster and killed him with the Electric Lash. The Demon retaliated by using the philosopher’s stone to turn Evilstein and Igor into vultures.

(Demon I #14, 15) - Klarion, seeking revenge for his banishment, tormented Jason with dreams of the devil’s realm, and then created a demonic duplicate of Jason / Etrigan. As long as the doppelganger lived Jason would slowly fade out of existence. He changed into the Demon and prevented the doppelganger from killing his friends Randu, Harry and Glenda, but his heroics took too long to accomplish and the Demon became an insubstantial spirit. Glenda found his philosopher’s stone and wished him back into existence. The Demon found Klarion throwing a party at Jason’s apartment, and after vanquishing his doppelganger he banished Klarion and the doppelganger to the Beyond Country.

(Demon I #16) - Morgaine Le Fay and a horde of her demons captured Etrigan and branded him with Morgaine’s mark, making him her slave. Morgaine’s emissary Warley brought Glenda Marks to her, and she tried to wrest Jason’s philosopher’s stone from her. In the struggle Warly got the stone, and power-mad he turned Le Fay to a statue before being killed by one of her demons. The spell broke Le Fay’s control over Etrigan.

(Demon II #1-4) - Merlin moved his place of rest to Cornwall, and Jason was drawn to be near him. Glenda took the philosopher’s stone from Jason’s Gotham apartment and followed him to England, begging him to stop being morose and actively fight the Demon again. She wanted to find a way to free him, and presented him with one of his own books that had an illustration of Belial. She said he resembled the Demon, but magical blinders kept Jason from seeing the illustration. They summoned the Demon, who also couldn’t see the image. He falsely hinted that Morgaine le Fay was responsible, so Glenda warped the stone Le Fay to England, and asked the Demon to turn her back into flesh and blood so they could learn what she did. Demon revealed that he way playing with her and bit off Morgaine’s right hand. He told Glenda he was forbidden by Merlin to give too much away, but hinted that she should travel with Jason to the castle Daganbrack in Ireland. They followed his wishes and found an underground cave that contained the Book of Belial. Clutcher, a guardian demon, halted them and Blood changed into the Demon to defend Glenda. The book was burned up when Demon slaughtered Clutcher and he instructed Glenda to go to the British Museum, where the only other copy was held. Jason and Glenda stole it, and poured over its contents, but found nothing aside from praise for Belial and hints that he was connected to Etrigan. Belial sensed his book was taken, and sent Bile Demons to abduct Glenda. Jason returned to Gotham, and with the help of Harry Matthews summoned Belial. Using magic he forced Belial to answer his questions, and learned that Belial was the father of both Etrigan and Merlin, and that Merlin's demonic / mortal nature gave him control over Etrigan. Belial returned Glenda, but snatched Harry away to Hell, where he skinned him and made him a seat cushion. The Demon forced Jason to change, pleased that Glenda and Jason now knew his history, and told Glenda the only way he could be freed of Jason was to be freed from Merlin’s command, and that Merlin could be charmed by music. They returned to Cornwall, and entered Merlin’s tomb. Jason tried to reason with Merlin, but the wizard told him Etrigan would always need to inhabit someone so he could control the Demon, and that he wouldn’t transfer the burden from Jason to another. Jason played the music spell, and Merlin followed him into a field of hawthorn, magical bane, and contact with it sent him screaming to Hell. Jason and Etrigan separated. Etrigan finally had what he wanted, and considered tearing Jason limb from limb, but seeing that Jason was now a nearly lifeless shell without him he was pleased enough to let him live.

(Swamp Thing II #76) - The presence of two plant elementals on Earth created a synchronicity storm that threatened to plunge the Earth into chaos. Swamp Thing came up the solution of having his wife Abigail Arcane give birth to the second plant elemental, the Sprout, using John Constantine to impregnate her. Demon and the Phantom Stranger watched on, and the Stranger remarked that now that darkness and light had formed a union the grey lines between good and evil seemed that much murkier. The Demon called his musings banal, and happily pointed out that Constantine’s blood was tainted by the demon Nergal, and that this could unravel all of Swamp Thing’s plans. Phantom Stranger was ready to intercede, but the Demon stopped him with his breath of hellfire.

(Sandman II #4) - Dream of the Endless came to Hell to retrieve his helm, and Etrigan met him at the gates of Hell. He offered to take Dream to Lucifer, and along the way Etrigan intentionally led him past Nada, the woman Dream had long ago condemned to Hell in a fit of anger.

(Demon III #1-3) - Jason woke up in Hell suffering from amnesia, and as he stumbled around he was attacked by a giant stone demon, but the demon's companion recognized Jason as Etrigan's host and told him he'd best leave Jason alone. Merlin cast a spell to bring Randu and Glenda to his magically protected sanctuary in Hell, and told them he didn't have the strength to bring Jason with them. Merlin was pleased with himself for foiling Asteroth's plans to rule Hell, but Glenda cursed him for leaving Jason behind, demanding he take responsibility for his brother Etrigan and free Jason of his curse. She struck Merlin, infuriating him, and he cast a spell teleporting her and Randu back to Gotham City, no longer willing to tolerate their presence, but promised to help Jason if he could. Jason, exhausted, passed out, rand Etrigan found that in Hell he was separated from Jason when he slept, and went to work on his own schemes. Etrigan visited the Keeper of the Oracle of Styx, and sacrificed a demon for the oracle. He asked where to begin his search for power so he could rule Hell himself. The oracle told him to seek his mother in Masak Madvil, the pit of Hell. Etrigan then sacrificed the Keeper to the oracle to ask if he would succeed in ruling Hell, and the oracle replied that if he chose to rule he would end up with the crown of Hell, but would regret it. This did nothing to dissuade Etrigan, and he smiled. Etrigan returned to Jason's body as he woke, and Jason's memory started to return as he found himself drawn to visit Masak Madvil. Jason stumbled into a demonic church and wondered if Godd, as an omnipresent being, was in Hell or if he'd abandoned Jason completely. A demon captured Jason and placed him in an enormous man-powered wheel controlled by the Crone. The tortured souls had to operate the wheel, and were only given breaks when one of their number collapsed from the effort and fell into a pit of spikes below. During Jason's first break he passed out, releasing Etrigan, who made his way to Masak Madvil, distracted the guardian Abaddon with a flaming effigy, and found his mother Ran Va Daath in the pit. Daath was furious that she'd been in exile for 1,000 years after Belial banished her because he sought a new wife, and not once had Etrigan sought her out. He claimed Belial told him Daath had asked to be exiled, and complained that Belial let his new half-brother Merlin make a plaything of him. Daath knew their were lies in his story, and he clearly wanted something from her, but she was still pleased to finally be reunited with her son. She agreed to help her son become king of Hell, and gave him a slave to sacrifice to Abddon so he could leave the pit in peace. Etrigan rejoined Jason as he awoke. The Crone picked Jason to become her plaything, and he rebelled, pushing her into the pit of spikes. The emboldened tortured souls joined him in fleeing their punishment, running into a nearby cave. Etrigan knew where he wanted Jason to go within the cave, and manipulated him into choosing the paths he wanted.

(Demon III #4-6) - Etrigan prodded Jason's mind, leading him to a gleaming gateway within the caves, and when Jason and his companions entered they were greeted by angels. The angels told them their time in Hell was a test, and offered them food and drink, but Jason was suspicious, and refused. Those that partook saw their feast turn into leechlike creatures that devoured them. The "angels" revealed themselves as demons who were just having a rib on the damned souls, and took Jason to their master Belial in a cave where he had tortured souls hanging from meathooks. Belial asked where Etrigan was, and when Jason replied that he didn't know what the demon was talking about Belial knew Etrigan was having his fun playing with Jason's mind. He waded off into a river of blood and told Jason to think on it. Jason found Harry Matthews, who Belial was still using as a cushion, and Harry tried to jog his memory, hoping he'd find a way to get them both out of Hell. More memories started coming back, but Etrigan wasn't ready for Jason to remember everything, so he put him to sleep. Etrigan emerged, and met up with his father. He offered to help Belial take down Lucifer and Beelzebub so they could rule Hell as father and son. Belial was pleased, but pointed out that he'd be risking everything while Etrigan had the most to gain. Etrigan raged that if Belial didn't join him he'd take down him and the rest of the triumvirate by himself. Belial was pleased with his fire and told Etrigan that he'd naturally help his son with his ambitions. Daath assembled the exiled demons of Masak Madvil, and Etrigan rallied them to his side, telling them he'd grant them release from the abyss if they fought at his side. Etrigan then confronted Abaddon, and after they engaged in bloody battle convinced him there was no reason he should be keeping his fellow demons prisoner in the pit and to listen to his plans of ruling Hell. Etrigan returned to Jason as he woke, and after Harry told him more of his own history he regained the rest of his memory, including being at the Crusade that sacked Jerusalem and on the Santa Maria with Christopher Columbus. Realizing he was tied to Etrigan he felt helpless, but Harry reminded him it was his fault he was a seat cushion in Hell, and Jason agreed to take him to find Merlin so they could escape Hell together. They overheard Belial discussing his plans to lay back while Etrigan battled Lucifer and Beelzebub to see which way the winds blew. They sought out Merlin's sanctuary and told him about Etrigan's plans. Merlin told Jason he'd help him return to Earth, but first they had to stop Etrigan. Jason started to nod off and Etrigan was gleeful that Merlin foolishly allowed him into his sanctuary. Merlin made a concoction to keep Jason awake, but Etrigan commanded Jason to throw it down and drink a demon's brew Ran Va Daath made him to put him to sleep. Etrigan gleefully scorched Merlin with hellfire and beat him to a pulp, but told Harry he wouldn't hurt him because he found his jokes hilarious. Beelzebub felt a chill in his guts, sensing the demon Etrigan rallying his army against him. He sent out a patrol of fly demons to scout out Etrigan's army, but they were completely slaughtered. Beelzebub commanded his troops and defend his domain, but Etrigan's army broke through, and Etrigan and Abaddon cast a spell that destroyed the wards protecting Beelzebub's castle. The army razed the domain and blasted Beelzebub with eldritch energy, putting him down. Belial, pleased with Etrigan's progress, had his forces meet Etrigan's on their way to Lucifer's seat of power in Dis. Daath, still furious at her exile, attacked Belial, but Etrigan separated them, convincing them to lat aside their animosity until they'd conquered Hell. They reached Dis and Lucifer opened the gates to them and surrendered. Etrigan was suspicious, but Lucifer told him he was ceded rule of Hell because he was curious about how it would turn out for him. Etrigan burned Dis and slaughtered the demons within for fun.

(Demon III #7) - Etrigan prepared for his coronation at Masak Madvil, chaining up Beelzebub, Lucifer and Merlin, and placing Jason Blood and Harry Matthews on a slab of stone. He was given the Crown of Horns, signifying his rule. He promised his subjects Hell would shatter Earth and then lay siege to Heaven. Belial said he was proud of his son for joining him in the triumvirate, but Etrigan corrected him, saying he'd promised the third slot to Abaddon, knowing that if Lucifer had fought back Belial would have fought to keep the status quo. Etrigan also never got over his father allowing Merlin mastery over him. He assaulted his father, forced him to yield, and then ripped out his heart and tossed it to Daath, telling her she could always brag that she'd stolen Belial's heart. Belial's army wanted to attack, but Morax, who quite liked Etrigan as Hell's new ruler, convinced them to stand down with a few swings of his mallet. Morax pledged his servitude, and Etrigan gratefully accepted. Etrigan then ripped off Beelzebub's wings and cast him into the pit of Hell, then threw his father in too. Lucifer refused to throw himself into the pit, saying he was severely disappointed in Etrigan. His end goal of making war with Heaven was a fool's errand, and he'd expected better, but knew Etrigan was a youth as far as immortals went, and lacked true wisdom. Etrigan tried to attack him, but Lucifer broke his shackles and glided off. The chefs of Hell presented Etrigan with his feast, Caligula, who'd been stuffed for 2,000 years with the blood of sinners, but Etrigan told them he had one more pressing manner to attend to. He tortured Merlin, demanding he break his connection to Blood. Merlin seemingly agreed and cast a spell. Etrigan immediately started torturing Jason, but Merlin whispered to him that he was still Etrigan's jailer. Jason grabbed the Crown of Horns from Etrigan and used its' magic to incapacitate him before speaking the words that retuned Etrigan to him. Merlin's spell took effect, sending Jason back to Earth, and he was pleased at still being a skilled deceiver. Right before he vanished from Hell Jason managed to grab Harry to take him home. Morax, Abaddon and Daath were perplexed, but decided to think about it later and enjoy their feast of Caligula first.

(Demon III #8, 9) - While Jason was in Hell the GCPD investigated his disappearance, and D.A. Richard Jaynes concluded he'd been murdered and charged Randu and Glenda. Klarion had escaped Beyond Region, and feeling he owed Glenda and Randu something, kept Jaynes and his wife prisoner while he posed as the D.A. and tried to tank the trial. When Jason returned from Hell he burst into the courtroom, proving he was alive and bringing an end to the prosecutor's case. Randu and Glenda were overjoyed to see their friend back from Hell, but he broke off his friendship with them, and told them never to contact them again. Jason remembered Merlin's word's about being Etrigan's captor well, and tortured the Demon by visiting a church and later pressing a crucifix to his chest. Batman was suspicious of Jason's return, and when he visited the D.A.'s house found him and his wife dead, suspecting Etrigan, not realizing Klarion was the culprit. He met with Jason, who felt kinship with Batman because they were both driven by demons, and proclaimed his innocence, saying he was still keeping Etrigan locked up inside him. Jason told Batman he'd realized Etrigan was not only ruining his own life, but the lives of everyone around him, and wanted to leave Gotham with Harry in tow and make a clean break. Jason traveled to the Far East in search of wisdom to control the demon inside him, but was banished from a Buddhist temple because they sensed the demon within him. He visited a guru living in the mountains of Kathmandu, but he too rejected him. Jason traveled to the door of the Green Dragon Society, where the faithful had been instructed by their deceased Guru Chud to pray for a great destroyer to visit them.

(Lobo’s Back #2) - Demon was assigned to escort Lobo to Hell after the bounty hunter was cut down in action by Loo. Lobo got in a brawl with Etrigan and was having too much fun in Hell, so he was reassigned to be reincarnated.

(Showcase '93 #4) -Gaea empowered Blue Devil with the worldseed, or the essence of the Earth, to defend it against Galaxa. The mystic vibrations were sensed by Demon among others.

(Demon III #40) - Satanist biker Johnny Basterson and his gang the Marlons broke into a church and desecrated it to summon the demon biker Brandor. Johnny asked to be possessed in order to raise cain, and Brandor was happy to oblige. Jason Blood looked into the church desecration, and recognized a familiar scent. When Etrigan was a young demon he ran with the North-Hell Bloods gang, feuding with Rectomm and the Southside Crips, so as Etrigan he summoned Rectomm to confirm that Brandor, his former fellow Blood, had been summoned. Rectomm was still furious that Etrigan killed his gang, ate his brother and stole his girl Smegma, and went after him with a switchblade. Etrigan severed his hand, and he agreed to talk. Etrigan tracked Johnny and his gang to Gotham Cathedral, and while no demon relished spending time in church Etrigan wasn't overly affected because there was little in the way of faith in Gotham. Johnny killed a man on the church alter to summon Brandor's new gang the Pitriders, and have them possess his goons. Etrigan put a stop to his plan by slaughtering his gang, reaching down Johnny's throat and pulling out Brandor. Brandor told his old friend not to overreact and Etrigan bit his head off before setting Johnny's head on fire and calling him "Toast Rider."

(Demon III #42-45, 51 (fb)) - Asteroth set himself up as a Gotham crimeboss, and Etrigan, still fuming over the past injuries Asteroth had caused him, wanted to destroy him. Jason Blood didn't want Etrigan fighting an Archfiend in Gotham, fearing civilian casualties, and Etrigan promised that although he didn't care about civilians he'd keep innocents from dying if Jason let him out. Etrigan pumped people for information in Fletchers bar, and although they all feared Asteroth he got the bartender to talk after burning his arms to the bone with hellfire. Asteroth was prepared for Etrigan, having given a large donation to the Church of the Blessed Televangelist and procuring the services of the Choirboy Commandos, a religious strike force armed with holy water and sharpened crucifixes. The choirboys sang hymns and severely injured Etrigan, the holy water they used against him causing his flesh to slough off. Angels Duma and Remiel offered the injured Demon a job as Hell's hitman to deal with the infernal beings that had been unleashed on Earth. He eagerly agreed, loving the idea of the carnage he could cause supported by the will of Heaven, and knowing the angels authority would keep Jason from interfering with him. Jason, seeing his chance of being free of Etrigan dashed, said his goodbyes to Harry, Rama and Glenda, taking solace in the fact that Etrigan agreed to let him do so and promised not to hurt them. In Hell Rectomm replaced his severed arm with an enormous switchblade, and after meeting his old gang fabricated a story about ripping off Etrigan' head and shoving it up hi rear for daring to disrespect him. He then broke out in a musical number about when he fell in love with Lady Smegma. Etrigan was nearby, and after hearing him, put a lie to his stories, ripping Rectomm's gang to ribbon and decapitating Rectomm after ripping off his switchblade arm. Smegma saw his "heroics" and fell for him all over again. They made love and he impregnating her in the Sunless Sea from which the Shadow Creature once rose from Hell. His power still resided in the water, and filled the couple's seed and egg, guaranteeing their offspring would be born with immense power. Glenda refused to let Jason walk away from their relationship, and banged on his door, only to be met by Etrigan, who told her he and Jason had no time for her, but she was pregnant with Jason's child and that made him laugh uproariously. Etrigan threw a hottub party in the firepits of Hell to celebrate his new job with his friends Morax, Baytor, Lord Kakk, Bloodklott and Poppinjay, promising to use his newfound clout to kill any of their enemies. Lady Smegma was pleased to announce that she was pregnant. Etrigan was overjoyed, telling her they'd use their child to utterly destroy Jason Blood. The Thing-That-Cannot-Die snuck into Etrigan's cape and accompanied him back to the earthly realm. Hitman was playing poker at Noonan's against Piccano, who pulled a gun on him and accused him of cheating, so Tommy shot him dead. Etrigan greeted his old friend, putting a hit on Asteroth. Hitman didn't show any concern about killing a demon and told him the price was $20,000. Jason relented and saw Glenda, but even though she was pregnant he told her they could no longer be together. He said he'd given up on being able to separate himself from Etrigan, and feared what the Demon would do to their child. Etrigan later discovered the Thing had hitchhiked with him back from Hell. Demon shoved the Think into a microwave and cooked him for putting him in a bad mood, even though Thing protested that he only snuck back from Hell with Etrigan because he'd stranded him there in the first place. Etrigan, seeking to sow discord among his enemies, visited Reverend Frukker, who commanded the Choirboy Commandoes, and told him he served a demon in working with Asteroth. Later Jason returned to Glenda's telling her he owed her a solution to their problem. She screamed that he owed her a lot for standing beside him and going to Hell for him before demanding he leave, saying neither she nor their baby needed him. Jason contemplated telling her he'd be there for her and protect her from Etrigan, but he knew that'd be a lie. Etrigan learned that Asteroth was performing ritual sacrifices to raise the Gothodaemon, Gotham City's very own demon. He killed a number of Asteroth's thugs to learn the location of the final sacrifice, St. Jack's Cemetery. He found a drunk Hitman on the scene, and told him he was only paying him $5,000 because he thought he'd solved the Asteroth problem himself. Asteroth killed Frukker when he confronted him, using him as the final sacrifice, and as the Gothodaemon rose Hitman renegotiated his contract to $50,000. The risen Gothodaemon spread his madness across Gotham, turning people into homicidal or suicidal maniacs. Hitman noted that the Gothodaemon resembled Batman, and Etrigan replied that such things were not to be discussed. Asteroth was weakened by the ritual, and Etrigan and Hitman used the opportunity to slaughter the Choirboy Commandoes with hellfire and gunfire. Etrigan cornered the weakened Asteroth, mutilating his face and ripping out his tusks while mockingly acting reverent towards an archfiend of Hell. Tweedledee and Tweedledum relished the chaos, cheering on the brutality. The Gothodaemon absorbed Etrigan, planning on feeding off his pain, but the demon was a mere 500 years old, while Etrigan had over 1000,00 years of experience, and after chiding the stripling burned the Gothodaemon alive from the inside out. Etrigan returned to Asteroth and spent hours torturing him before sending him back to Hell. Hitman left St. Jack's when the GCPD arrived, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum were arrested.

(Spectre III #15-18) - The Spectre was ready to cast judgment on the world, and Phantom Stranger was recruiting heroes to stop him. He had Dr. Fate at his side, and got the Demon to join them by simply asking if he was stronger than the Spectre. The Demon knew it was a ploy, but nonetheless craved combat. Zatanna joined Stranger's crew, and explained that she would be the bridge between the corrupt Demon and the good Fate. He said after Madame Xanadu joined them their group would be complete. Stranger contacted Xanadu, and she already knew his plan, he hoped Spectre and Eclipso would destroy each other, or failing that be weakened enough for the Stranger to destroy the embodiments of wrath with the heart of darkness. Xanadu refused to join him, foreseeing his plan failing. Stranger called her petty, and she said the same was true of him for still blaming her for her mentor's foreordained demise. Eclipso possessed Spectre, and shatter the heart of darkness, allowing him to walk the Earth unfettered. Madame Xanadu was taking a different tack, along with Ramban and Father Craemer she summoned the soul of Jim Corrigan, hoping to reach the Spectre's human side, and knowing he'd been unstable since his anchor Amy Beitermann died. Father Craemer reached out to Jim, and Corrigan realized that he was very tired of his responsibility, and that he wished the world was gone so he could go into eternity. Craemer convinced him that there were other good souls like Amy Beitermann, Jim, revitalized, took back control of the Spectre form Eclipso, and entrapped him in the heart of darkness. He destroyed Eclipso's moon palace, and turned the heart of darkness into dust. The Spectre said his judgment was that he could only judge humanity on a case by case basis. The Archangel Michael appeared, and said Spectre had been tested, but passed. He would never have been allowed to destroy the world without God stopping him, and Heaven wanted Spectre to continue his work. Zatanna told Phantom Stranger their interference was unnecessary, especially if he already knew God would not have allowed Spectre to go unchecked, and Stranger replied that he acted as he saw fit. Demon knew Spectre's heart was still troubled, and looked forward to tempting him.

(Demon III #46-48) - Fuhrer Bergen planned on creating a Fourth Reich, and contacted former Nazi soldier and occultist General von Raddel, who raised the men formerly under his command as zombies, the S.S. Panzerarmee Hell. Demon was charged with sending the Nazis back to Hell, and went to Limbo, seeking the aid of General J.E.B. Stuart of the Haunted Tank. Stuart agreed to put the Nazis down and left Limbo to once take possession of the Haunted Tank, which was rusting away in military storage. Jason Blood met with the Tank's former crew in a bar in Texas, and although they thought it unbelievable anyone besides them knew about the Haunted Tank, they were convinced to help when the tank and General J.E.B. rolled up outside the bar. Jason told the Haunted Tank crew to head east, and although they knew they were past their prime they found themselves enjoying the mission. The Panzerarmee attacked Fort Cahill, Texas home of the U.S. Army's Second Armored Division. The zombies mowed down the Americans, giving Raddel access to an army of tanks. He planned to drive the panzers to Washington, D.C., kill the President and establish command of the capitol. He sent advance fuel tanks east to supply the panzers. Etrigan was spying on them and laughed at the vain Nazis and their false sense of glory. He met up with the Haunted Tank and together they destroyed the fuel trucks and Panzerarmee present with hellfire and firepower. When Riddell and Bergen arrived Etrigan told them to give up, but Riddell used his mystic amulet to summon damned souls who dragged Etrigan into the Earth. With only a bit of fuel remaining Bergen and Riddell headed for the town of Chapparal to take the diesel fuel there and kill people to work off some steam. The Haunted Tank couldn't allow such a slaughter and drove to cut them off. The Haunted Tank held off the panzers, tossing grenades into their hatches and taking out a number of them while General J.E.B. Stuart went to the underworld to seek out Etrigan. Etrigan had been dragged to the Aryan Inferno, a section of Hell run by the Knights of the Order of Saint Blitzen. They tied Etrigan to a swastika and flailed him, entreating him to join them, but Etrigan spat that he had too much taste. Stuart freed him, and together they ran roughshod on the Nazi demons. Etrigan told the head of the Order he knew nothing about true demon hate because he was a pitiful creature full of petty spite, and executed him for daring to lay hands on a rhymer. Führer Bergen was sitting out the battle between Raddel and the Panzerarmee Hell against the Haunted Tank. Etrigan killed him with one blow, and blew up most of the Panzerarmee with hellfire. The Haunted Tank finished them off, but their tank was nearly destroyed in the process. Etrigan saluted them for rising to a chance for one last glory, and promised the Haunted Tank wouldn't end up in a scrapyard. Desert winds buried the tank, waiting until it was needed again.

(Demon III #49) - The Thing bought Harry his supply of whiskey and cigars, and Harry mocked Jason for spending hours stareing out the window at the rain and brooding. Harry toldThing sarcasm was one of the few joys he had left, and once again told him about his breakupo with Katarina de la Kush. PI Joseph D. Gunn followed Thing home from the liquor store and was spying on Jason's apartment. When Jason went down to his inner sanctum, Gunn pumped Harry for information about Jason, threatening to shoot him through the eyes if he didn't talk. Jason was using a scrying mirror to watch Glenda and Etrigan, preventing Etrigan from knowing he was being watched using masking wards. He knew Etrigan was up to something, and created a homunculus to go through a pentagram portal to Hell and follow him. Gunn burst in, demanding Jason use his magic to make him rich, and stepped on the pentagram, falling into Hell, and destroying the homunculus with an errant gunshot on the way. His curiosity made him spoy on Etrigan, who'd arrived at Baytor's castle. Lady Smega gave birth, although the strain killed her. Etrigan couldn't care less, and held up his monstrous newborn Golgotha, who Etrigan looked forward to unleashing on Earth. The sight of Golgotha drove Gunn mad, and when Jason retrieved him from Hell, he refused to say what he'd witnessed, ran home, and shot himself in the head.

(Demon III #50) - Etrigan taunted Jason in his dreams, and Jason reviled him a a vile creature. Etrigan spat back that Jason was as vile a he, and that his narrative of being the good force that kept Etrigan in check through the centuries was false. Etrigan showed him a memory of centuries past when they worked together to bring Captain Scumm to Hell and drank his blood with Lucifer. Jason recoiled, and Etrigan told him whether he liked it or not he'd reveal the full truth about his past in time.

(Demon III #51, 0) - Most of Baytor's staff quit because newborn Golgotha kept devouring them. The captain of the guard remained, telling Etrigan he feared for Baytor's mental state and Etrigan reiterated that Baytor would be mad for a long a he lived. Baytor responded by screaming his name. Etrigan rewarded the captain's loyalty by feeding him to Golgotha. Merlin broke into Jason's apartment, and when Jason and the Thing-That-Cannot-Die confronted him his magical hound Nero tried to kill the Thing, but was impaled upon magic spike, one of the many protective spells placed on Jason's apartment. Merlin grieved the loss of his companion, saying it wasn't Nero's fault because he was bred to hunt vermin and demons, and the Thing was greatly offended by his remarks. Jason was curious as to why hi magical defenses hadn't alerted him to Merlin' presence, and he realized Merlin had lot hi powers after hi hair was burned off. Jason and the Thing laughed at him, angering the once mighty wizard. He warned them about the birth of Etrigan's son, and Jason feared Etrigan would sic Golgotha on Glenda and her unborn child as a way to get at Jason. Merlin offered his help, but Jason was skeptical, knowing Merlin only helped other when it benefited his own plots and scheme. Jason admitted that Etrigan had shook him by making him realize his memories of the past thousand years were very incomplete, and demanded Merlin show him the truth if he wanted to work with him. Merlin agreed, but warned Jason he might regret the knowledge. Jason drank Merlin's elixir, and his memories of his bloody and atrocious past with Etrigan came flooding back to him. The Thing-That-Cannot-Die was angry, accusing Merlin of poisoning his friend, but Merlin reminded him he'd only done as Jason had wished. Jason, still reeling, and realizing there was no salvation for him, told Merlin the only reason he still lived was because he wanted his help in killing Etrigan.

(Demon III #52-54) - Jason hired the Hitman, to keep an eye on Merlin, who he still absolutely didn't trust, and told him to put a bullet in his head if he tried anything funny. Merlin was furious, but knew he didn't have a say in the matter. Merlin told Jason he couldn't kill Etrigan unless he killed himself, and he knew Jason didn't like the idea of his soul ending up in Hell, and suggested they focus on stopping whatever plans Etrigan had. Jason had no alternative but to release Etrigan so Merlin could figure out what he was up to. Etrigan greeted Merlin and Hitman, claiming he meant them no harm, even if the wards in Jason's apartment weren't in place to protect them. Etrigan went to the hospital where Glenda had just given birth to a daughter, ate the delivery doctor's arm, and kidnapped the babe, leaving Glenda furious and in tears. Etrigan brought her to the desecrated church where the Marlons had summoned Brandor, placed her under a protective ward a well a a more complicated spell, and allowed Jason to reemerge. He called Merlin and Hitman, who went to meet him. Jason was confronted by one of the WWI British soldiers Etrigan massacred, who led him into a place between the border of life and death. The entire regiment Etrigan killed was there, and revealed they were in the Demon's thrall. Merlin and Hitman arrived at the cemetery, and Merlin found Glenda's child, only to discover that Etrigan had placed a spell on her that would bind her soul to hi son Golgotha when he brought him up from Hell. The dead soldiers wanted their pound of flesh, but Hitman located Jason with his special vision and held them off with a hail of gunfire. The soldiers followed them to the church, with Hitman keeping them at bay as bet he could. Glenda checked herself out of the hospital, stole a GCPD officer's gun, and threatened Harry and the Thing until they revealed where Jason was. Glenda was ready to shoot Blood to put an end to Etrigan once and for all. Etrigan entered Merlin's mind, promising to restore his precious powers if he betrayed Jason, and Merlin agreed to follow his orders. He placed Glenda's daughter in a pentagram to summon Golgotha so he could be bound to her. He warned Jason not to remove her lest Golgotha be unfettered on Earth. Merlin tried to kill Hitman with a mystic blast for daring to threaten him, but his magic fizzled out, and he realized Etrigan had betrayed him. Hitman shot him through the head, and he vanished, because he'd long ago placed a spell on himself that would only be activated upon his death. With no regard for himself Jason removed the child from the pentagram and bonded his soul with Golgotha. Etrigan was forced to share Jason's mind and soul, but because there wasn't enough room Golgotha turned on his own father. Jason vomited blood and collapsed. Etrigan and Golgotha's battle raged from Jason's soul down into Hell and up to the gates of Heaven, with Golgotha having the clear advantage. Golgotha killed an angel, making Etrigan realize how powerful and unhinged his son was. They returned to Jason's soul, and once Golgotha was on the verge of killing his father Jason stepped in, offering to save Etrigan. Etrigan begged for his help, and Jason made him promise to stay away from Glenda and his child. To ensure the Demon kept his promise Jason took out his heart and hid it away. With Jason allowing him full control in his mind Etrigan roasted Golgotha with hellfire and clawed him into pieces. The dead soldiers closed in on Hitman, Glenda and her child, and Hitman considered using his gun to give them a quick death, but after Etrigan's submission to Jason they disappeared. Jason, now recovered, let Etrigan out after taunting him about how great it was to watch him beg. Etrigan fled into the night and Glenda had a feeling she'd never see him or Jason again. In a rage Etrigan tore Jason's apartment to the ground and left a note saying he'd find a way to get Jason back. Harry and the Thing survived the apartment's collapse, and Harry, tired of the chaos that surrounded Jason convinced the Thing to leave Gotham with him and go on a road trip to California. Jason took a flight to London to start a new life, and Glenda, who'd chosen Kathryn for her daughter's name, tried to burn her last picture of Jason but couldn't go through with it.

(Demon III #55-58) - Etrigan, feeling utterly defeated after Jason Blood's victory over him, moped around Hell, not even bothering to rhyme. Morax, Poppinjay, Bloodklott, Baytor and Kakk approached him, telling him that Karrien Excalibris, the archangel of war had entered Hell with an army of angels, declaring himelf the new ruler of Hell and demanding fealty from the demons. Etrigan said he didn't care, o his friends attacked him. Etrigan fought back savagely, and the violence reinvigorated him. He agreed to rally the denizens of Hell to fight back against Excalibris, giving a speech about how Hell was all about freedom and rejecting the rigid rules of Heaven. The assembled demons responded with cheers, willing to fight to the death to preserve their liberty. Etrigan and his army met Karrien in all out war, with Kakk's Hell soldiers Sleazy Co. and Poppinjay's Flying Tigers, a squadron of flying sharks inflicting many casualties. The angels shot Poppinjay down, and he radioed to Etrigan that it had been a hoot to know him. The tide turned against Etrigan, and he was forced to retreat. Kakk told him the Crown of Thorns was lost somewhere in the city of Dis, and they could use it against Karrien unless he found it first, in which case he'd have an actual claim on Hell. Etrigan resolved to take on Karrien's army by himself, telling Kakk that if he perished he hoped to serve a a martyr to his men. Etrigan tore a number of angels to shreds before being captured and told Karrien God had not allowed him and his followers to storm Hell because He believed Karrien would be a proper ruler, but because he belonged in Hell for being a warmonger. Karrien told Etrigan he was going to die, but would not sully himself by doing it himself. He'd recruited Etrigan's old foes General von Raddel and Captain Scumm, who'd become demon lords after Etrigan sent them to Hell to have their way with him.  Raddel raved that once he returned to Earth he'd continue to spread Nazism and continue his Fourth Reich. Scumm felt comfortable that there'd be a place for sociopathic pirates in the new world order. Raddel ran over Etrigan, who was chained to a rock, with his Hellpanzer numerous times until Etrigan's left side was virtually destroyed, but Baytor and Bloodklott came looking for Etrigan and freed him. He knocked Scumm's head off with one punch while Baytor and Bloodklott dragged Raddel from his tank. He pleaded that all he ever wanted was peace, and that it was the political climate of Germany that turned him into a Nazi, but his plea fell deaf ear and Etrigan ran him over with his own tank. The angel Muriel wanted to withdraw his squadron, worried that Etrigan had a point about the angels being damned if they continued to blindly follow Karrien, so Karrien stabbed him with his flaming sword and warned the other angel against any treasonous ideas. Bloodklott informed Etrigan that Karrien was mounting an assault on Dis to reclaim the Crown of Thorns, so they drove the Hellpanzer to the battle. Bloodklott admitted he was ashamed of his poor rhyming and broke down crying. Etrigan assured him that his rhyme skills didn't matter because he was a brave and loyal comrade. Bloodklott mowed down a number of angels with the tank's firepower, and found himself rhyming properly. He rejoiced, but hi triumph was short lived a Karrien incinerated him with his flaming sword. Etrigan vowed to avenge him and make Dis his last stand. Morax fell in combat, beheaded by Karrien, goading Etrigan into single combat with Karrien, who mutilated him with his sword and tossed him into a pit. Etrigan had a vision of the spirits of Morax, Poppinjay and Bloodklott cheering him on, and they helped him find the Crown of Horns. With the Crown in his possession Etrigan easily bested Karrien, roasting him with hellfire. Karrien begged God to save him, and Etrigan gloated that there'd be no reprieve for him, because as he said before God never condoned his mission. Etrigan made him beg for his life before gutting him with his own sword. Etrigan cast down the Crown, not seeking rulership of Hell, and all his demon followers agreed only a lunatic would claim the responsibility. Baytor crowned himself, to the approval of the masses, and vomited on the remaining angel forces, killing them. Etrigan was happy this chapter of his life was over.

(Final Night #3) - The Sun-Eater engulfed the sun, freezing Earth. Demon offered the services of Hell's population to save Earth if every human being signed their souls over to him by midnight. The population of Earth made a public rejection of his offer.

(Lobo / Demon: Helloween #1) - Lobo needed quick cash to attend a Halloween party on a seedy planet, so he took a job from Tartan’s List, employer unseen, and was sent to meet him on the moon. His boss was the Demon, and although he wanted to kill him, he staid true to his word. Demon told him the legend of the demon Malak-Karu, which was slated to rise from its 100,000 year imprisonment and destroy the Earth. Lobo watched it rise and encircle the Earth, and prepared to fight it, but Demon told him his job was to help it. The guardian created to battle Karu rose from his tomb on the moon, and together Lobo and Demon killed him and kept him from interfering with Karu. Karu watched on in interest, annoying Lobo, and he mouthed off to the demon. Karu swallowed Lobo and Demon, and Demon changed his plan, deciding he’d rather live than see Earth die. Having snatched the guardian’s sword he told Lobo to think thoughts of goodness to power it and destroy Karu. The only thing that inspired good in Lobo was his space-dolphins, so he thought of them, and the sword powered up obliterated Karu. Demon mocked Lobo’s love of fishies and they had an all-out brawl.

(DC Universe Holiday Bash #1) - On Christmas eve a sorcerer used a summoning spell to bring Etrigan, who had to open a door that would hold anything desired by whoever reached in it. In exchange the sorcerer handed over his soul, but at that moment his daughter Cindy walked in, and he told her Etrigan was Santa’s helper and tried to get her to leave. She reached inside the door and got her fondest wish, a Batman action figure. Etrigan got a good laugh at the sorcerer losing his soul for a toy.

(JLA #38) - Demon was among the legion of heroes summoned by the JLA to quell worldwide outbreaks of warfare that were incited by Mageddon.

(Day of Judgment #1-5) - Etrigan freed Asmodel from captivity in Hell and told him his plan to merge Asmodel with the Spectre-Force so he could storm Heaven. Asmodel wondered why Entrigan wanted to help him, but Etrigan told him his reasons were his own. Etrigan summoned the Spectre, who cut off one of Asmodel's wings. Etrigan used his hellfire to make the feathers of the wing ash, a potent magic ash that could bind anything, and merged Asmodel and the Spectre together. Entrigan followed Asmodel as he froze Neron and Dis, and then brought Hell to Earth. Asmodel defeated the JLA and JSA before the Sentinels of Magic separated him from most of the Spectre-Force, containing it within Madame Xanadu's orb. Demon sped Asmodel to safety, and then confronted Xanadu, and the orb was soon shattered and the Spectre-Force returned to Asmodel. The heroes used the Spear of Destiny to inure Asmodel, allowing the soul of Green Lantern Hal Jordan to become the Spectre's new host. Entrigan tried to claim the Spear for his own, but was halted by Captain Marvel. Neron tried to take the Spectre-Force, but was defeated by Hal and sent back to Hell. Entrigan finally achieved his goal; Neron was demoted by the lords of Hell from a prince to a rhymer.

(DC Universe Holiday Bash #3) - Jason spent Christmas with Joanna in her new house, and Wonder Woman stopped by to join the festivities.

(Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #3-6) - Horribly mutilated corpses turned up in Gotham, and Bullock investigated, but couldn't find a link among the victims. Jason Blood told him their deaths represented an occult ritual, and their connection was that they'd all committed the same sin, pride. The murders had recently stopped, and Blood deduced that whoever was responsible was locked away at Arkham. He knew the ritual being performed would release the demonic Skarva from their tomb beneath Arkham. Back at Blood's apartment he assembled the accoutrements he'd need to fight the demons. Bullock saw seven tongues in jars in a cabinet with occult symbols similar to those found on the victims. He thought Blood was the killer, and pulled a gun on him. Blood said he was off the mark, but having no time to argue he hypnotized Bullock. The mind-controlled Bullock helped Blood get into Arkham, where the demons were rampaging. Blood transformed into the Demon, but was quickly beaten by the Skarva, and Doodlebug, who'd summoned them. Doodlebug opened up a portal to Hell with sacrifices of Arkham inmates, and summoned Skarva's master Chthuga, but was destroyed in the process. The Skarva tried to plead their case to return to Hell, but couldn't speak in rhyme because Blood had pickled their tongues in demon dung. They were forced to use Great White Shark and his lackey Humpty Dumpty as intermediaries, and were returned to Hell. White told Demon he'd pulled a fast one, the Skarva would only be able to torture each other in Hell. Demon told him the Skarva were initially kicked out of Hell for having compassion for those they tortured, but White didn't care, too pleased with how slick he was. Demon liked his style, and said he'd like to work with him in Hell one day. With the situation resolved Arkham blamed the events on hallucinations caused by Scarecrow's fear gas.

(Martian Manhunter II #28) - Morgan le Fay tried to claim the philosopher’s stone from Jason Blood, and separated the Demon from Blood and trapped Blood inside a tesseract jewel to keep them both out of her business. Etrigan went to Stonehenge and claimed the ley power contained there to increase his might. The Sentinels of Magic opposed him, and they fought to a standstill until Martian Manhunter confronted Le Fay and shattered the tesseract jewel, reuniting Blood and Etrigan.

(Martian Manhunter II #29) - Martian Manhunter consulted Jason after he was separated from his human identity John Jones by Morgan Le Fay. Blood told him Jones was a dangerous double because he lacked a soul, and suggested Manhunter kill him.

(Green Arrow III #5, 6, 8, 9) - Jason Blood traveled to Star City to kill Green Arrow, who'd been resurrected as a husk, a human body without a soul. As the Demon he attacked Arrow and Batman outside the old Oliver Queen estate. Arrow subdued him with a fire-extinguisher arrow and forced him to change back into Blood. Blood promised to find out how Arrow returned from the dead, and Batman, Arsenal and Black Canary accompanied him to his safe house in Star City. Blood summoned Abortives, demons from Hell that needed a hollow, a man without a soul, to walk the Earth, and noted that they wanted to get at Arrow. Determining that Arrow was a hollow and a danger as long as he lived because he could be easily possessed, Blood changed into the Demon and shot hellfire at Arrow. He thought he killed him, but Arrow had been spirited away by the Spectre. When Canary, Arsenal and Batman attacked Demon he told them he'd gladly send them to their deaths as well. Spectre sent Deadman to posses Demon, neutralizing him and changing him back into Blood. When he learned Arrow was alive and living with Stanley Dover he realized Dover would try to possess his body. He went to Arrow's residence with the heroes and tried to get in, but the house had a blood seal on it, preventing anyone not blood related to the residents to enter. Fortunately Arrow's son Conner Hawke arrived to thwart Dover.

(JLA #69, 71, 73, 75) - With the JLA trapped in the year 1,000 B.C., Batman's contingency plan for a new JLA was activated. JLA-Spheres located Jason Blood and other heroes hand picked by Batman and brought them to the Watchtower, where a video recording of Batman told them they would have to carry on as Earth's protectors in case the JLA never returned. The new JLA were kept busy by a worldwide drought, while Jason Blood stayed at the Watchtower to put mystic shields over their base. He also contacted his allies living and dead, but no one had seen the missing JLA on Earth or the afterlife. Atom discovered that Earth's water was being drained to Atlantis. He got a video feed of Atlantis, where the team saw a skeleton dressed in Superman’s costume. Atom coordinated the JLA’s return to Atlantis, where they found Gamemnae, an ancient Atlantean sorceress bent on bringing new glory to her land. They warned her that the waters shifted to Atlantis threatened to pull Earth from its orbit, but she refused to listen. The JLA couldn’t defeat her, and President Luthor ordered muon bombs to be dropped on Atlantis to destroy the sorceress. The bombs had no effect on her, and the JLA was brought to safety by a ring-image of Green Lantern, who explained that the JLA in ancient Atlantis made a plan in the past to save the future. Manitou Raven, the sole survivor of the Ancients, the superteam Gamemnae created and betrayed, had preserved the souls of the JLA that Gamemnae killed in 1,000 B.C. He tricked her into resurrecting them, and then Zatanna and members of the new JLA went to 1,000 B.C. where they freed Aquaman, who’d been turned into a water elemental and imprisoned in a pool by Gamemnae. Aquaman merged with the ocean, sank Gamemnae’s Atlantis, and Zatanna cast a spell that returned Aquaman’s Atlantis to the present day. Gamemnae, weakened by this change in history, was easy prey for Manitou Raven, and he sacrificed himself to destroy her.

(JLA #76) - Batman’s JLA disbanded, and Jason Blood had a talk with Manitou Raven, asking him to stay with the team to provide the magic defenses that Blood had.

(Green Arrow III #37) - Albert Davis cast a spell over Star City, cutting it off from the rest of the world with a mystic shield, and populating it with demons that killed anyone breaking any laws or acting out in any violent fashion, Davis' idea of a perfect society because his wife and children were killed in a carjacking years ago. Batman and Superman failed to breach the mystic shield to save Star City, and enlisted Jason Blood, who recognized the spell and told them the spell could only broken from within the city, so they were all counting on Green Arrow to save Star City.

(Blood of the Demon #1-3) - Jason Blood was captured by demonic agents of Morgaine Le Fay who demanded to know his connection to Etrigan. When he started transforming into the Demon one of the demons impaled him, sending him into a death-like coma. He revived in a Gotham morgue, transformed halfway into the Demon. His revival spooked the precinct, and Detective Sandra Kincaid tried to gun him down. He visited Randu Singh and Anjeli, who prepared him for a rematch with the demons by spiritually attuning him to his quest. He interrupted a virgin sacrifice and was slaughtering the demons until their leader summoned an Elder God. Jason then fully transformed into Etrigan, but Merlin's spell that made Entrigan a force for good vanished entirely upon his transformation. The Elder God defeated the Demon and rendered him unconscious, but upon awakening Jason Blood reasserted his control over Etrigan. Their near-death experience during transformation changed their relationship. Neither Jason nor Etrigan were in total control, that they now had a balance of power. Jason forced Demon to save a woman from being savaged, but Etrigan insisted on biting the attackers’ face off. The Demon tracked down Le Fay’s servants again just in time to witness them kill a sacrifice and disappear. Batman appeared on the scene and attacked the Demon. Demon initially defeated him, but Batman quickly recovered and followed him for a rematch. Randu met up with them and transformed Etrigan back into Jason. Jason asked for some time to figure out what ha turned Etrigan so savage. Batman told him he had 12 hours, and after that he’d come after him again.

(Blood of the Demon #4, 5) - Anjeli unlocked Demon’s memories of a past battle with Morgaine and he went to destroy her. Morgaine empowered the thug Demon disfigure him with a mystical mask. He battled the Demon and weakened him before the mask drained him. Morgaine took the mask and put it on the Demon. Possessing him. He went on a tear until Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman confronted him, and turned him back into Jason using Randu’s mystical amulet. He took off the mask and put it on Morgaine, draining the last of her lifeforce and causing her to explode.

(Blood of the Demon #6, 7) - Jason decided to forever imprison Etrigan, so he opened up a door to an extradimensional abyss. Randu sensed something was wrong with the forces of magic, the result of the Spectre-Force’s war on magic. Jason and Detective Kincaid fought their way past several demons, earning Jason an audience with the Spectre. The Spectre warned him there would be a high cost for imprisoning the Demon, and Jason said he didn’t care. He was restored to full-human form, but the centuries of sharing a body with Etrigan left his human form ancient and withered. Jason was dying, and Randu researched the problem in Blood’s arcane library, but found no solution. Etrigan was in the Spectre’s thrall, and the Spectre tortured him and drained his magic energy. Harry Matthews arrived with the body of Merlin and Merlin’s magical scrolls, restoring the balance between Jason and Etrigan and healing them.

(Blood of the Demon #8, 9) - Etrigan’s dreaming mind was being held captive by the Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher subjected Demon to numerous night terrors from the dreams of others in an attempt to kill his sleeping self and add Etrigan's dream-self to his body. Randu used a mystic sword to sever the sleeping Demon’s link with Dreamcatcher, allowing the Demon to incinerate the monster. The resulting backlash burned Demon’s body to a crisp.

(Blood of the Demon #10) - Jason’s death caused his protective spells on his Gotham apartment to crumble, and freed all manner of monsters. Randu Singh and Harry traveled to the year 1885 and split the Demon of that era into two entities, and took one into the future to undo the damage.

(Blood of the Demon #11, 12) - In the present day Demon, Randu and Harry found Jason Blood’s apartment burned to the ground, unable to sustain itself without Jason Blood’s magic. Demon decided to roam the city and enjoy the present day. After destroying a demon that possessed a drunk he attended one of Joshua and Ruth Simmon’s rallies. They spread a message of love, but turned the public against Jason Blood, saying his death was needed for peace. Demon sensed a great evil inside Ruth and grabbed her away from the audience. She turned him back into Jason and pushed him off a rooftop. Randu turned him back and he reengaged her, but was opposed by Joshua and what seemed to be an army of angels. Demon learned that Ruth was his descendant, and snapped her neck. Joshua and the other “angels” reverted to their true demonic forms.

(Blood of the Demon #13, 15) - Three months later the Old West Demon stopped Morgaine Le Fay from kidnapping Anjeli from the Gotham memorial hospital. He tore into Morgaine and was killing her, so Randu tried to turn him back into Jason. He threatened Anjeli, giving him enough time to flee and stay a demon. He sought out the Lord of the Damned in Castle Branek, and asked him to remove Merlin’s enchantment. The Lord cut off his hand and imprisoned him. The Lord’s spurned queen Agonista cast a spell that switched the minds and bodies of the Demon and the Lord. The Demon in Lord’s body imprisoned and dismembered the Lord.

(Blood of the Demon #13, 14, 16, 17) - Randu and Harry found Jason’s bones and reanimated him into a soulless being. They spent a year with the reanimated Demon searching for the Old West Demon. Harry was held captive by a cult living underneath a church in Venice and rescued by the Demon, who slaughtered the cultists. They went to Castle Branek and were greeted by Inspector Kurtzberg, and afterwards attacked by animated statues, and learned that Branek was one of Merlin’s tombs. Merlin’s spirit warned them that the reanimated Demon would soon be beyond Harry and Randu’s control. Merlin removed the Demon side of the reanimated Jason, and sent them to the stronghold of the Lord of the Damned so they could finish their quest. They found the captive Lord in the Demon’s body, who killed the reanimated Jason and took his limbs to replace the ones the Lord had ripped off him. Demon in Lord’s body sent the Lord and Harry to the gladiator arena to fight to the death. Harry tried the spell to transform the Demon to save himself, and the spell turned the Lord’s body into Jason Blood’s. Agonista tortured Jason and freed the real Lord. Harry mentally contacted Merlin, who brought back the reanimated Demon to fight the Lord’s hordes. The reanimated Demon fought the Lord, and when Old West Jason transformed back into the Lord’s form he joined the fray. The Old West Demon killed the Lord, stabbing him through the heart. Since their minds and bodies were connected, the Lord’s death caused the Demon to burn up. Castle Branek collapsed, and the Demon brought Harry to safety. The Demon was summoned to Gotham by Anjeli to battle Wishmongers, and after defeating them he wished for a return to normalcy. He and his friends all forgot their recent mystical adventures and resumed their old lives. Jason Blood no longer shared his memories with the Demon, and regained his reputation as a respected occult investigator.

(Solomon Grundy #1, 2) - Phantom Stranger and Green Lantern were tasked with saving Solomon Grundy's soul before the Blackest Night. Demon interfered in their plans, attacking Grundy and telling him the deal he struck was forever, and that he would never find redemption. Demon overcame Grundy, and ripped his head off, preparing to take it for a trophy before Green Lantern interfered. Demon fled, but promised there'd be retribution, and Grundy washed ashore, back as Cyrus.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

Demon received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #6 and Who's Who in the DC Universe #7.

There was a pin-up of Demon in Legends of the DC Universe 3-D Gallery #1.

Demon was pictured on the cover of Martian Manhunter II #35.

In DC Countdown #1 the Blue Beetle Scarab showed an image of the Demon from the near future when the world of magic would go into upheaval during the Day of Vengeance.

Demon had a cameo in Kamandi #4.

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