Class: Extraterrestrials (Anndranna)

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Andranna (home planet), Bellatrix

First Appearance: Strange Adventures I #143 (August, 1962)

Powers: The Anndrann were military geniuses with a great capacity for inventing weapons of war. Their main weakness was iron, any exposure to iron caused their minds to deteriorate. Weapons they used included spatial bombs which could teleport matter across galaxies or destroy an entire planet, the tele-image which projected their pictures and voices across galaxies, and the dimensional-scope which allowed them to view images across the universe. The Anndrann also devised countless counter-measures against most forms of weaponry. The average lifespan of an Anndrann was well over several centuries.

History: (Strange Adventures I #143) - The Anndrann conquered and looted a number of worlds before the citizens of Andranna revolted against their military leaders and sent the warmongers to Bellatrix, a planet saturated with iron. The Andrann military leaders were in a state of mental impairment for centuries due to their exposure to iron, but they regained their minds when a meteor turned the iron to manganese. The planned revenge against their home world, but needed a weapon unknown to the Anndrann, because Andranna had counter-measures against every weapon known to their race. Using a dimensional-scope, the military leaders discovered gold, a substance unknown to the Andrann. They planned on using spatial bombs on Earth to teleport gold to Bellatrix and devise a weapon powered by gold to destroy Andranna. Earth's gravity caused the spatial bombs to fail, but the military leaders were undeterred and contacted Earth, demanding a satellite filled with gold be sent to Bellatrix. The Andrann military leaders threatened to destroy Earth if they weren't obeyed, but also foolishly mentioned their weakness to iron. The Andrann received a shipment of real gold mixed with iron pyrites, or "fool's gold," and were once again reduced to mindless, yet harmless primitives.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Murphy Anderson

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