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Break it on Down!!

I've got a ton of pictures to put up here, but I'm kinda short on time right now so I'll have more pictures on here within the next couple of weeks!

This is me and my friend Chris
This is my friend Jamie, myself and Joe
Mike and me (and that is not a beer in my hand) *wink*
This is my senior pic
Sandy, me and Paige
Nicole, Jamie, Moose, Matt and Richard
This is my soon-to-be roommate, Erika
This is a really blurry pic of Erika and me
This is my roomie and I goofing off!!
This is Erika and a guy she met off of the net, Patrick
Sandy, Julie and myself
These are some friends from Dallas, Willis and Natalie
Friends from U of A, Sandy, Claire, me and Brandy
This is my boyfriend, Kip and me one drunken night at Waffle House!
This is one of the most recent pictures I've taken of myself. It was taken 2/20/01.
Recent pic 2
Recent pic 3
This is a picture I took right before a wedding last spring.
My boyfriend, Kip and I camping out for his 21st birthday.
The boys at the lake.
Being the good girlfriend that I am, I helped the three of these goobers highlight their hair one night...turned out to be a crazy night!
This is a picture I took at my employer's Christmas party 2000.
Picture from my 21st birthday, with my friend Dawnelle.
This is me with one of my sorority sisters, Stacy