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Vegeta's Web Page

This is my flying cat. His name is Kiyoia.

This is my pet dragon I adopted. His name is Devlin. If you want one, the link is down below.^_^

This is the magical griffin. Her name is Tsunami Rei.

Hi. My name's Christine.You may call me Kia.^_^

This is my webpage on DBZ.=) Vegeta is a super saiya-jin from the planet Vegeta(Vegetaseii). He has the ability, like most saiya-jins, to transform into a super saiya-jin. He and Goku are always going at each other, but Goku remains one step ahead. Vegeta later marries Bulma(ugh!) and becomes father to Trunks. Vegeta never really shows affection to anybody until the end of the entire series when he realizes how much he should have paid attention to his wife and son. After that, he becomes a little nicer.=)

Anyway, my site is always under construction. I try to make it better for all you DragonBall fans. If you have any good artwork and I like it, I might put up on my page.^_^ Also, if you have any questions or requests, let me know! I would love to know how to make this site better!=)

E-mail me !

I have added sounds but, no movies, animated GIFs, or other any other interesting things. If you have a link you would like to add, just e-mail me. I will scan in some of my drawings as well as my friend's if I ever get around to it.-_- Oh! Please sign my guestbook! I would really appreciate it.=)
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I would like to thank "DRAGON BALL Z: SCREEN SHOT CITY" for the graphics on this page. The "City" is a great place to pick up really good pictures. Unfortunatetly, they had to rebuild the page. =( Visit them.

I would also like to thank Mr. Hunt for helping me put this page together. Visit his home page, "The Eagles Nest", a site full of links. It's a really good page with a lot of links and very organized, unlike me ^_^...Eagle Banner

Image Archive^_^

116b The two Saiya-jins face Eath's special force.
Nappa The two Saiya-jins arrive on Earth.
118e Vegeta looks through his scouter at Earth's special forces, reading their power levels.
120e Vegeta looks in astonishment as Goku floors Nappa.
202c "Pretty Boy" Gohan gets ready for his flight to Namek. I wonder how much gel it took him to keep his hair down?
211d Just another picture of Vegeta.
222d Vegeta & Krillin fly "against" Dragonballz.
222j The lean, mean fighting machines of the universe........The Ginyu Force.
224f Vegeta gets mad!!
Sensu Goku after eating a sensu bean. Tie-Dye Mania.
Trunks Vegeta's son, Trunks. Awsome!!
Vegeta Vegeta after fighting Recoom....
Vegeta 2 Vegeta looking down at a very scared Gohan.
Vegeta 3 Vegeta calls Krillin by his first name, EVER!!
Vegeta 4 Vegeta powers up!
Shoes A picture of Gohan with Piccolo shoes. How cute!!
Chibi Goku A good pic of goten !
Goku vs.Vegeta Cool pic of Goku getting his butt kicked !
DB Group A good pic of everyone.
DBZ Cast Another group shot.
Eternal Goku and Shenron.
Family Group shot.
Goku Goku in HFIL.
Oozaru! Saiya-jin transformation.
Conquer Earth One of my fav pics!.
Raditz The glory that is Raditz.
Nimbus Goku on Kintoun.
Armor Vegeta w/out armor.
Ssj Super saiya-jin Goku.
Guess who? VEGETA !!!.
Awestruck Vegeta astonished.
Threat Vegeta threatens Frieza's followers.
Ssj Vegeta Vegeta in Ssj form.
Mentos! Goku as a salesman.
Gogeta Gogeta gets pissed.
Split Vegeta/Trunks.
awestruck2 Goku/Vegeta.
Goku Ssj Goku.
Awesome The 4 main saiya-jins.
Gogeta 2 The birth of Gogeta.
Poster Group poster pic.
Party! Party pic.
Warriors Love this pic.
T-Shirt The pic off the back of a T-Shirt.
Poster2 The group again.
Trunks3 A good pic of Trunks.
Drive Bulma at the wheel.
Pissed2 Vegeta gets pissed.
Chibi Chibi Vegeta fights.
Chibi Armor Chibi in armor.
Ahhhh !!! Really cool pic.
Angel Goku leaves once again for King Kai's place...
Casual The crew in casual clothes.
Adult Gohan Adult Gohan
Chaos Chibi Gohan runs chaotically.
Bad Moon Little Goku stares at the moon and...
Kuririn Kuririn stands ready for battle.
Raditz Raditz
Ssj Vegeta 2 Full picture of Vegeta in Ssj form.^_^
R&R Goku takes a break with Kuririn and Gohan.
Chibi Chibi Vegeta.
What? Vegeta astonished once more.
Fight Goku is ready for a fight.
Shen'Ron the Eternal Dragon is summoned.
Family Vegetaseii Family(Royal)^_^
Anger Goku is angry.
DragonBall Chase for the dragonballs.
Portrait A DB portrait...

Sound Gallery^_^

Tainted Apple Gohan eats the alcoholic apple.
Boast Nappa and Vegeta boast.
Big Bang Vegeta does his Big Bang Attack.
Brolly Brolly talks to someone.I'm not sure who.It's in Japanese.^_^
Final Flash Vegeta and his Final Flash.
Galic Gun Vegeta's Galic Gun attack.
Raditz Raditz makes jokes about Piccolo's arm being cut off.
Kaioken Goku's Kaioken in Japanese.^_^
Kaioken2 Goku's Kaioken.^_^
Kamehameha Goku's Kamehameha.^_^
Densetsu Vegeta talks about being the elite, legendary, super-saiya-jin.
Makankousappou Piccolo's attack.
Masenko Gohan's special attack.
Kin'toun Goku's magical cloud Kin'toun.
The Almighty Vegeta tells that you shouldn't doublecross him.
Otasan Gohan yelling.
ShenRon Shenron's little diddy he says when summoned.
Kakarotto I'm Goku! Not Kakarotto!
SSJ Transformation of the SSJ.
Staff Extend Have a little Nyoibo!!
Gohan Gohan yells for the enemy to stop.
Trash Vegeta...
Vegeta and again...
Vegeta2 and again...
Vegeta3 and again...
Vegeta4 and again...
Vegeta5 (Yawn) and Again...
Vegeta6 and again.-_-

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