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by Tom Morrow

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  • Gods Immortals Will U's well researched guide to gods and mythology, including the appearance of gods in the DCU

  • What's New!: Updates
    <2015> Added Calibraxis, Captain Atom, Guardian of Forever (Star Trek), Gunshy Barton, Harry Mudd, King of the Vampires, Lord of the Dance, Pax Americana, Sarge Steel, Talosians, Tiger, Tribbles, Triskele, Uhura, Yellowjacket, Zodiac Master. Updated Alfred Pennyworth, Azazel, Beelzebub, Blockbuster I, Blue Beetle II (post-Flashpoint), Chas, Elongated Man, IBAC, Ibis the Invincible, John Constantine, Lumiun, Madame Libertine, Marj, Martian Manhunter, Mary Marvel, Nightshade (post-Flashpoint), Peacemaker (post-Flashpoint), Question (post-Flashpoint)

    Please welcome my new writer Dr. Shadenfreude

    What I'll be featuring: Everything, eventually. I'm working with limited resources on some characters.  Any additional information you can add to existing entries would be helpful.

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