Real Name: Victor Stone

Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Superhero

Group Affiliation: Titans, formerly New Teen Titans

Known Relatives: Elinore Stone (mother, deceased), Maude Stone (grandmother), Silas Stone (father, deceased), Tucker Stone (grandfather)

Aliases: Cyberion

Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas, formerly Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October, 1980)

Powers: Cyborg possessed superhuman strength, able to life several tons, and his bones were reinforced with molybdenum-steel. He possessed a degree of superspeed and could leap great distances. Built into his body-armor were an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier, and special programming adapters that allowed him to interface with other body extensions. His arsenal included a finger laser attachment, telescopic eyepiece, sonic disrupter, electric shockers, grappling hooks, and winches.

History: (New Teen Titans #1, Tales of the New Teen Titans #1)-Silas and Elinore Stone, research scientists employed at S.T.A.R. Labs, were working on two important projects: overseeing a fellow scientist’s interdimensional study and observation project, while completing their own work on cybernetic body implants for disabled soldiers. While they were observing an unknown dimension, a creature from that dimension managed to slip through the dimensional barrier, instantly killing Elinore and badly wounding Silas. Their son Victor, an Olympic hopeful, was caught by the creature as well, and parts of his body were destroyed before a half-unconscious Silas forced the creature back through the dimensional portal. Victor was rushed to S.T.A.R. Labs where Silas began the painful process of removing individual body parts and replacing them with enforced steel, special polymers and plastics. After being rebuilt from scratch Victor had a body far more powerful than that of any normal human being. After recuperating for several months Victor fell out with his father, blaming his mother’s death and his own condition on his father’s incompetence. Victor moved to NYC where he tried to continue in school and athletics, but found himself ostracized from humanity. His life changed when he met the New Teen Titans, and was accepted as a charter member dubbed Cyborg. Silas was overjoyed that his son had new friends and built a headquarters for them, Titans Towers. Silas would die of radiation poisoning months later, and Cyborg stayed with him until the end.

(DC Comics Presents #26 (ff)) - The New Teen Titans were called in by S.T.A.R. Labs after Prof. Stone opened up an extra dimensional gateway and released a giant protozoan that was trying to convert Earth’s atmosphere to methane to suit its needs. The Titans battled the alien without much success before the battle returned to the lab where the dimensional gateway was stored. Prof. Stone sucked the air from the room, giving it no atmosphere to breathe, and Starfire blasted it back to its own world before destroying the gateway at Stone’s request. Cyborg confronted Stone, telling his father that he’d screwed up once again, just like when he’d turned him into hal a machine when he should have been left for dead. He told his father he never wanted to see him again.

(Vigilante I #3) - Captain Hall told the Titans that they needed help getting criminal William Stryker to Attica, because the last two times they tried to transport him the Vigilante attacked. Cyborg said he could use an easy case, and agreed. Cyborg drove Stryker, but the car was hit with an armor piercing shell, and Vigilante pursued them through the woods. Stryker mocked Cyborg for his morality, but the hero said he could hold his head high doing something he loved, and he doubted the criminal could say the same. Cyborg questioned Vigilante's notion of justice and doubted that he'd only killed in self-defense or the defense of others as he claimed. Vigilante said he couldn't let Cyborg take him in, shooting him in the shoulder, causing him to black out. Vigilante questioned his own sense of justice, and instead of killing Stryker he threatened him until he confessed to where evidence against him for his heinous crimes could be found. Robin, Wonder Girl and Starfire took cyborg to the hospital, and seeing that he got a get-well card from Vigilante wondered if Cyborg had got through to him.

(Titans East Special #1 (fb)) - Joker, with his hired goon Bizarro, crashed pop star Jenn’s concert in Central Park. He held her hostage, but the New Teen Titans responded and took Jenn to safety. Kid Flash took away Joker’s gun, be realized the gun contained a bomb, Joker’s actual plan involved blowing up all of Jenn’s fans. He ran at superspeed to toss it into the ocean, and Raven tried to confront Joker with his worst fears and nightmares, but they only made him laugh convulsively. Flash and Robin secured Blue Kryptonite from S.T.A.R. Labs to defeat Bizarro, and Robin took out Joker with one punch. The Teen Titans were impressed with themselves for having taken out such heavy hitters, and knew they’d always suceed as long as they stuck together.

(Swamp Thing II #46) - Cyborg was among the number of heroes teleported to the Monitor’s satellite by Alexander Luthor, Jr., who explained his plan to make sure reality survived the Crisis.

(Hawk and Dove III #11, 12) - Hawk and Dove reached out to Cyborg and the Titans to provide back-up in defeating the robot thieves Andromeda, Gauntlet and M.A.C. The Titans weren't surprised that Hawk only came to see them because he wanted something, but they agreed and flew the T-Jet to the remote island where the robots were. They fought back the robots and their creator Professor Douglas Strange. The technorganic alien Scarab had been Strange to do his bidding, stealing gold so it could feed. The heroes injured Scarab and it fled. During the battle Andromeda, an android imprinted with the memories of Strange's wife Andromeda, was destroyed by Jericho. Hawk hated a victory that wasn't clear-cut and blamed the Titans, who doubted they'd work with him again.

(Showcase '93 #1, 2) - Cyborg's body was rebuilt by Russian scientists, but his memory was gone, and he responded only to programmed instructions. S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Sarah Charles, and Red Star attempted to restore Cyborg's mind. Cyborg's body responded to the Labs probes, and went into combat mode. Red Star tried to stop his friend, but was subdued, and Cyborg left for the Adirondack mountains to enter his father's upstate cabin. Silas was worried about hat would happen if his son's mind died but his armor survived, and had his fellings and memories transmitted to a computer in the cabin that backed them up. The computer activated when Cyborg went brain dead, and it hooked itself up to Cyborg, attempting to restore his humanity. Red Star had followed his friend, followed closely by Sarah, and they were overjoyed to see him once again in his right mind. The joy was short lived, their arrived triggered a self-destruct sequence in Silas' cabin, which also uploaded a virus into Cyborg's mind. Silas feared his work falling into the wrong hands, but his actions had doomed his son, whose mind was once again lost. Red Star refused to accept taht his friend was gone, but Sarah told him that Cyborg was now little more than a mindless machine.

(New Titans #127)-The Titans encountered a dying alien race named the Technis who needed to bond with a human to survive. Cyborg volunteered, and his consciousness was merged with the |Technis. They gave him a new body and a new name…Cyberion. Cyberion left with the Technis to travel the galaxy and serve as their protector.

(Titans/JLA #1-3)-It was discovered that Cyberion was being manipulated by the Technis, and he broke away from them with the help of the JLA and Titans. He returned to his identity of Cyborg and rejoined the Titans.

(Titans I #15) - At Starfire's request Cyborg contacted Oracle online to see if she could obtain a starship for Starfire so she could find her brother Ryand'r. Oracle said she couldn't help and cattily asked if Starfire would stay in space once she reached the stars.

(Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1) - Cyborg and the Titans were among the superteams that attended Young Justice’s Justice for All rally in Washington. It was interrupted by Klarion, who magically de-aged Cyborg and most of the other heroes into children.

(Titans I #17-19) - Starfire obtained a spaceship and went with the Titans to the Vegan System Starfire's brother Ryand'r. Ryand'r and the Tamaranians were fighting the Gordanians on Karna, and had the Titans split up to deal with three Gordanian military outposts. Cyborg and Tempest went to the undersea outpost, but were outclassed, and the Gordanians took Tempest hostage. The Titans learned that the Tamaranians were the invaders, not the Gordanians, and that Starfire had lied to them to get their help. They went to rescue Tempest, but he said he wasn't going anywhere, he was trying to negotiate peace between the races. Just then the main Gordanian army arrived on the planet, and the Titans were forced to surrender. Thanks to Tempests' diplomacy the Gordanians and Tamaranians agreed to become allies, and the Titans returned to Earth.

(Titans I #20) - Nightwing brought Cyborg to Science City in Russia, and surprised him with a clone of Victor Stone's old human body grown with genetic samples taken when Cyborg had crash-landed in Russia. At first Cyborg saw it as another example of Nightwing manipulating him, and accused him of acting like Batman. Cyborg calmed down and realized he was grateful for the chance to be human again. He'd been a cyborg so long he'd given up on any chance of ever being normal again. Science City scientists transferred the omegadrone that stored Cyborg's essence into the body. He retained his powers, and could switch from looking completely human to being Cyborg at will. He said his goodbyes to the Titans, and went to S.T.A.R. Labs to say hello to Dr. Charles. She'd been transferred to Metropolis, so Victor abandoned his plans of getting reacquainted with her.

(Action Comics #781) - On President Luthor's request Cyborg and the Titans went to Zaire, Africa to battle an Imperiex Probe that had landed on Earth to hollow out the planet, but the battle went badly for the heroes. More Probes arrived and the heroes were only saved by Superman, who destroyed the Probes.

(Flash: Our Worlds at War #1) - Cyborg traveled to Keystone City to work on the Tunnel, a device that used Flash’s speed to defeat the Parademons attacking Earth. Cyborg told Flash he wasn’t really enjoying his stay in L.A. and wondered if Keystone’s neighbor Central City could use a new hero.

(Flash II #180) - Cyborg moved to Central City. When Central City Medical University was attacked by Peek-A-Boo, Cyborg and Flash III teamed up to defeat her.

(Flash Secret Files #3) - From his computer network Thinker watched the citizens of Keystone, including Cyborg, going about their lives.

(JSA #34-37) - The Ultra-Humanite used Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt to conquer the world, and imprisoned Cyborg and virtually every superhuman on Earth in stasis tubes, only reviving them when he needed mind-controlled slaves to serve in his personal guard the Thunderfront. Cyborg served as a member of the Thunderfront when they attacked the JSA, the only heroes not under the Humanite’s control. The JSA used a device that disrupted the braincaps Humanite used to control the Thunderfront, leaving them unconscious but freed from Humanite’s mental domination. The JSA later defeated Humanite.

(Flash II #184, 186-188) - Mirror Master II trapped Cyborg and the entire Keystone police department inside a mirror so that they wouldn’t be able to aid Flash III in his battle against the New Rogues. Captain Cold and officers Chyre and Morillo later released them. Cyborg, Chyre and Morillo then aided Flash in a battle against the Thinker, who had taken over the minds of most of the residents of Keystone City. Cyborg connected with the Thinker’s computer mind, and this shocked his own cybernetic nervous system, causing him to lose the ability to switch between cyborg and human form at will. He was once again permanently a cyborg. After the Thinkers’ defeat the heroes were immediately ambushed by the New Rogues, and Cyborg was severely injured by Magenta, who used her magnetic powers to disrupt his circuitry. Flash brought Cyborg to S.T.A.R. Labs to be repaired.

(Flash II #189) - Flash III dropped by Cyborg’s apartment to invite him over for dinner and to see how he was dealing with being stuck in cyborg form.

(Outsiders III #0) - Arsenal visited Cyborg at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility to see why S.T.A.R. had yet to destroy Indigo instead of studying her. Cyborg explained that when he saw inside Indigo’s head all he saw was fear and he was convinced she never meant to cause the death of their teammates Troia and Omen, and humanity might benefit from studying an android from the future. Arsenal requested that Indigo be reactivated and placed in his custody so he could keep an eye on her, and Cyborg acquiesced.

(Flash II #209) - Cyborg and the rest of the world forgot Flash’s secret identity thanks to the Spectre. Flash wanted the heros he knew and trusted to know his identity, so he unmasked for Cyborg and the Teen Titans.

(Flash II #210) - Flash and the Teen Titans got together for a little catch-up.

(Identity Crisis #1) - Cyborg was among the number of heroes who attended Sue Dibny’s funeral.

(Flash II #214) - Cyborg and the Teen Titans interrogated the Brain and Monsieur Mallah at Striker’s Island to see if Warp or Plasmus had anything to do with the death of Sue Dibny because they suspected a teleporter and someone with flame-based powers. They got no useful information and realized they were grasping at straws.

(Superman / Batman #13) - Cyborg and the Teen Titans were among the heroes invited to Paradise Island to welcome Superman's cousin Supergirl into the superhero community.

(Identity Crisis #5) - Cyborg and Starfire questioned Warp about the death of Sue Dibny by, but he couldn't offer any useful information.

(Green Lantern: Rebirth #4, 6) - Ganthet summoned Cyborg and the Teen Titans and a number of other heroes to battle Parallax, who’d completely taken over Hal Jordan. They weakened him enough for the Spectre to separate Hal from Parallax, allowing Hal’s soul to return to his body, resurrecting him. Parallax possessed Ganthet, spreading fear throughout the world, and only Hal was able to stop him.

(Green Arrow III #46) - Green Arrow sponsored Speedy’s membership in the Teen Titans, and during her initiation he bet Cyborg that his protégé could take Batman’s protégé Robin. Robin defeated her, but it was close, and Arrow was proud.

(JLA #111) - Cyborg and Beast Boy were putting out a forest fire when they were called to help the JLA battle the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The heroes fought valiantly, but were forced to retreat.

(DC Countdown #1) - When someone broke into a Kord warehouse and stole the kryptonite stored there Oracle called in favors to Cyborg, the Teen Titans, and a number of other heroes to investigate the crime scene, but the investigation turned up nothing.

(Teen Titans III #24) -

(Flash II #228) - Vandal Savage tried to steal the immensely powerful Summoner from the Flash Museum, so Cyborg kept it for safekeeping at S.T.A.R. Labs/ Flash needed the Summoner to save a dying woman, so Cyborg handed it over, but warned him he was falling into a trap.

(Firestorm II #20) - Troia’s team, including Cyborg, headed to the center of the universe, and they came across a Rannian ship sitting dead in space, and being attacked by Thanagarians. After some debate the heroes decided to intervene. Getting involved in the Rann-Thanagar war turned out to be a pointless endeavor, the Rannians had stolen a revered Thanagarian Ca’arra hawk and killed it, so the Thanagarians retaliated by blowing up their ship. The heroes were taken aback by the senselessness of war.

(Infinite Crisis #3) -

(Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1) - An army of Earth’s heroes, including Cyborg and the Teen Titans appeared to take Superboy down during the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth. The heroes focused on wrecking his armor, because after a year on Oa, and away from a yellow sun his Kryptonian body still wasn’t at full strength, and his armor collected sunlight. Superboy bragged that once the sun rose on Earth he’d be at full power. Superboy was battered by Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman, who blamed him for Superboy’s death, as well as Supergirl and Power Girl, who blamed him for the death of the Superman of Earth-2. As the fight went against him, Superboy broke down in tears. He tried to wipe them away, saying that it was impossible foir boys to cry, and then whining that no one ever thanked him for sacrificing his Earth to save the multiverse. The battle lasted until dawn, and he flew into the sunrise. As he achieved full power he declared himself the one, true Superman. The Guardians arrived with Sodam Yat, the new Ion, and pitted him against Superboy-Prime. 

(Green Lantern IV #25) - The Sinestro Corps War raged on Earth, and while Cyborg and an army of superheroes battled the Corps the Anti-Monitor prepared to unleash an anti-matter wave to destroy Earth. With Earth’s destruction, the entire 52 would fall, and he would once again rule all that was. The GLC ruptured the heart of Anti-Monitor’s Warworld, the Sinestro Corps central power battery, and created a shield around Warworld and the Monitor. The ensuing blast nearly destroyed the Anti-Monitor, and he was finished off by Superman-Prime, who betrayed him for having destroyed his home, Earth-Prime. GL Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro in personal combat, and the Sinestro Corps, lacking any leadership, fled Earth. The heroes rejoiced and began rebuilding the damage the Sinestro Corps did.

(Titans East Special #1, Titans II #1-4) - Cyborg recruited a new roster of young heroes and contacted his old friends to reform the Titans and train them. Everyone turned him down, but Nightwing told him he appreciated what he was trying to do. They bout had a moment of nostalgia for the Titans, and how they were always equally family and a team. Cyborg assembled the new Hawk and Dove, Power Boy, Lagoon Boy, Anima, Son of Vulcan and Little Barda as the Teen Titans East. He wanted them to prove themselves as a team, so he set up a war game where the rest of the team would try to subdue Power Boy, whose cockiness and unfortunate run-in with Supergirl meant he had yet to earn Cyborg’s trust, despite his immense power. The team functioned decently, if not entirely in synch before Power Boy was charred and impaled on a tree. Laser beams cut down the rest of the team, as Cyborg watched helplessly before he was consumed y a fireball that destroyed most of his body. The former Titans responded, and Raven realized that her father Trigon was trying to kill every last Titan, past or present. The Titans saved Argent and a number of other former Titans from Trigon’’s horde, although they were adamant that they were not a team again. Cyborg was rebuilt, and wanted in on the case, to avenge the death of Power Boy. Raven contacted Trigon, and learned that although he had been decimated by demonic warfare he was still bent on destroying Earth, and he shared a secret with her, her brother would help him in his invasion. In an attempt to find Raven’s half-brother, Raven and the Titans tracked down Trigon’s other brides, only to find that they’d died years ago. Trigon’s three sons kept the Titans off balance by exposing them to the seven deadly sins, and then confronted them. They attacked the Titans and used Raven to open up a portal to Trigon’s dimension. The battle went for Trigon’s children and they used Beast Boy’s Trigon seed, the smallest spark of which was still in him, to finish the portal. Raven used her own ability to tap into the seven deadly sins, which greatly sickened her, to overcome her brothers with greed. They stole Trigon’s last vestiges of power, and then retreated to learn how to manipulate their newfound magic. Raven was pleased at having tricked them. In his dilapidated state Trigon could not have given them much of a magical boost. The Titans agreed that they still saw each other as family, and decided to remain a loose group in order to spend more time with each other.

(Titans II #5, 6) - Cyborg’s new body was finally finished, and Arsenal, Flash and Troia were present to support him. Beast Boy told the Titans that the Sons of Trigon had taken Raven, and that she’d been recruited to her father’s cause. Troia told the Titans that Raven had always planned for the worst, and given her a Ramat Stone that could locate magic-users. Beast Boy wanted to know why Troia was chosen to keep Raven’s secrets, and she replied that in addition to being the most magically adept Titan, she’d also proved that she’d never judge Raven. The Titans concentrated on the stone and Raven, and were transported to Trigon’s dimension. They met the rest of the Sons of Trigon, Greed, Gluttony, and Sloth, and were defeated. Raven turned against her brothers, proclaiming herself Pride, the sin from which all others sprung. She wanted to rule the Earth, but with the Titans at her side, and began imbuing them with the powers of the Seven Deadly Sins. This activated the Ramat Stone, Raven had given it a sliver of her pure essence, and the Raven that was loyal to the Titans emerged and merged herself with her demonic counterpart and returned the team to Titan’s Tower. Raven was starting to feel more like herself, ut told the Titans that the Ramat Stone wouldn’t work twice, and that she might me evil to the core. She presented her teammates with a set of magic talismans capable of ending her life if she wet to the dark side, and demanded that they learn to master them if she was to be comfortable on the team. Titan’s Tower security was breached, and the team responded, only to find that Superboy’s clone Match had broken in. The villain revealed that he was Jericho, trapped inside Match’s body.

(Titans II #7-9) - The Titans examined Match in hopes of freeing their friend. Cyborg isolated Jericho’s neuron patterns from Match, and prepared a radio-ectoplasmic pulse to free his astral form. Jericho then had Match run berserk and attack the Titans, claiming he couldn‘t control him. After battering the team, Cyborg used the ecltoplasmic pulse to separate them. Raven probed Jericho’s mind and realized he was up to no good, burt before the team could respond Jericho vanished, possessing one of the Titans. The Titans went into lockdown to keep Jericho from escaping, and Cyborg went with protocol for just such a situation, each Titan would take a security clearance interview with the Titans computer. The Titans kept an updated log of secrets only they and the computer would know. The Titans shared their secrets with the computer, and Cyborg admitted to it that the boy he called his son was not his. Everyone passed, so Cyborg decided to use the ectoplasmic pulse on the Titans, one at a time. Jericho revealed himself to Nightwing, and forced him to inject himself with an LSD compound that made his mind a battleground, enabling Jericho to overcome his will. He promised to reveal what he was planning to do, and why. The Titans used the ectoplasmic pulse on Cyborg and Red Arrow, and waited for them to recover before testing the rest of the team. Jericho made Nightwing feel his thoughts, and revealed that everyone he’d ever possessed had left their memories and a part of their mind in him. It was the vicious villains he’d had contact with, like Deathstroke, that were now making his decisions for him, and he begged for Nightwing to help him. The Titans contacted S.T.A.R. Labs and learned that before Jericho had come to them for help he’d possessed Green Lantern Hal Jordan and tried to kill the candidates for president. The Justice League were right outside of Titans’ headquarters, demanding that Jericho be released to them.

(Titans II #10) - Jericho panicked and jumped into Flash’s body and vibrated out of Titan headquarters, but he couldn’t evade the Justice League. The Titans joined the League in battling Jericho as he lept from body to body, until he ended up in Superman. Previously he would never have been able to enter Superman’s mind, but his power had grown immensely. He still wasn’t strong enough to take control of Superman, who expelled his astral form from his mind. Jericho’s astral form dissipated into the wind. The whole experience left Nightwing shaken, and he desperately wanted to find a way to help Jericho.

(Titans II #10) - Nightwing called a meeting with the Titans to announce his resignation from the team, saying he needed to spend more time with his family in Gotham.

(Titans II #11) - Jericho, hidden in the body of Cyborg, accessed the Titans Compound security systems, and refused to go outside, claiming he wouldn’t rest until he found out where Jericho had gone.

(Titans II #12) - Cyborg recovered from the injuries Jericho caused him, and revealed to the Titans that Jericho had uploaded himself into his OS, and then proceeded to use him to rig Titans Tower and try and kill the Teen Titans before fleeing his body. Troia took charge, and told the Titans they had to find a way to help Jericho. They contacted the Teen Titans, but they had no leads on either Jericho or his sister Ravager. The Titans decided to ask for Vigilante for help, because he was after Jericho as well, even though Changeling balked at the idea of working with a killer. Cyborg knew Vigilante had surveillance equipment monitoring Titans Compound, so if he thought Jericho was inside Cyborg that could work as bait to lure him in. Cyborg staged a fight against the Titans right outside the Compound, and Vigilante soon arrived. Before Cyborg could explain the situation Vigilante blasted him in the head with one of his firearms.

(Vigilante III #5) - The Titans restrained Vigilante, and he assured them Cyborg was alive, he’d used an EMP gun to force out Jericho. The Titans rushed Cyborg to his repair chamber, and revealed that Jericho was gone, and they’d used Cyborg as bait to bring Vigilante to them. They unmasked him, and fingerprinted him, telling him his short career was over. Vigilante set off concussive bombs attached to his security cameras in Titans Compound to create a diversion and free himself. Before the Titans could find him, Jericho, possessing a police officer, contacted them and asked for help with a hostage crisis at Union Federal. They headed to the bank, and Vigilante contacted his techie J.J. to wipe the memory banks of the Titans computer system containing his fingerprints. He knew the Titans would still eventually realize he was Adrian Chase’s brother since they’d seen him unmasked. Beast Boy stayed with Cyborg while the Titans disarmed mobsters armed with experimental government weaponry at Federal, and realized they’d been baited in. Vigilante was close behind them, and spied Jericho, who set off explosives inside the bank, killing his hired thugs and a number of police officers. Vigilante attacked Jericho, but Jericho kept jumping bodies, and then threw a grenade, damaging Vigilante’s suit, and made his escape. Vigilante reflected that it was no skin off his teeth if Jericho succeeded or failed in his maniacal plans, he wasn’t trying to save the world, only himself. Jericho called up the Teen Titans aboard their wing plane to tell them he was going to kill the Titans and use them to do it. They kept him on the phone to trace his call, and this allowed him to infect the wing ‘s computer system with a worm that gave him control over it. Jericho flew the wing to NYC and used it to attack the Titans.

(Teen Titans III #70) - Cyborg’s system crashed, and Beast Boy brought him o S.T.A.R. Labs, where a staff scientist told him that Vigilante's E.M.P. caused sector damage hat disabled his self-repair algorithm, and hat he’d have o be manually repaired. Beast Boy waited through the repair, and talked to Cyborg, telling him how Raven shooting him down devastated him. He said the last thing he could stand was losing his best friend.

(Titans II #13) - Jericho entered the Hamilton Grande, prepared for a slaughter. He announced that he had rigged explosives throughout the restaurant, and every wealthy patron was his hostage. Using a cellphone video, he recorded himself shooting the hotel manager in the head, and promised to kill a patron every two minutes, unless the Titans arrived to stop him. Beast Boy was watching the footage, and reluctantly left Cyborg’s side to rejoin his team, and stop he madman. After the confrontation newscrews filmed what appeared to be the dead Titans. Cyborg heard the broadcasts, and ripped off his life-support system, leaving S.T.A.R. Labs and vowing to make Jericho pay.

(Vigilante III #6) - Cyborg arrived in Central Park to find that Raven had actually created the illusion of the Titans’ death, and Miss Martian disguised herself as Deathstroke to confront and confuse Jericho. Cyborg was overjoyed that his friends were alive, but asked for a heads up the next time they faked their deaths. The Titans reached out to Jericho, and Raven tried to enter his mind to heal him, but all she found was darkness. They defeated him, but Vigilante made his presence known, and drew his guns, saying Jericho would kill again if not stopped. Ravager reminded him of his promise, and he slipped away. He later ambushed Jericho’s police convoy, and cut out his eyes so he could never use his power again. The Titans realized too late what Vigilante was up to, and they found Jericho in the back of his transport, bleeding and babbling that he was cured.

(Titans II #16 (fb)) - <two weeks after Final Crisis> Bludhaven; Mr. Terrific collected Justifier helmets from around the world and asked Cyborg and Starfire to help him destroy them.

(Titans II #16 (fb)) - Intergang got their hands on a number of Justifier helmets, so Mon-El called in the Titans to deal with them. The heroes prevailed, but Starfire lost control and went berserk, still upset that she had once again been made a slave thanks to the Justifiers.

(Titans II #14) - Cyborg plugged himself into the Titans Compound computer network to give it an upgrade. Beast Boy joined him in the network to tell him to stop working because he was wound too tight. Beast Boy noticed that Cyborg’s network avatar was a normal person, and Cyborg told him that was how he saw himself. At lunch Beast Boy told him about Metamatch Dating Services, that matched superhumans with normal people. Cyborg tried to blow him off, but Beast Boy insisted it would be good for him. Cyborg visited the West Side School for the Handicapped to talk to Sarah, who was also worried that his work and his life as a Titan left him no time to be a normal person. Sarah understood his devotion, like her devotion to her kids, but told him he deserved a break. Cyborg continued to try to find himself, visiting Harlem’s First Church of Anti-Technology, run by Ron Evers, now Reverend Evers. When Cyborg removed his implants he became a luddite, and was now trying to win the minds of his church-goers to his P.O.V. Before he could debate Evers, he got an emergency call from Dr. Caldwell at S.T.A.R. Labs. Dr. Virgil Adams had dedicated 15 years of his life to S.T.A.R.’s Nano Project, advanced body armor resilient to any damage, but Caldwell kicked him off the project and he snapped. Adams, now calling himself Nano, was holding the project team hostage. Cyborg defeated him, and realized that he could easily have been someone like Nano; lost without his work because he had no family or friends. Cyborg used Metamatch’s services, and had a date with Dr. Tamara Belson, a scientist with a cybernetic wheelchair.

(Titans II #17) - The Titans had breakfast together, and Troia went apartment hunting, another way of distancing herself from the Titans, with Starfire and Raven. Beast Boy tried to convince Raven to blow them off and spend some time with him, but she coldly told him to stop pretending she was his girlfriend. Troia then yelled at Beast Boy, telling him not everything was about him. Cyborg wondered what was eating away at Troia, and told Beast Boy he was worried about him. He seemed to want to maintain status quo by continuing to act like a teenage clown and pursuing a teammate as a girlfriend.

(Titans II #18) - The Titans had a picnic, and although they acted as a family unit, Raven sensed their conflicts. Cyborg was happy to have brought Dr. Belson as a date, but the Church of Anti-Technology still gnawed at him, and he was upset that he’d brought their newsletter home.

(Titans II #20) -Cyborg called Troia in an attempt to reconnect with her after she distanced herself from the Titans.

(Titans II #21, 22) - The Titans stopped Dark Nemesis from breaking into S.T.A.R. Labs. Troia took her frustration at Roy Harper being mutilated by Prometheus out on the villains, and had to be restrained. The Titans were all reeling from what happened to Roy, and Flash told Cyborg he was quitting active membership to spend more time with his family and the reborn Barry Allen. Cyborg scouted new Titans to replace the members that had left, and Starfire told him she'd been offered a spot in the Justice League. He told her she'd be foolish not to break into the big leagues, but she wanted to talk to Dick Grayson first. She didn't like the front Dick was putting on as the new Batman, and he admitted he was playing a role and couldn't hide his true self from her. She didn't make up her mind after talking to Dick, and returning to Titans Compound, she and Cyborg were attacked by Phobia. She played on Cyborg's fear of ever letting a teammate die again like Power Boy had. They fought past their fears and defeated Phobia. They joined the Teen Titans at Titans Tower for Hero's Day, a remembrance of their brothers and sisters in arms that died in combat. Hawk of the former Titans East was there, and chewed out Cyborg for letting Power Boy die. He admitted he felt guilt, but said he'd deal with it in his own way.

(Blackest Night: Titans #1-3) - Hero's Day was interrupted by resurrected Titans Terra and Omen, who had been resurrected as zombies by the Black Lantern Corps. They attacked Cyborg and the Titans, seeking to rip out their hearts. Titans Tower was leveled by Terra, and several more ex-Titan Black Lanterns joined the assault on the heroes. The Black Lanterns attacked Dove, but her lifeforce connection permanently destroyed them. The surviving Lanterns fled, and the Titans realized the war was far from over. Troia said they needed to get Dove on the front lines.

(Titans II #23) -Raven used her psychic powers to take away Red Arrow’s pain, allowing him to rest. Cyborg called the Titans, and told them that as Arrow’s oldest friends it would be nice if they visited him in case he didn’t make it.

Comments: Created by George Perez & Marv Wolfman

Cyborg had a cameo appearance in Beast Boy #1, 3, Flash II #181, Flash II #183 and JLA #121. Cyborg was picture on the cover of Titans #24.

Cyborg received profiles in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #5, Who's Who in the DC Universe #5 and Teen Titans / Outsiders Secret Files 2003. He received a profile in JLA-Z #3 and Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #23 under the Teen Titans entry. He received a profile in Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 under the Titans entry. Cyborg was featured in the Crisis on Infinite Earths entry in JLA in Crisis Secret Files #1.

A picture of Cyborg and the Teen Titans was shown in the New Flash Museum in Flash II #208.

Green Lantern III #147 showed an image of Cyborg when Green Lantern John Stewart talked to his therapist about his superhero career.

Cyborg had a flashback cameo in Identity Crisis #2 and Teen Titans III #32.

Cyborg had cameos in 52 / WWIII Part Two: The Valiant #1, Justice League of America II #0, 1, 3, 7, R.E.B.E.L.S. #15, Teen Titans III #30, Titans II #15, 38 and Vigilante I #5.

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