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"I am but a mirror reflecting the deepest parts..........of YOU.
Welcome to our Website! (We've been expecting you.) "D's Metaphysical Consortium" is a non-profit coorporation designed to expand Metaphysical awareness. It is in our belief that if the overall spiritual state that most beings are in is elevated we could achieve a greater understanding of our own inherent nature. By instructing and/or educating the public in the metaphysical arts we can dispell common misconceptions and show how metaphysics has always been and still is an intricate part of modern-day society. For more information click here.

We have divided basic fields of interrest into 4 catagories. To simplify things you can choose from the guilds of:

refering to any art or science that affects you physically ie; Yoga, Martial arts, Tai chi, massage, Herbal medicines,Chakras, etc...
"VOICE"(or "SPIRIT") relating to those practices that directly affect your Conscienceness (Soul,Spirit) ie: Holistic healing, Prayer, Reincarnation, Baptism, Karma, Tantra, Truth etc...
"MIND" are those disciplines, practices or sciences that give you better control of your mind ie; Meditation, E.S.P., Astral-Etherial projection, Hypnotism, Visualization etc...and
"ELEMENTS" are those rituals and studies whose effects extend further than just the mere "Self" ie: Astrology, Alchemy, Element control(raindance), Equinox/Solstice ceremonies, Creation/Destruction theories, Graphology, palmistry and so forth.
Also we will be featuring a "Truth of the Month" page where you can read various original facts about modern assumptions that you may not know, and an "Other Links" page where you can see other sites that are related and offer help. Lastly, we will be featuring artists and groups who have put together interresting topics related to what we are doing here on our "Features" page.
Thank You for visiting our website I hope that we have been of some assistance or enlightenment to you. Your comments are always welcome so please feel free to give them. Please sign the guestbook (it helps with grants and research). You can put your comments there too! See you....... and may the FORCE be with you.

If you have any questions about our coorporation or this web site please mail inquries to: Webmaster@D's

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