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What is the PageNet?

The PageNet is an e-mail notification system where subscribers are notified, via the internet, of emergency calls, multi-alarm fires and other large scale emergencies from various Lego Fire Departments.

How are Subscribers Notified?

There are two ways that you can recieve these emails.

The most common is via email from your ISP. We add your e-mail address to our database and when the Dutchess City Fire Department respondes to a multi-alarm fire or other large scale emergency, you will be notified via an e-mail.

The other method you can recieve this service is via an alpha numeric pager. If you have such a pager, simply supply us with the email address of your pager and when emails are sent, a copy is sent to your pager.

Can I Subscribe to Both Email and Pager Notifications?

Yes. Many people do just that. You would recieve the basic information on your pager and the rest of the details are sent to your e-mail account.

How Much does it Cost to Subscribe to LCODFR PageNet?

Nothing. $0.00, it's Free. This is a service provided by the Dispatchers of the participating Lego Fire Departments.

How Many Pages are Sent out in a Month?

Approximately 10 to 40 pages are e-mailed out each month to subscribers.

Can I See a Sample Page?

Sure. Here is a sample of a multi-alarm fire:

12-30-99 1:45PM 2 Alarm Fire
Dutchess City (Lakeland)
104 Main St. (Box-0159)
FD on the scene w/ a fire in a 6 STY BRK 75x100 OMD. CMD req 10-75(Working Fire) upon arrival and than a 2nd alarmer moments later. CMD also rep heavy exp. problems to the exp. 4, and fire is D/W/H. There are currently 6 engines, 2 ladders, and multiple special units operating on the scene. CWTC (Citywide tour commander) Asst. Chief Jason F. is on the scene and is IC. More info to come.
Alerter 1.

Which Lego Fire Departments currently participate?

There are many lego fire departments and organizations that participate in the pagenet system, such as the LFESA

How do I Subscribe to PageNet?

Simply send me an e-mail and request to be added to the mailing list. You will start receiving the e-mails with the next major incident. Contact Jason at: LCODFR PageNet and request to subscribe. For the Subject line on the e-mail, please enter "PageNet".

What if I want to UN-Subscribe?

You do so by simply sending me an e-mail and request to be taken off of the mailing list. You will immediately be removed and recieve no further PageNet e-mails. Contact Jason at: LCODFR PageNet and request to unsubscribe. For the Subject line on the e-mail, please enter "PageNet - Unsubscribe".

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