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The Darr Cave Club Presents:

The HOBY Site of Table 12

Okay everybody. I know all you HOBY alumni and friends have been waiting for this to come out, and so on this 31st day of May, of the year 2000, I hearby christen this webpage as officially open to the public.

Okay, enough with the wisecracks, onto the people.

I will soon have a series of photographs with me and other members of the 2000 South Arkansas HOBY conference. It was really a lot of fun. I hope that everyone from HOBY eventually has a chance to see this. If you know someone that hasn't, tell them to look!!!! I will also have more posted info on reunions, meetings, service projects, etc. as they come out.

I have completed almost 24 hours of community service since the HOBY conference. This includes trail-building at Philmont, helping people out in day-to-day type stuff, and at least three Saturdays of working at my church to get our new building set up and functioning.

As of yet, and I'm not really in the circle of communication, I haven't heard of any reunions or special meetings of the HOBY kind.