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The below map has been drawn by the City of Dutchess Planing Board and has been accepted by the City Council. It is the offical Map of the City of Dutchess.

The gray squares represent the location of hospitals in the city and the red squares represent the location of fire stations. For descriptions of the hospitals, Click Here. For descriptions of the fire stations, Click Here.

The City of Dutchess is bordered on the west by the Ocean and in the southeast by the Mt. Pisanelli. Although the city is only 40 square miles, 10 square miles of ocean and 30 square miles of land, it also covers the rural Mt. Pisanelli. The Mt. Pisanelli is a 1,487 feet high mountain that is owned by the state. The Dutchess City Fire/Rescue is contracted by the state to cover over 50 square miles of this large mountain range. In all, the city covers about 90 square miles.

Also on February 20, 2001, the City Council agreed to accept the Battalion Plan. This plan has enacted the city Fire Department to divide into 4 battalions to be easier to organize. This also allows the city to easier divide up the districts.

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