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This is me and my brother fishing.


Hi, my name is Cory Willis. I'm 11 years old, and from Arkansas. When I get big I'm going to have my own fishing show. My Mom Dee Dee, Daddy Jim, and my brother takes me fishing all the time.Oh! my brother's name is Brandon, he's older.



Stormy weather is okay as long as it's not lightning, that could be very bad. The fish bite really good when it's raining, so you should try to wet a worm, and go for it. See how your luck goes, and let me know.


Well, I never fished in the snow it is to cold. Dad said, "the fish are at the bottom asleep", so don't bother them or they'll be soward fish (get it) sored fish (ha ha)


Okay, if the sun is out that seems to be a good time to fish. If it's dark you can't see. Daylight is a really good time to fish. You might want to pick a spot that is in the shade, because if mama gets hot it's time to go. Make sure you bring plenty of bait, drinks, snacks, rod, reel, ect.


Okay, if you see one of these you better run like crazy, and find a place of shelter. This is not good. Find a ditch to lie in. Don't get in your car, and try to out run it. That would be a really dumb thing to do. You could get hurt, or even kill your self like that.


I always heard of cows standing, it's a good time to fish.

If it's cloudy, it's a good time to fish.

If you roll out of bed on the left side, it's a good time to fish.

If you wake up in the morning, it's a good time to fish.

If you can think of any other reason why, it's a good time to fish. Let me know.



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