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by Tom Morrow

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  • Gods Immortals Will U's well researched guide to gods and mythology, including the appearance of gods in the DCU

  • What's New!: Updates
    <11/2014> Added Arel, Atom IV, Blaze, Bulletman, Captain Nazi, Elbiam, Ellie, Gabriel, Ibis the Invincible, Lumiun, Madame Libertine, Marvel Family, Marzosh, Minute-Man, Ribalvei, Satanus, Thoth, Three Faces of Evil, Voldar. Updated Beautia Sivana, Black Adam, Blaze, John Constantine.

    Please welcome my new writer Dr. Shadenfreude

    What I'll be featuring: Everything, eventually. I'm working with limited resources on some characters.  Any additional information you can add to existing entries would be helpful.

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