Real Name: Asmodel

Class: Angel

Occupation: Angel, Lord of the Bull Host, Commander of the Cherubim Alpha Battalion

Group Affiliation: Bull Host

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Heaven

First Appearance: JLA #7 (July, 1997)

Powers: Asmodel was immortal and possessed incredible levels of superhuman strength, speed and invulnerability. He had acidic blood and his voice could shatter anything in it's path. He possessed a flaming staff and was a master military strategist.

History(JLA #7) - Asmodel was a high-ranked leader in Pax Dei, the army of Heaven, who grew dissatisfied with being subservient to God. Asmodel of the Bull-Host planned a rebellion against the Creator for a million years. Zauriel of the Eagle Host stumbled upon his plan, but later came to Earth after being made mortal to pursue the woman he loved. Asmodel and the Bull-Host created something seemingly impossible on the fringes of creation, hopefully distracting the Presence long enough so they could kill Zauriel. They came to Earth, and after accusing Zauriel of being a traitor they tried to kill him. The JLA rallied to defend Zauriel, so Asmodel told them they would all be erased from creation. After a titanic battle Flash used his speed vibrations that could move matter across spacetime to send Asmodel and the Host back to Heaven.

(Day of Judgment #1-5) - After Asmodel failed to storm Heaven Neron gladly turned against him and imprisoned him in Hell, binding him and giving him over to demons to torture. Entrigan freed Asmodel from captivity and told him his plan to merge Asmodel with the Spectre-Force so he could storm Heaven. Asmodel wondered why Entrigan wanted to help him, but Entrigan told him his reasons were his own. Entrigan summoned the Spectre, who cut off one of Asmodel's wings. Entrigan used his hellfire to make the feathers of the wing ash, a potent magic ash that could bind anything, and merged Asmodel and the Spectre together. Asmodel used the powers of the Spectre to turn Neron and the city of Dis to ice, then stormed Earth with an army of demons, determined to destroy the Creator's work. He defeated the JLA, JSA and a number of other heroes, and was then confronted by the Sentinels of Magic. The Sentinels separated Asmodel from most of the Spectre-Force, containing it in Madame Xanadu's orb. Entrigan took Asmodel to safety while the heroes were delayed fighting the army of Hell. The Spectre-Force eventually broke free of the orb, and Asmodel renewed his attack on the heroes. He was met by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who'd been brought back from Purgatory to bond with the Spectre-Force, but Asmodel turned him to glass and shattered him. Dr. Fate restored Hal, and after Captain Marvel wounded Asmodel with the Spear of Destiny Hal took over the Spectre-Force. Asmodel was taken to Heaven and kept as a prisoner in the first new structure to be built in Heaven in millenia.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

Asmodel received a profile in Day of Judgment Secret Files #1.

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