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Crystal's Place

My Favorite Things To Do:

My Favorite Web Sites:

Barbara's Place
Chris' Homepage
Star's Page
Bubba's Homepage

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

My song title is: "We Are Family"

"My next page is my Aunt Barb."

{"The Welcome Gif" at the top of my page stands for my 4 sisters and me. There are 5 girls there! I am the little bitty one. "S"}

(I was presented with my 1st.Award from Aunt Barb.)

(My 2nd.Award came from Sissy)

"This is to Sissy"

"Thanks Railbird!"

"Thanks, Ryan"

"Thanks, LadySmileyFace"

Note: This Guestbook is registered in Crystal's aunt's name....but it is her's.

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