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The Darr Cave

This site voted "Most Likely to Be" by the Existentialist's Club of America.

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1) The Main Site (you're here)

2) My Friends Page

3) The HOBY Site of Table 12

4) The Philmont Site of 721-N-1

Thanks to everyone that has come to my site. I really appreciate your sign-ins on my guestbook. Lots of people have asked for some more stuff, so here it is!!

My Favorite Web Sites

Carl's Site

Wizards of the Coast (Check Out the Battletech)

Thank you for visiting my page. I admit it's not good, but with some help I could make it look okay. Please come back and visit again! I will have updates!

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If you find me somewhat interesting, any and all help would be appreciated. I especially need programming help. I'd like to know about any of that cool junk you put on your sites.

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This site brought to you by the people that don't care what I think. This site has also been brought to you by me. How did I figure that one out?