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Est. 1834

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Welcome to the Lego City of Dutchess Fire / Rescue Department Website, a collection of Lego Brand fire trucks in a city. Dutchess City is a small city of 40 square miles with a population of 105,147 that swells to over 200,000 during the day and vacation season. We are a paid department who operates out of 7 stations and a training academy. Dutchess protects a diverse and urban community that contains a major seaport, the Dutchess Jetport, a large conference center, many big industrial companies, a large area of residential multiple dwellings that consist of numerous tightly packed three to eight story apartment buildings, and a major interstate highway. Dutchess also protects and borders an ocean and the rural Mount Pisanelli. We currently have an ISO Rating of 3.

Our department responded to 9,989 fire emergencies and 10,129 EMS emergencies, giving the total number of emergencies responded to of 20,118 incidents in 2002. Dutchess City is divided into 4 battalions and currently has 13 engines, 5 ladders, 7 ambulances, and 15 specialized units.

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Questions? Comments?.. email Chief: Charles Pisanelli

Us and Mutual Aid Association of Lego Fire Departments

We are a proud member of the new Mutual Aid Association of Lego Fire Departments. The MAALFD is an organization that provides an easy way for fire departments to request and receive aid during emergencies. So far around 30 lego departments are a member of this new organization.

For more information on this organization please click here.

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