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The U-L-T-R-A Award!

Gator says Thanks!

June 16,1999 This date through the years has brought smiles to my face and tears to my eyes. My dad was born on June 16,1909. He passed away in November,1969. My mom died in 1983 on June 16th. One of their great- grandson's was born on this date. He is 5 years old today! (Happy Birthday Buddy!)

I got the WebTV in February of this year. Alot of my family members and friends have WebTV or 'puters' and we have had alot of fun just chatting with each other.

In April, and on April 20th. I decided to try to learn .html. I wanted a Homepage! I started with 8 pages and it has grown to 34 now.

As I got more aquainted with Homepages,etc. it was my goal to win U-L-T-R-A's Award. And I did today! I have won so many Awards...I cherish and care so much for each and every award I have won! "S"

Thank you Doug,and each one of you nice people.

'Gator' is in a good mood! I doubt if he would even try to bite if you visited my pages today.Unless of course it is my sister. She is always trying to get him for her pet and he is faithful to me! "S"

Thank You ALL "Web Hugs" Barb.

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