Class: Extraterrestrials (Planet X / Parasite-World)

Known Representatives: Great Master

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Planet X

First Appearance: Strange Adventures I #23 (August, 1952)

Powers: The Parasites used a Knowledge-Extractor to probe the minds of their victims and steal their knowledge. The Brain-Parasites had armies of robots equipped with atomic bombs at their disposal. The Parasites bodies had atrophied to the point that they could barely move, and they needed these robots to feed and care for them.

History: (Strange Adventures I #23) - The Brain-Parasites had developed little scientific knowledge except for Knowledge-Extractors. They used the Extractors to steal the technological advances of other worlds, then proceeded to destroy those worlds with robots armed with atom bombs. The Parasites devastated the worlds of Eros and Sirius, among others. They sent robots disguised as humans to Earth to amass the collected knowledge of our world. Captain Comet caught on to the robots and traveled to Planet X to confront the Parasites. The Parasites had their robots hook him up to the Knowledge-Extractor, but he broke free, and in a panic they sent every last one of their robots to attack him. Comet defeated the robots, and all of the Parasites died of natural causes without their robots attending to them.

Comments: Created by John Broome & Murphy Anderson

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