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My Mom

To My Mom
I Miss You!
Edith Lee Layton
June 28,1914--June 16,1983

My Mom was born and raised in a small town
in Arkansas called Bluff City.If you blink your eyes going through, you'll miss it
There were two children. She and a younger brother.
He grew up and moved to Camden,AR which is near Bluff City.
She married around 18 years old and moved to Malvern,AR.
From this marriage, she had 4 children, the first one died a Birth. Then she had a girl and 2 boys. The only one living now is the girl, and she lives in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Bennie, one of the boys, died at 36 years of age from a Heart Attack. Harold died at 57 from Throat Cancer.
Bobbie Jean is a retired Telephone Operator and 67 years old. Her husband is retired from Cotton Belt Railroad.
My Mother left this marriage after 12 years, and remarried. By the second marriage, she had 1 boy and a girl. Roy died at age 38 from a brain anurysm. Katherine is now 53 years old, and she and her husband and 17 year old daughter is where I am living. This husband of my mom's died at 38 years old from a stroke. They were living here in Northeast Texas at the time.
A few years later, she married my dad. He was 41 years old and had never been married.
Her first husband had the first 3 children, and I don't know the story.
When she married my dad in 1950, she had the 2 children by her 2nd marriage. At that time Roy was 5 and Katherine was 2 years old.My dad raised them as his own.
I was his first child. He was 43 when I was born in March 1952. There were 4 more girls born. One died at Birth.The 3 living are Betty, Sherlyn, and Juanita.
My dad died when my mom was 55 years old.
At 65 years old she remarried again, only to live 3 more years and died of a Heart Attack.

A Poem I Wrote

My mother was a person...
kinda hard to figure out.
She didn't tell you anything,
of what she was about.

A heart attack killed her,
in 1983...
I've always had alot of regrets,
I never sat down and talked,
about just "her" to me.

She was half Cherokee Indian,
quick-tempered, but full of laughs...
she talked alot and never met a stranger,
and she'd get to know you fast.

She loved to read and study the Bible...
I hope very much someday,
to see her in Heaven...
we'd have so much to say!

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