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The All About My Friend's Show

This part of my site will be dedicated to the people that know me more than I do. Yep, the IRS. Joking, joking, although they're always watching...... Well, it's time to go get the flesh-eating rats off my face, so here goes nothing.

My Friends

Carl is my online website mentor. He's helped me fix my site plenty of times and he's given me some really cool stuff to put on my site.(like the right click error message). I'm not supposed to give out any personal stuff about him seeing as over 30 different online agencies are after him. He is in my scout troop though.


Boris and I became friends through the school orchestra. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. Even though he came as the equivelent of a Junior in American education, he still condescended to my limited Sophomore level to communicate with me in rudimentary, simple words. Actually, it's been really fun with him here. I hope he has lots of good stories to tell his friends back in Germany.

Florian (Flo)
Florian is also a foreign exchange student and is in the school orchestra. He's really cool. He has taught me a numerous funny German phrases, some of which I can't repeat on the web. Sorry Flo. All his hard work and no repayment. He should have played soccer... We needed him.

The Soccer Team 1999-2000
This is a shout out to all you guys. Aaron, Justin A., Justin W., Wes, Cody, Darrel, David, Brad, Vincent, Flavio, Bruno, Eric, Jeff, Jason Skinner, Chad, Matt, J.D., J-rock, Adam, Devers, Graham, and if anyone else I missed, I'm sorry, but I'm really tired right now and I'm not thinking straight. You guys really have pulled together this season. Even with my limited PT, it was still fun playing. GO COMETS!

The Soccer Team 2000-2001
Aaron Mitchell, Justin Allen, Wes, Darrel, Frank, Eric, Jeff, J.D., Graham, Tyler, Jason Skinner, Ryan Colvin, David Deitz, Wes Taylor, If any of you other peoples of the earth want to be on my friends site, give me a ring, I don't know what to put about the rest of you... You're not real important to me, but if you think you're important then by all means tell me.

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