Class: Extraterrestrials (Kalvar)

Known Representatives: Fal Tal

Aliases: Kalvars

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout space

First Appearance: Hawkman I #8 (June-July, 1965)

Powers: The Bird-Men were telepaths capable of flight and equipped with razor-sharp talons. They were armed with rayguns and possessed interstellar spacescrafts.

History: (Hawkman I #6) - The Kalvars werea militaristic race with women serving as military tacticians and scientists and males serving as soldiers. 500,000 years ago two Kalvar ships went on an exploratory mission of space, but a cosmic disturbance caused them to crash-land on Earth. One ship sunk to the bottom of the sea and put the Kalvars into suspended animation. The other ships inhabitants became the harpies of Greek and Roman mythology, but when the filters they used to survive in Earth's atmosphere decayed they all died off. In modern times an upheaval of the sea bottom brought the remaining ship to the surface. The leader of these Kalavars, Fal Tal, sought out a ship to steal so they could return home. They made off with Hawkman and Hawkgirl's Thanagaraian ship, but the Hawks came across the Kalavars ship, repaired it, and set off in pursuit. The Hawks temporarily disabled their Thanagarian craft, and took the Kalvars to Thanagar to stand trial for the theft.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Murphy Anderson

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