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Dope Beats for
Groove Heads

Right now I don't have a bunch of time to find the "best" pages for each artist, so a lot of them are home pages. There are a few bands that I couldn't pick just one page I've got a couple links to my favorite bands. I tried to find a few pages with sound clips on them, so if you've got RealPlayer you can see what these bands sound like. If you don't have it, you can download REALPLAYER G2 here.

Pete Yorn This is a new addition to my musical taste. Please check him out...he ROCKS!!!!!
Tori Amos
Wyclef Jean
Depeche Mode
Blink 182
Alicia Keys
Sarah McLachlan
Fiona Apple
EDGECLUB Okay, if you're ever at home on a Saturday night and want to hear some good music, you should check out this site. They've got a bad ass radio show that plays a lot of underground music.
THE EDGE This is the Dallas radio station that plays that kick ass radio show!
Beastie Boys This is the Beastie's home page
Beastie Boys (2) This is a second Beastie Boys page
Beastie Boys (3) This is the third, and final Beastie page!
BS 2000 Ad-rock of the Beastie Boys puts together an experimental beat album
Dave Matthews Band I've checked out quite a few DMB sites, and this is the far!
Propellerheads He's got a nice body....he's wearing velvet pants
Chemical Brothers
Chemical Brothers (2) This is the Chemical Brothers home page
Chemical Brothers (3)
Fatboy Slim
Underground Bass Masters This Underground Bass Master's home page
Rage Against the Machine
Smashing Pumpkins
Sneaker Pimps
Tribe Called Quest