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1870 Black Population, Ft Smith Arkansas Ward 2

Thompson, May 35, Male, Black, Servant, Arkansas
Wilson, Richard 24, Male, Black, Laborer, Choctaw Nation
Wilson, Rachel 25, Female, Black, Servant, Tennessee
Wilson, Thomas 6mo, Male, Black, Arkansas
Williams, Ann 40, Female, Black, Servant, Virginia
Williams, Fannie 16, Female, Black, Servant, Virginia
Wesle, lewis 26,Male, Black, Servant, Kentucky
Williams, Mattie 3, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas
Lucy, Jane 35, Female, Black, Servant, Virginia
Lucy, Austin 6, Male, Black, Arkansas
Lucy, Edward 3, Male, Black, Arkansas

Tucker, William 19, Male, Black, Servant, Arkansas

Dival, Mary 20, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas

Blair, Anderson 25, Male, Black, Servant, Cherokee Nation
Blair, Louisa 26, Female, Black, Servant, Cherokee Nation
Jackson, nancy 14, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas
Carroll, Clara 12, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas

McCray, George 20, Male, Mulatto, Servant, Arkansas
Wison, Carol 21, Female, Black, Servant, Alabama
Dyer, Charles 18, Male, Black, Servant, Arkansas

Douglas, Nellie 16, Female, Black, Servant, Missouri
Douglas, Dunn 19, Male, Black, Servant, Missouir
Douglas, Kiziah 45, Female, Black Servant, Mississippi

Coffer, Joseph 25 Male, Mulatto, Laborer, Kentucky
Coffer, Ellen 20 Female, Black, Keeps House, Tennessee

Goddy, Fleecy 20, Female, Servant, Missouri
Goddy, Horace 18, Male, Female, Servant Missouri

Anderson, A. 26, Male, Black, Servant Missouri
Anderson, Mary 15, Female, Black Servant, Missouri

Miller, Mary 28, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas
Brown, Sarah 12, Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas

Wavi Sallie 35, Female, Black, Servant, Cherokee Nation
Wavi, William 6, Male, Black, Cherokee Nation
Wavi, Mattie 2, Female, Black, Cherokee Nation

Crawford, Ell. 17, Female, Black, Servant, Cherokee Nation

Allen, Lucinda, 40, Female, Black, Servant, Virginia
Hays, Allice, 30, Female, Mulatto, Servant, Arkansas
Hays, Halley, 7, Female, Mulatto, Arkansas
Hays, Edward, 8mo, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas

Price, Minerva 25 Female, Black, Servant, Arkansas

Harison, Daniel 29, Male, Black, Barkeeper, Arkansas
Harrison, Martha 25, Female, Keeps House, Virginia
Harrison, Robert 2, Male, Arkansas

Mingo, Thomas 45, Male, Black, Laborer, Tennessee
Mingo, James 10, Male, Black, At Home, Arkansas

Kane, Joseph 49, Male, Mulatto, Teamster, Kentucky
Kane, Delila 38, Female, Mulatto, Keeps House, Kentucky
Kane, Stephen 16, Male, Mulatto, At Home, Missouri
Kane, James 14, Male, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Kane, Josephine 12, Female, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Kane, Peggie 7, Female, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Kane, William 3,Male, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas

Robinson, Jos. 35, male, Mulatto, Porter, Missouri
Robinson, Josephine,24, Female, Mulatto, Keeps House, Arkansas

Pryor, Almstead 26, Male, Mulatto, Blacksmith, Arkansas
Pryor, Eva 19, Female, Mulatto, Keeps House, Arkansas
Green, Robert 24, Male, Black,Laborer, Arkansas
Green, Bell 20, Female, Black, Keeps House, Arkansas

Merchant, Mary 45, Female, Black, Keeps House, Louisiana
Merchant, Egsy 24, Female, Mulatto, At Home, Louisiana
Merchant, Julia 22, Female, Mulatto, At Home, Arkansas
Merchant, Elnora 21, Female, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, Ephraim 18, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, Vallor 15, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, William 10, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, Emma 9, Female, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, George 2, Male, Mulatto, Arkansas
Merchant, Martha 2, Female, Mulatto, Arkansas

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