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Snozzle-Engine 3 Sold (7/04)

Due to the city's rapid growth, Snozzle-Engine 3 has been disbanded and sold to Dutchess City Jetport Fire/Crash Team. Since the apparatus was primarily used at the airport, this will only allow better response and reduced cost. The unit will join the airport's 3 other apparatus and still will respond if needed as mutual aid.

Two new Engines Arrive

Station 6 and Station 4 took delivery of two new engines today. Engine 2 and 6, two brand new Seagraves, replaced the well out dated Mack/Wards. The city hopes to have all of the pre-1990 trucks phased out by 2005.

Construction Underway

Construction is currently underway for the city's new 20 acre academy and shop. The city plans on having the facility completed by summer of next year. The cost of the facility is approximately $23 million. 50% of the cost will be absorbed by grants and county/ state funds.

All Systems go!

The grand opening of the city's newest fire station, station 5, was held today. The station and 3 of it's 4 apparatus will go officially in service starting 2/5/02 at 1200 PM.

More needed for the fire department in near future

Even though the city approved to spend millions on the fire department last year, the chief reports he will need more. The chief of the department reported today in the near future additional trucks and personnel will have to be purchased in order to keep the department state-the-art. The chief reported that next year, 2003, the department will have to purchase an additional ladder truck and personnel to staff the truck. Also in the following year an engine/ rescue unit will have to be purchased. The chief reports that atleast half of these cost will be absorbed by local industries.

Engine 10 in, Helicopter 2 out

Since the beginning of the plan it has been going without problems. As of 12/10/01, the city has received the first of three new engines. The new engine is a 2002 Seagrave and is designated as Engine 10. On the flip-side the age-old Helicopter 2 unit has been disbanned due to the recent purchase of the mult-purpose helicopter 1. Finally Station 5 is in the final stages of completion and is expected to be opening the last week of Janurary 2002.

Dutchess Chiefs Plan underway

In just 3 months the Dutchess City already has started construction of the new Dutchess City Fire Station 5 and is planning on taking delivery of the 3 new engines sometime next month. Also the city countinues to plan for the design and organization of the city's new fire/police academy.

Dutchess City accepts Chiefs Plan!!!

It will cost the city $16.1 Million. The City Council on February 25, 2001 voted to approve the new plan. The Fire Chief was present at the meeting and thanked everyone who approved this plan and said it would make the city a much safer place. Below is the outline of this plan.

- Purchase 3 Seagrave Engines- $967,000
-Construct a new fire station- $1,000,000
-Construct a Training Academy- $10,000,000
-Hire additional peronnel- $3,000,000
-Purchase additional equipment- $1,200,000

Dutchess drops LFESA Contract, accepts with MAALFD

Dutchess City has recently dropped its contract with Legoland Mutual Aid. As of February 20, 2001 Dutchess City will use the Mutual Aid Association of Lego Fire Departments, or MAALFD for its mutual aid. MAALFD was first proposed to the city during its December 10, 2000 City Council meeting. After almost 3 months of negotiating the council had decided to make the change. This has been the 3rd mutual aid organization that the LCODFR has been a member of. In 1999 they joined MAFD, in 2000 they joined LFESA, and now in 2001 they have joined MAALFD.

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