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Training Academy (The Point)

    About Facility:

    The LCODFR Training Academy serves as the headquarters for the Division of Training and the Department Shops or repair garage. It also serves as the training academy for the LCOD Police Department. The academy is on 20 acres of land near Mt. Pisanelli.

    The facility consist of 20 buildings. It also consist of a water supply tank of 250,000 gallons and a heavy-duty storm drainage system to accommodate simulations. The facility contains 5 buildings which serve as classrooms, 1 ten story training tower, 2 two story training buildings, a mock train yard which contains 5 freight cars and 2 passenger cars, a 737 jet that is crashed, a mock chemical plant which contains chemical tanks and tankers, and a small stadium for MCI Training. The facility also contains many simulators for rescue operations such as a lake, river, car extrication pad, and a collapsed building.

    The academy offers such schools as officer's school, chauffeur training school, probationary firefighter's school, and specialized firefighter's school. In addition in offers many classes and certification such as foam operations, vehicle extrication, specialized rescue, haz-mat training, roof training, tactical training, ect.  

    This facility also serves as the department's shops. The department shops is housed in one building in the facility that contains three repair bays. Two bays have super-heavy duty lifts and are designed for the repair of heavy equipment such as fire apparatus. The third bay is smaller and has a light-duty lift, this bay is designed for light-duty equipment such as chief cars. The garage is assigned the use of the Maintenance Truck, which can go to a scene and make repairs on apparatus on scene, such as a flat tire.

    Shift Sizes:

    Normal Shift
    0, 2 mechanics on call for emergency repairs.
    Total Personnel: 0

    Work Week Shift (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm)
    In addition to the normal shift
    Academy Lieutenant
    5 Instructor
    1 Senior Mechanic
    2 Mechanics
    Total Personnel: 9

    Apparatus: (Click on trucks for more information on them)

    Reserve/ Training Engine 100
    Reserve/ Training Engine 101
    Reserve/ Training Ladder 100
    Maintenance Truck

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